Thor #6 (New Comics)


Thor #6 Review/Recap. A New Evil Alliance!

Joey reviews and recaps thor issue 3. The story continues with this new mysterious goddess of thunder. Join Joey on his Thor #3 Comic Review.

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Thor #3 Marvel Comics 2015

Thor 6 Review recap

Thor #6 Spoiler Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping Thor issue 6.

Let’s start off by taking a look at this beautiful cover art. This image perfectly portrays the mystery of this new Thor. Could it be one of these marvel women of power? Could it be loki? Haah I highly doubt that but I love this little where’s waldo loki moment.

So I had originally guessed that Jane Foster is the new Thor but this issue debunked that theory. Unless she secretly sneaks out to get her hero on but I highly doubt that.  The new suspect is roz soloman. She is unreachable right now so we are lead to believe that Solomon is the new Thor. I don’t think it is but I ran out of guesses as to who it might be.

I love this scene where freya marches into the throne room and pretty much slaps odin in the face. And then he doesn’t do anything to retaliate. I don’t know if there’s still love between them or not but this scene is badass. Go freya!

This issue reminded me that it was because of nick fury whispering something into Thor’s ear that made him unworthy. I almost forgot about that. Theres no promotional art or anything that I can find online that says what made Thor unworthy. But while I was looking around online, I found the cover art to Thor issue 8 which comes out this may. It Looks like we are finally getting her identity in 2 more issues. I know I am really excited to finally get the reveal but I know some of you don’t want to know and you guys are enjoying this mystery. So that’s my question for you. Do you want to know Thor’s identity in issue 8? Or would you rather it be kept a secret for a while longer? Please let me know in the comments below.
by Jason Aaron (Author), Russel Dauterman (Illustrator), and Marvel Comics (Publisher)
Rated T+, Published February 25, 2015; List Price: $3.99
“Blown Away” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

“Future Gladiator” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

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