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Thanos vs. The Hulk #3 Recap

In the Negative Zone, Annihilus has captured the Hulk.  They are seeking an unknown substance that appears within the Avenger every time he transforms from Bruce Banner to his monstrous counterpart.

The servants of the tyrant Annihilus force the transformation within Banner and manage to isolate the unknown substance.  The substance will grow Annihilus’ currently underdeveloped body, and with the added power of the Cosmic Control Rod, the lord of the Negative Zone will be stronger than ever.  The leader removes his iconic carapace, and the process begins.  Annihilus experiences extreme pain and discomfort, but his scientist Bultar is confident that this is just part of the process.  The tyrant’s follower Blastaar is worried, but Bultar says that it would be wise to forget their leader ever had such a moment of weakness.

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thanos vs the hulk 3 comic review


Within moments, the process is complete, and an unarmoured Annihilus rises, bigger and better than ever.  While all eyes are on the restored king, Pip the Troll is able to sneak in and remove the device that is keeping the Hulk docile.  The Hulk wakes up, and Blastaar immediately knocks him out of the tower to protect Annihilus.  The Hulk is no longer needed by the forces of the Negative Zone, so the servants are ordered to attack the transformed Banner.  In all the commotion, Pip was knocked unconscious.

Using jet boots, Blastaar and the Hulk do battle in the streets of the Negative Zone until back-up arrives.  But few are stronger than the Hulk, who is easily able to rip apart the Emperor’s Royal Guard and drops an entire building on Blastaar.  The Hulk stands victorious, but this is short lived, as he is suddenly approached by Annihilus. Wearing a new set of armour, the lord of the Negative Zone is ready to stop the Avenger.  But the Hulk has only one thought about all of this – SMASH.

Thanos vs. The Hulk #3 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Thanos vs. The Hulk #3.

Now this was a pretty cool issue.  If you want to learn about the significance of the writer Jim Starlin, you should go and watch my review of the first issue of this four part miniseries.  I don’t want to repeat myself, but it is pretty clear to me that with issue three Starlin is doing a really nice job with this series and I’m enjoying myself quite a bit.

This comic is largely great.  I just adore the art, which once again is vividly detailed and really stunning in terms of the cool things we get to see.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever seen Annihilus without his famous armour, and it was neat to see him like that.  Personally I’ve always liked this villain, so it’s cool to see him in a new way like this.  I also enjoyed the action and fight scenes in this comic – with the Hulk ending this issues conflict by dropping a whole building on somebody – this was bound to be a lot of fun..  Plus I’m on the whole loving this story which features a nice, eclectic collection of various characters in the Cosmic World of Marvel.  It makes things feel like Thanos vs. The Hulk takes place within a much larger, broader universe, which is exactly the sort of feeling I like in stories like this.

thanos vs the hulk 3 comic review

Hulk subdued

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Now there are two weaknesses I identified in this comic.  First is that for a comic with his name in it, Thanos is conspicuously absent in this issue, and I find that weird.  The way this story is going, Thanos will hopefully make a surprise appearance of some form in the upcoming final part of this story, but otherwise this comic looks like it’s setting up a big final confrontation between Annihilus and The Hulk instead.  Personally, I don’t mind, as I find these comics entertaining enough without Thanos, but I get why people might be upset and expect the mad titan to show up in this comic when he doesn’t.  And considering how his name is on the cover, I do feel one could be understandably annoyed by this, especially in a four part miniseries.

This comic also feels short.  It’s still the standard length for a comic, but I felt like it reads rather quickly and just bridges events until next issue.  Still, in spite of these minor problems, I do recommend this comic.  It’s worth the cover price if you’re like me and a fan of characters like Annihilus, and there’s a lot of great art and little moments of clever dialogue that make this a nice and fun read.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.  Are you enjoying this miniseries so far?  What do you expect out of the final issue?  We also have a website, Facebook, and Twitter page, so you can stay up to date with the latest regarding our channel.  And finally, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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