The Death Of Wolverine Prequel: Wolverine #12 Review/Recap


The Death Of Wolverine Prequel: Wolverine #12 Review/Recap On Youtube

Road To The Death Of Wolverine: Wolverine #12 Recap

Marvel Comic Books: Bush-wich Brooklyn, the issue begins with the activation of the sphere. Lost boy and pinch engages in a battle with copies of themselves from different dimensions.  Within the mall, Logan catches up to Sabretooth and takes out the 3 hand ninjas with ease.  Logan convinces Sabretooth to lay down the sphere for another familiar brawl. He strips out of his armor and takes out his claws. The two engage in a dance of fits and kicks. Logan gets the upper hand but Sabretooth quickly gains the lead. When hope seems lost, Logan unleashes a fury of fists, knock Sabretooth out cold.

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The battle ends with wolverine the victor. He tells the sphere to shut down and later passes out from his injuries. he wakes up in a hospital with fury and other doctors surrounding him. he passes out once again only to wake up in the presence of lost boy, pinch and her child.

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they reflect on their adventures together and the trio says their farewells.

The scene jumps to the jean grey school where we see Logan still healing from his wounds. Kitty pride meets him at a bench and the two reconciles after their incident at the new Xavier school. Kitty states that Logan has tons of friends to see. Logan sarcastically states that sometimes he might actually want to be alone.

Road To The Death Of Wolverine: Wolverine #12 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping wolverine issue 12. Ok so let’s dive right into this issue. I wanna share with you what worked and what didn’t worked for me. I love the gore and the blood. Wolverine actually kills 3 hand ninjas.

I even loved it when he extended his claws right before his fight with Sabretooth. And then we get treated to a few pages of fight scenes. O ya and Nazi thor. Let’s take a few seconds to imagine how this fight actually went about…… so that’s where my enjoyment ended. Now let’s discuss what didn’t work for me in this issue.

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I still don’t care for pinch or lost boy. I think i would enjoy this issue series a whole lot more if i did.

SO AT THE end during the hospital scene, they say their goodbyes to Logan. I hope that that’s the end of those 2, i really wouldn’t wanna see them again.

Now the final build up to the fight between wolverine and Sabretooth was very anti climactic.

These 2 are known to hate each other and engage in crazy rated R fights. But at the end, we see wolverine knock Sabretooth out cold and to follow up, he is now detained by shield. Very anticlimactic in my opinion. Lets rewind to right before they attack each other. I’m pretty sure Sabretooth had the upper hand and could use his sphere to change the world. But then he drops his sphere for a fight.

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Wolverine Comics: The Death Of Wolverine Cont!

I think that’s when I face palmed myself.  And then at the end, the sphere started talking to wolverine, or vice versa. I honestly didn’t know that the sphere could even talk but it seems sentient.

Were the origins of this sphere even explained? The story telling for this arc seems very lazy and there are tons of plot holes. So that being said, I gotta tell you to pass on this issue. But because of issues like this, I’ll make sure I keep you updated on the death of wolverine so you can save your money and pick up better comic series. But if you did read this issue, please let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.


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