The Flash #45 Comic Book Recap/Review

The Flash #45 Recap/Review – Thunderdome!

The Flash #45 Comic Book Recap

With a dome surrounding the Central City Police Department, Captain Frye pulls a gun on The Flash.  He demands an explanation, but the hero is as baffled as the police.  When the Captain wants to arrest the Flash, David stops the officer, saying their priority right now is to save the lives of those trapped under the dome.  They begin to workshop solutions.  The Flash’s powers only make the device stronger, and destroying the weapon would be very risky.  The Flash says that the woman who attacked him claimed that she could stop atoms from moving.  The Dome is likely just air rendered solid, so they just need something hot enough to burn their way out.  Wally West overhears this, and has an idea.  But Captain Frye is dismissive of the boy, and won’t listen.

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Outside, people are panicking at the Dome’s presence.  Hartley is worried about David, while Iris looks for her nephew.  When some photographer comments on how good this story would be if a kid dies, she punches him in the face.  Meanwhile, Zoom and his lackeys look on.  While Eobard is pleased, the others are beginning to show some concern.  Block assumes she should let the police go soon, but Thawne stops her, saying that this sacrifice is necessary to stop the Flash from destroying all of humanity.  Magali begins to question all of this.  So far, The Flash has only shown a willingness to help others, but Eobard insists that this is all a ruse, and that his enemy will bring society nothing but ruin.

Within the Dome, Wally goes to check on Tim, who is badly injured.  In spite of the man’s protests, Wally goes to put his plan in motion, insisting that Tim needs medical attention.  He gets a special magnesium powered engine, rigs it to a truck, and drives it straight into the edge of the dome.  Though the truck explodes as a result, the engine is hot enough to burn a hole through the dome, and Wally is saved at  last minute by the Flash.  Realizing this, Barry begins to evacuate everyone from the police department, and he begins to evacuate everyone.  This is successful, but the building is ultimately destroyed by the bomb.

The Flash #45 Recap/Review – Thunderdome!

Everyone is relieved, and David embraces his lover, but Captain Frye is furious.  The Flash doesn’t take this well, pointing out that the building may have been lost, but lives weren’t.  The hero leaves, but Frye is furious, and says that he’ll see the hero again, noting that speedsters seem to bring nothing to this city but ruin.

Later, in Professor Zoom’s tower, Eobard checks in on Henry Allen.  The doctor has completed a device that is able to steal people’s powers through their blood, and when Barry’s father tries to use it on Zoom, he is easily deflected by the villain.  Still, Eobard is impressed, and takes the device for himself.  Henry asks why Thawne is doing all this, and Zoom explains that this is all part of some grand scheme to take down the Flash, and drain the man of his powers.

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Magali overhears this, and realizes that Zoom has been lying to her over many centuries.  So he charges her, using the device to steal her powers.  Soon, he’ll claim the abilities of the others, as well, and once he has Barry’s powers – Eobard will be a god.

The Flash #45 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of The Flash #45.

You know, I’m having a lot of trouble placing this series.  It’s hard to peg it down as overly good or bad.  On the one hand, a lot of cool ideas, fun characters, and good moments pepper The Flash and add a lot to the story.  On the other, this issue is a bit of a mess.  Dialogue is clunky and silly, and weird story choices are made all the time.  For example, why is Captain Frye so pissed in this issue?  “Grr, how dare you Flash?  You saved all those people like an asshole!  What about our precious building!?  Grumble grumble grumble”  And then there’s this asshole, who thinks dead kids are cool.  This isn’t how human beings talk or act.  It’s stupid.

And the shame is that a lot of what is going on has a lot of potential.  I like what’s going on with Eobard and Wally, I just wish the writer kind of got his act together with some of this stuff.  As it stands, I do kind of recommend this comic, just to keep going with the story so we can see how it ends.  But I strongly suspect when this arc is done and over I will be done with the Flash comics, at least for a while.  Because yeah, in spite of having some good moments and ideas, but this comic makes some really weird choices that just don’t work.  And yeah, while there have been promising issues, #45 had too many weaknesses to ignore.

Oh well, let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.
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