Thanos vs. Hulk – The Complete Story

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Thanos vs. Hulk – The Complete Story Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is the complete story of Thanos vs. Hulk.

Overall, I did not like nor would I recommend this mini-series.  What could have been a lot of fun and a genuine fight between two cool characters wound up serving an imaginary fight between Thanos and The Hulk and instead focusing on Annihilus.  This makes no sense until you realize this whole series is just setting the ground for the author Jim Starlin’s upcoming graphic novel called the Thanos Relativity.

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thanos vs the hulk comic review

Thanos Vs The Hulk

And that’s a pretty lousy thing to do.  Starlin is the guy who created Thanos and a half dozen other popular characters.  He should be able to do something more compelling, and the title of Thanos vs Hulk is so misleading it almost would qualify as false advertising in my eyes.  Thanos in particular is barely in this story, and there are loads of other problems with this plot.  Maria Hill and Iron Man act like idiots, while Annihilus isn’t really used in a very interesting or exciting way, though it was cool to see the guy out of his armour.

The art is good, and by far the best selling point of this mini-series.  Starlin did all the pencilling here, and he did a stellar job producing high quality art with lots of detail and clever design.  This series also features a wide variety of cameos which I also appreciated.  But these positives aspects of this comic do not help with the disappointment I felt with this mini-series.  Considering the pedigree of this writer and the cool premise, I was really unhappy with this story on the whole.

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