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Hours ago, Asgardia, city of the gods, Thor wakes up after being rescued by his goats from the bottom of the sea after his battle with malekith. He is shocked to see that this arm has gone missing. But then good news arrives carried by a dwarf named screwbeard. The dwarven blacksmith has brought a gift to the lightning god: a new arm to replace his lost one. This metallic arm was forged of black Uru, the same substance that made his lost hammer Mjolnir. Thor heads back to Midgard to finish his fight but he discovers that his hammer and his mother, has gone missing.

Present day, Roxxon Island, The Odinson arrives demanding that his hammer be returned to him. Blinded by jealousy and anger, he attacks the new Thor. She defends and returns the blows right back at him. While the Thor’s continue their assault on one another, nearby frost giants takes the opportunity to get them some asgardian meat, but something unexpected happens. Mjolnir flies out of the battle between Thor’s and takes out the on-coming frost giants. The Odinson realizes that his hammer never did that when it was in his possession. He finally stops to think things clearly. He sense nobility in this new Thor and asks if she is his mother. The unexpected happens as this new mysterious wielder of Mjolnir embraces the Odinson in a passionate kiss. He now hopes that this new Thor is not his mother.

Their focus now turns towards the frost giants and Malekith. The new alliance of old Thor and new Thor takes out the giants but Malekith manages to escape through his portal. The dark elf is gone but the Minotaur is still around. Dario Aggar makes his appearance with his army and demands that the Thor’s depart from his facility. The Odinson prepares for round 2 but the new Thor states that they have more urgent things to attend to.

Marvel Comic Books Thor #4 Cont!

At the base of the frost tower, the avengers along with the rest of the Asgardians are released from their frozen prison. We discover that the all mother Freya had been among the frozen prisoners.

The all mother is shocked to see that her son had lost his arm. She is also not aware of this new wielder of Mjolnir. The Odinson admits that he is now unworthy and this new Thor is the new master of Mjolnir.

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He offers his blessings and relinquishes his name as Thor for he is now unworthy.

The scene jumps to Roxxon Island. We discover that the destroyed skull of Laufy was actually a decoy, and the real skull is still in the possession of Dario agar. A deal is going on between the Minotaur and the dark elf king. Malekith asks for a price for the skull, in which Dario states: Realms, I want realms.

Makelith smirks and states, perhaps we can do business after all.

MArvel Comic Books thor #4 review

new thor and old thor kissing

Marvel Comic Books Thor #4 Review

What’s going on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping Thor issue 4. Wow this issue series has been great thus far. But I did find some flaws. So let’s discuss what I liked and didn’t liked about this issue series. the art is just beautiful and remains consistent with previous issue. This is a huge help and makes me feel like I’m back in the world that writer Jason Aaron has built. But as you guys may know, I am a fan boy of the story. So let’s take a closer look at how it is progressing. We got a great action scene between the two Thor’s. This issue did a great job on showing us how brash the Odinson is. And of course he redeems himself at the end by passing on the torch to this new Thor. Now this is one of my complaints: 4 issues in and we still don’t know the identity of this new Thor. The fact that she kisses him leads me to further believe that this is Jane foster. The other popular belief is that she could be Roz Solomon, that shield agent. But between the two, I still think it is Jane. We have ruled out his mother Freya and his sister Angela. It would be really uncomfortable if it was Angela and she kissed her brother. Ew. So I think that’s all the candidates for this new Thor. I can’t think of anyone else that she could be.

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The one thing I didn’t expect was that the mother doesn’t know. I would have guessed that the all mother Freya told Jane foster to wield Mjolnir, but from this issue, the all mother doesn’t know who she is.

so like I said, we are 4 issues in and we still don’t know who this new Thor is yet. The great story telling is keeping my complaints to a minimum but I really hope we get the reveal in the next 2 or 3 issues.

Now let’s take a look at the scene with malekith teleporting away. please correct me if I’m wrong but is this the first time that we saw malekith’s followers looking like how they do in Thor 2 the movie? He is king of his realm but I don’t remember seeing his followers wear this kind of armour. This is another example of the comics being heavily influenced by the movies. Sometimes it’s done in a good way but in this scene, it was not done right in my opinion. I like to think that the cinematic universe is another universe and that I am reading the 616 universe. So things like this is a bit unnecessary. But that’s my opinion, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

So near the end, we got malekith and Dario coming to an agreement. This doesn’t look good for our new lady Thor. In Thor god of thunder, we got excellent story telling. So if this issue series goes the same route, then im super excited for this new villain team up.

MArvel Comic Books thor #4 review

Dario Aggar and Malekith

Ok last thing I want to touch base on was the fact that the original Thor gave up his name to the new Thor. This is just weird. It doesn’t make sense to me. Thor is is first name. he can’t just give up his name lol. But he did it so I guess we are gunna be referring to this new wielder of the hammer as Thor. I never got into calling the falcon as captain America and I got the same feeling about this new Thor as well. but then later this year, marvel has stated that after the battle world event, the universe will be rebooted. I don’t know if this is an official statement or not but what does that mean for all of the crazy changes in the 616? Is this new Thor gunna disappear and we will get the original Thor back? Is falcon going to loose his captain America mantle? Right now I’m on the fence about this reboot but I will say this: If marvel continue to bring us epic story lines like the spider verse then I’ll remain happy lol.

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