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Marvel Comic Books Thanos vs. The Hulk #2 Recap

In the negative zone, Annihilus is pleased.  With the successful kidnapping of the Hulk, his regeneration is all but certain.  The Hulk has been rendered docile by having his mind kept busy in a virtual reality.  But unbeknownst to Annihilus, The Hulk has a visitor in the virtual space.

In the mind of Bruce Banner, Thanos looks on at the two personalities.  He remarks that Banner has been turning into The Hulk for so long that two people now reside in the same body.  Thanos says such a phenomenon is worth studying, and demands answers from the two.  But neither are interested in helping Thanos, so the Titan begins an attack.

Marvel Comic Books Thanos vs. The Hulk #2 Cont!

Outside, Annihilus’ technicians notice a spike in activity within the Hulk’s mind, and, not wanting the monster to wake up, begin to examine the prisoner more closely.  Thanos meanwhile explains that they are in a virtual space which the Titan can manipulate freely.  In this environment, The Hulk is no match for the Titan, and Thanos begins to torture the Hulk while demanding answers from Banner.

During this time, Pip the Troll is able to use a distracted Thanos to track down the Hulk.  He arrives at a server room, and realizes that Banner’s mind is on the servers.  Realizing the body should be somewhere nearby, Pip begins to look around.

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thanos vs the hulk comic review

Thanos Vs The Hulk

Bruce Banner explains to Thanos that neither of them have any idea what’s going on.  Thanos almost believes him, but almost isn’t good enough.  Desperate to stop the Titan, Banner realizes that he can manipulate the virtual space just like Thanos, and together, the two are able to knock the Titan back.  Thanos is impressed, but says they are still no match to the Titan’s brilliant mind.

By now, the technicians have realized that somebody has broken into the virtual cell and is interacting with the Hulk.  They soon realize the intruder is Thanos, and Annihilus is outraged.  The ruler of the Negative Zone demands to be personally sent in to Banner’s mind.

Annihilus appears in the virtual space and immediately expels Thanos.  He then chastises Banner and the Hulk, saying they are here to serve his empire and that there will be no escaping from the Negative Zone.

Back aboard his ship, Thanos is pleased.  His visit with the Hulk was nothing more than a distraction so that the Titan could get valuable intel on Annihilus and his offensive and defensive abilities.  He never was interested in Banner and The Hulk, and remarks they are unlikely to survive the next hour.

In the Negative Zone, Annihilus has found the unknown property within the Hulk he was looking for.  He is pleased, and soon, the ruler will be restored to full power.

Marvel Comic Books Thanos vs. The Hulk #2 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Thanos vs. The Hulk, issue number two.

So those of you who saw my last review of this mini series will know I mostly had good things to say about it.  I’m a fan of Jim Starlin and you can really tell he’s at his best here.  Once again I just love the vast majority of the artwork in this comic, and the detail, design, and layout are all really impressive.  I also just adore how well all the characters are used in this story.  Thanos is brilliant but also merciless, while Annihilus, The Hulk, and Bruce Banner all behave as I feel their characters would in this situation.

thanos vs the hulk comic review

Thanos Vs Hulk

Collectively this makes for a good comic, even if not much happens in this issue.  I’d almost call this filler content, as the plot is just being moved along without any major developments and nothing big in the story really seems to happen here, aside from Thanos getting some valuable intel to be used against Annihilus one day.  In some ways, this comic almost feels like a waste of time to help extend the mini series to a whole four issues.  That being said, at least it was entertaining, and I am pretty interested in seeing what happens next.

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I also really liked the virtual reality angle to Thanos and The Hulk fighting, but I really wish they did more with it.  I mean, you have all the possibility of virtual space, and the best anyone really does with it is when Thanos smashes a big purple rock.  Though it was cool to see Banner and the Hulk working together to fight the Thanos.  That’s certainly something I’d never thought I’d see and it’s a pretty cool take on the Hulk that I haven’t really seen before.

But I digress.   This is the sort of comic that you could easily skip and wouldn’t miss much, but on the whole I did enjoy it and it wasn’t by any means a bad read.  Make of that what you will.

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