The Flash #9 Comic Book Review/Recap

The Flash #9 – Kid Flash of Two Worlds!


The Flash #9 Comic Book Recap (Script)

Wally West and Barry Allen are hanging out with Wally’s Aunt Iris.  They notice somebody has been sending her flowers.  Iris is then called away when her boss tells her of a fire at the Keystone Bridge.  Wally and Barry make excuses to leave, and pretty soon both the Flash and Kid Flash are on the scene!  Wally is still getting used to his powers.  He doesn’t know who the flash is but is confident he will earn his hero’s trust.

Suddenly, an explosion nearly knocks Wally to the ground, when he is saved by… a mysterious stranger.  Wally is confused but Barry explains that this stranger is… an old friend.  Avoiding names, the stranger greets Wally.  However, when they shake hands, something stirs in the Flash.  Wally tries helping his friend, only for the lightning surrounding the Flash to burn him.  Barry begins speaking strangely, calling out both versions of the Kid Flash.  He tells Wally that Daniel West was his father and that it’s all Wally’s fault that Daniel turned into the Reverse Flash.

The Flash #9 – Kid Flash of Two Worlds!

Barry cries out and disappears, and the stranger recognizes what is happening.  The Speed Force is pulling the Flash away, while Barry is taunted by a vision of Zoom.  Wally has an idea, and together, the two Flashes are able to pull their friend out of the Speed Force. Relieved, Barry thanks his friends, but the damage is done.  Wally is hurt to learn that Dianiel is really his father and in tears runs off.

Later, he is approached by the stranger.  Wally asks who this person really is, and he only says it is complicated.  Wally talks a bit about his parents, and the stranger shares his own story of his family and the tough divorce he went through.  The stranger says that the Flash helped him cope with a lot of this, and promises that Wally is not alone.  Wally thanks the stranger, and he says not to worry about it.  They’re family.

Later, at a park, Barry and the other Wally West catch up.  Wally is struggling after a devastating recent attack on the Titans.  What’s worse, they still don’t know who stole time from the world.  Barry is sure about one thing.  Whoever did this would be back.  However, he did see something in the Speed Force when it tried to pull him in.  Something he gets the feeling he wasn’t supposed to see.  Barry doesn’t know what it was… but it filled him with hope.

The Flash #9 Comic Book Review/Recap


Well thanks for watching this video.  Here we have a fun stand alone story, a nice way to check out what’s going on in the world of Flash these days.

All told, yeah, I like this comic.  The art didn’t really sell me at first – it’s very angular and a little too cartoony for my tastes.  But you know the more I saw it in action the more I like it.  This works well with the stylized nature of the Flash’s powers and artist Jorge Corona does a good job at expressing this.

As for the story, yeah, it mostly worked for me.  I think it’s a little unnecessary to hide Barry’s identity from Wally but I totally get hiding Wally’s identity from, well, Wally.  The dynamic between these two was quite interesting as a result.  One knew the other was his counterpart, but the other couldn’t find out.  It led to a complex relationship that is explored nicely throughout the comic.

But the best part has to be the ending, with lots of hints and a little bit of talk over what’s going on in the world of Rebirth.  There’s nothing groundbreaking here – it’s mostly just information we already know, but it’s nice to touch base on these things.  There’s still the mysterious mystery person out there who stole all the super hero’s time, he’s still an ongoing and major threat to the whole universe, and yeah, the JSA is returning.  That specific hint of more Jay Garrick in the future is great, and on the whole, this comic gets and easy recommendation.

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