Thors #1 Review/Recap.

Thors #1 Review/Recap. Beta Ray Thor.


Thors #1 Comic Recap

There is a body on the ground and a bunch of cops standing around. Some offering insights, some making jokes, some still thinking of mead from the night before. This is every day of your life when you serve in doomgard’s hall of homicide. This is what it’s like to be a Thor. 5 bodies in different districts in one week. This peculiar homicide has been elevated to an all thing so Thorlief, aka the ultimate Thor, and his partner Beta Ray Thor is charged with leading this investigation. You see, in a case classified as an all thing, all hands are on deck and the case must be closed and closed fast before doom himself takes an interest. Because when doom takes an interest is when Thors get stripped of their hammers. In other words. These two partners are screwed.

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Thorlief gives the command and thus, Thorus the green, along with stormborn and the tree heads west to investigate. Runey, the cynical one, and Thor the destroyer heads east for their own investigation.


The two partners do not have much to go on. There’s not much evidence in this crime scene except for a dead body and as you may know, dead bodies tell no tales. But luckily for the Thors, a bunch of delinquent ghost racers are heading their way. The Thors have found a new suspect.

Later that day, doomgard, the law speaker demands for the presence of Thorlief and beta ray Thor. During their meeting, the law speaker berates the two stating that they are the sorriest damn excuses for Thors that the speaker has the displeasure to lay his doom damned eye on. Before he tells the two Thors to get the hell out of his office, he informs them that sheriff strange and everybody is on high alert ever since the incident involving the quarantined sight and a missing Thor.

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Ray and Leif departs the precinct unphased because, well, getting yelled at by the law speaker is like drinking bad coffee, it’s no big deal. Ray now heads to the city to shake up some street informants and Thorlief is off to see a frog.

Arriving on location Thorlief meets with Throg the forensics Thor. with all of the 5 bodies in front of them, the Thors have discovered something very interesting. A connection is made as Thorlief now knows that the 5 women are the same person from different districts. Throg says that they got themselves a serial killer who only kills 1 woman.

Later that night at valhalla’s mead hall, Thorlief enjoys a well-earned drink. Moments later, Beta Ray joins his partner to share Intel. Ray’s sources didn’t yield any results but he is meeting one more snitch soon after. When Thorlief asks to join Ray, he says that this snitch is uneasy around Thors and only tolerates him because he looks more like a horse then a jackass. Thorlief is exhausted but his mind is hard at work to solving this serial killer case, but Ray pulls rank as a commanding officer and orders Lief to go home and get some rest.

An hour later, in a rundown ally way, Beta ray arrives to meet with his contact. This source knows things. He knows secrets that no one else could possibly know. So it would stand to reason that his source will know the name of the 5 deceased women or a clue to who the killer may be. But  as he crawls out of his cardboard home, Loki warns Ray that he can tell the thunderer the greatest lie of all. but not everyone can handle the truth.


Back at Valhalla’s the sound of thunder draws an army of Thors towards the center of noise. Arriving at the ally way, Thorlief and his comrades discover Beta Ray Thor, beaten to an inch of his life. With his last breath, Ray tells his partner that he knows the name of the 5 victims.

Jane Foster.

The Thunderer, on his knees, screams in horror as his partner, beta ray Thor, dies in his arms.

Thors #1 Comic Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and I am 1 week late in reviewing this issue. Thors issue 1 secret wars, here we go.

So I had already decided to review this issue before it was released, just because I thought the idea of using Thors from different multiverse as a police force for Dr Doom was such a good idea. And then I found out that it would be a buddy cop story, I was sold. By far my favourite buddy cop movie is bad boys and following up with that, bad boys 2, so im looking at this as marvel’s answer to that movie.

Thors #1 Review/Recap. Beta Ray Thor.

Right off the bat,  we get introduced to like half a dozen Thors. Thorlief is like the legendary cop figure that solved a case back in the day and his partner, beta ray Thor, is like the danny glover type cop, the wiser, higher ranked cop. The other Thors were pretty cool and were well introduced in such a few short pages. This is one rare instance where I don’t mind reading dialog with very little action because I got hooked and I wanted to know more about these Thors. And of course my favourite supporting character Thor is the tree. The only thing he can say is I AM THOR. Lol that’s just awesome.

And then we meet throg the forensics guy. I think this is the perfect position for a frog that wields a hammer. In the realm of magic and craziness, they could make him the all wise ass kicking captain but that’s saved for this guy, the sky father Thor whose named the lawspeaker. And ofcourse this scene is very reminiscent of a lot of buddy cop movies where the captain just berates the two partners.

Now this scene at the entrance of Valhalla’s mead hall is very interesting. So only the worthy, aka Thors that can wield a hammer, can enter. The guys outside arnt worthy so they can’t get in but it’s what they say that is intriguing. One guy says that this bar is for slaves to doom and the unworthiness is freedom. That line struck chills down my spine. We know doom to be a villain first and foremost. How he got an army of Thors to be his personal police force, we will probably never know but im gunna guess that the Thors wielding hammers are all righteous and that’s how they became worthy. So we got a villain as the big boss of a bunch of heroic Thors. This is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. But I am guessing this under the assumption that, to be worthy, you gotta be a righteous and heroic figure.

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Ok so near the end, we got hobo loki lol. This guy is so cool. He seems to be hinting at knowing about the incursions and what happened 8 years ago after the 616 collided with the ultimate earths. Right now, all Thors believe that before doom, there was nothing so this secret would shake up everything. But then thunder happens and loki is gone and all we got left is a dyeing beta ray who manages to get the name of the 5 deceased woman. And it’s Jane foster. To be honest, I didn’t even focus on her identity because I was so enthralled with the world building. Take a look at valhalla’s bar, there’s a bunch of mjolnir’s hung on roof racks and theres also a groot Thor running around. That is so cool. ok sorry guys, back to jane foster. So this only means that the 616 jane foster will be joining the party really soon. this issue serves as a great continuation to Jason aaron’s Thor run where we see jane foster as the new Thor.

So how did you enjoy this issue, did you enjoy it as much as I did? Or was there a better tie in that came out that we should have reviewed? Please let me know in the comments below. alrighty guys thank you so much for watching my Thors issue 1 review and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in Thors issue 2.

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