The Death Of Wolverine Logan’s Legacy #3

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The Death Of Wolverine Logan’s Legacy #3 Recap

The issue begins in Somalia.  A man wakes up in a stadium.  He is wearing a crude version of Wolverine’s costume and has knives taped to his hands.  The man swears he will kill whoever did this.  Satisfied that his prey is ready to fight, Sabretooth reveals himself, and slits the man’s throat.  He then feeds the man’s body to some dogs, and cheerfully walks away.

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Marvel Comic Books: The Death Of Wolverine Aftermath Cont!

The next day, soldiers discuss how another man has disappeared.  They are well aware that Sabretooth is responsible, but nobody is willing to confront the monster.  Sabretooth has set himself up in Somalia, relishing in the unstable political climate.  The leader of the soldiers, a man named Haji, asks Sabretooth for his help dealing with a man who can create fire.  Haji states that he feels a man of Sabretooth’s talents should be taking on bigger prey than the various soldiers and terrorists of Somalia.  When Haji asks about a man Sabretooth talks about in his sleep named Logan, the villain threatens the leader with a knife and refuses to even talk about Wolverine.

Soon, Sabretooth goes into battle.  The soldiers are no match for the experienced villain and are quickly dispatched by him.  That night, Sabretooth dreams of all the years of animosity between him and Logan.  Wolverine appears, and tells Victor that he is not only frustrated that he was not the one to kill Logan, but is also afraid he will never find a better opponent.  Sabretooth wakes up, and encounters a soldier.  He asks if the soldier is about 5’2” tall, to which he replies he is 5’4.  Sabretooth takes out his Wolverine mask and says that’s close enough.

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The next day, Sabretooth encounters the man who can create fire he was told about earlier.  Though the man does prove to be a challenge for Sabretooth, Victor is eventually able to decapitate him.  Thrilled with the challenge, Sabretooth decides that the leader was right, and discards Wolverine’s mask.  Victor states he probably will be leaving soon, and vows to do better than Logan.

The Death Of Wolverine Logan’s Legacy #3 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy, issue number three.

So I chose to do this comic after we got a request to cover this follow-up series to Death of Wolverine.  Considering how these Legacy comics are all stand-alone, I picked this one because it seemed one of the more interesting reactions to Wolverine’s death.

After all, I’ve had a few friends ask me about how Wolverine has died, and most people have assumed that Sabretooth would be the one to ultimately kill Logan.  What I find interesting about this comic is that it is pretty clear that Sabretooth has always made this assumption as well.  It makes sense that Victor would figure that he would be the one that finally gets to kill Wolverine, and the fact he didn’t makes for a pretty compelling story.

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Sabretooth in this story reacts the only way his character possibly could, through violence.  But the comic does a great job at conveying his frustration and fear over Logan’s death.  He doesn’t shed a tear or reminisce, he just kills and butchers, which is exactly what this character would do in this situation.  It’s makes for a solid read overall.

wolverine comics logan's legacy #3

But what really sells it for me in this comic is the artwork.  Jonathan Marks is the artist here.  And you can see that his work in this comic is highly stylized and very impressionistic.  In an average comic, I probably wouldn’t like this, but in this story, it works well.  It makes this comic feel quite surreal, which leaves all the brutality and gore as mostly implied content and left to your own imagination.  That does a lot of favours for this comic.  Now the art isn’t perfect.  It starts to fall apart in the fight scene at the end, when it becomes very difficult to tell what exactly is going on, but overall, I like this art for this comic.  It serves the plot well, and makes what would have just been an okay story into something that I really enjoyed.

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