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Thor #8 Comic Book Recap

In the midst of Chaos and destruction, the warriors converge on the Asgardian weapon of war called the destroyer. But behind the scene, the true puppet master and the Odinson’s uncle, Lord Cul is in full control of the walking armour. The battle rages on as our heroes throw everything they got at the destroyer. The all mother freya is next to take a shot. She readies her mighty sword and swears that the only thing that dies today is her husbands supposed omnipotence.

The all fathers reign of idiocy is at an end. So swears Freyja, daughter of Vanaheim, So swears the all mother of asgard. The destroyer retaliates but Freyja takes that small moment to speak through the war machine and to her husband. Lord Odin is moved and demands his brother Cul to halt the attack. Before the destroyer departs into deep space, the all father states: Damn you woman, damn you for making me the villain.

Our heroes regroup and the mission is finished. They say their farewells depart back to their homes. The Odinson stands alone with the new thor at last. In his reasoning, Odinson has crossed out every single potential woman on his list. The only one left is Roz Soloman. He is confident but pleads for Thor to show her face. The Odinson admits that he is jealous, but what he truly wants is the truth, the truth that he will guard with his life. But Thor is hesitant. This secret, she will hold close to her heart. She will not give it up. But then the unexpected happens as a hover car approaches with Roz Soloman in the driving seat, yelling at Thor for ruining her investigation into Dario Aggar and his organization.

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The Odinson is speechless. While the ladies are properly introduced to one another, The Odinson stands frozen in his tracks. Thor senses that the Odinson and the Shield agent have much to catch up on and thus, she throws mjolir into space and return to her safe haven leaving a very confused son of Odin, baffled at his current situation. He tears apart his list and, after a long day, is ready for more meat and mead.

Asgardia, Lady Freyja marches towards the All Fathers chambers. She will have word with her dear husband.

Jotunheim, Dario Aggar and Malekith has finally brought the skull of Laufy home. The dark elf releases his dark magic. Whatever happens here in Jotenheim will not fare well for the rest of the 9 Realms.

Meanwhile, Thor flies through the cold vacuum of space and returns to Asgardia. Quieter than a mouse, she lands back in her chambers. Her night is finished and she says farewell to the hammer of gods. She hides her secret because she won’t be stopped, and they would try to stop her if they ever learned the truth. The world needs a thor. That’s all that matters. We need a god who understands what It means to be humbled. To be mortal, a god who knows how precious life is, how delicate, a god who struggles every day to live a worthy life. She is Dr Jane Foster, and she will not stop being the mighty Thor, even though it is killing her.

Thor #8 Comic Book Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and wholly cow what did I just see. I had originally guessed that the new Thor is Jane foster but a few issues back, Jane was crossed off the list so I thought I was wrong. I had a strong feeling that it wouldn’t be Roz even though last issue led us to believe it. So I absolutely adored the twist but in this issue, we get a revelation that by using the hammer, Jane foster is actually dying. Damn I didn’t see that coming. Back in thor god of thunder, it is revealed that she had some form of cancer and she is close to being on her death bed but now the question is, will Mjolnir kill her faster? But then we got secret wars issue 1 which shows Thor Foster as being one of a few that was teleported on the escape ship. So what does this mean for Jane Foster and what kind of role will she play when our heroes finally arrive on Battleworld?

thor 8 comic book review

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There are so many unanswered questions but I loved how everything is tying into secret wars. Damn im getting side-tracked. Lol all I wanna talk about is secret wars but let’s get back on track. Thor issue 8 was a huge issue which finally shows us the journey of Jane foster from being a sideline character to being in the center of the hero spotlight as the new thor. And btw, for those who are confused as heck as to why there is a woman holding mjolnir and the original thor is unworthy, well it happened last year in original sin where nick fury senior whispered something into the Odinson’s ear.

He discovered something so dramatic that the hammer left his side and crashed onto the blue area of the moon. But ever since then, we never got an explanation as to what Fury said. In this issue, the Odinson was close to saying it but then Roz Soloman crashed the party and we still are left scratching our heads. I swear I don’t even think the writers know what Fury said. But this is one of those unanswered questions that I, personally, demands to know what Fury said. Stan Lee, if you are watching this, well that would be friggin awesome, lol please give us an explanation.

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