Thor #7 Comic Review/Recap

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Thor #7 Comic Recap

Weeks ago, Agent Roz Solomon gets a call from her superior, Agent Coulson.  He is checking in to see how her vacation is going.  The agent says it is nice, but that she recently found evidence of an illegal Roxxon toxic waste dumping site underground.  When Coulson asks if she has anything to do with a report he just got saying that Roxxon has a break-in in one of their facilities, Solomon claims ignorance and says if it makes her boss feel better, she can call Thor.

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At this remark, Coulson realizes that she has yet to hear about what happened to her sort-of boyfriend.  After learning how the god lost his hammer, Roz travels to the moon, finding Mjolnir but no Thor.  Enjoying the atmosphere on the blue side of the moon, she looks on Earth.  SHIELD keeps getting weaker and losing its allies, while Roxxon is getting bigger and more reckless.  If only they had something big to help tip the scales…

Now, on Roxxon Island, Thor does battle with the Destroyer.  After knocking each other around a bit, the god of thunder is shocked to find that the armour has taken her hammer.  The Destroyer is being piloted by Odin’s brother, Cul the Serpent.  The All-Father orders that his sibling use the hammer to teach this woman what happens when she lays hands on that which belongs to Odin, before bringing her and Mjolnir to Asgardia, so she may answer for her theft.

Meanwhile, in the skies of Midgard, Odinson is approached by his mother.  She tells him of the situation with the other Thor, and says they will need an army.  Her son points out that this shouldn’t be a problem – they have the Bifrost, and he just so happens to be holding a list.  On the island, Dario Agger, CEO of Roxxon, and Malekeith, King of the Dark Elves, look on at the battle below.  The king teleports the two to another realm called Alfheim, home to the Light Elves.  Cheerfully, Malekeith asks for help with murdering a bunch of them, and the CEO complies without hesitation.

Back on the island, Thor stands bloody and nearly beaten.  But she notices that the Destroyer is barely able to contain Mjolnir.  Using her connection with the hammer, the woman is able to fling the armour across the battlefield before blasting it with a massive explosion of lightning.  But the Destroyer is far from destroyed.  Thor is furious.  This is not how it ends.  She will not be a footnote in history as the woman who was a god for five days and then fell.  This is not how she dies.  Her true story hasn’t even begun… but it’s about to.

Thor #7 Comic Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Thor #7!

Now this was a cool comic.  I’ve been more or less enjoying the Thor series, but it has been bugging me that most of the last six issues have been obnoxiously teasing secrets I could care less about.  This comic was a lot closer to what I wanted out of the Thor series compared to what I’ve seen before now.  The action and art remind me a lot of the last series called Thor: God of Thunder, which I found was really well done and nicely polished.  So this comic to me felt like a step forward in the right direction.

This issue was full of some pretty strong hints about who the new Thor really is, and it feels far less annoying than the unsubtle and annoying teasing from before.  While this issue seems to indicate pretty heavily that Roz is the new Thor, I do feel that could be a misdirect.  What we do know is that all the women depicted here at the end of the comic are no longer candidates for having taken up the hammer, which pretty much leaves it to being either Jane Foster or Roz Solomon.  So issue seven does a good job at narrowing down the possible candidates, but I’m still not sure which of these two it actually is.

Thor #7 Comic Review

In either case, it’s nice to have an issue of Thor that I both enjoyed and can recommend.  This series has one more issue left before… whatever happens in Secret Wars, so until that time, you can look forward to Joey’s next review, where we finally are going to get some answers, along with a pretty solid battle by the looks of things.  That is going to be awesome.  So let me know in the comments section below what you guys think is going to happen in the next Thor comic.  Some pretty big things are being built up here, so I expect we’ll have some fun going forward.

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