Thors #2 Comic Review/Recap.

Thors #2 Review/Recap. First Suspect.


Thors #2 Comic Recap.

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All throughout the heavens, the thunder has gone silent, for today, a Thor has fallen.

Valhalla’s mead hall, today we lay to rest brother beta ray Thor. 8 years ago, he rose to the rank of storm breaker and served with distinction in the hall of homicide. He died with a hammer in his hands. He was a devoted son of doom. A Thor of Thors. With those words spoken by the law speaker, Thorlief raises his hammer to the air. He only has 1 word to say: Vengeance!!

A Thor has fallen, a Thor has been taken from us. Now, my brothers and sister, now we bring the thunder!!!

And the thunder began as their floating citadel approaches the green lands where the hulks call home. They round up their usual suspects with unreserved force. The thunder does not end at Greenland. The hulks the sinisters the ultrons, the prowlers the predators, the mutants and monsters, and any and all repeat offenders. It is not a good day to be on the Thors blacklist. Even with their enhanced interrogation techniques, the Thors are no closer to a new lead. Thorlief knows this. the only thing they got is a name: Jane Foster.

Thorlief interrogates a man who once worked with a Jane Foster of this domain. But he tells the thunderer that Jane has been gone for months now, and a Thor came shortly after to take her things. This realization shocks Thorlief. Who amongst his core have done this? an intimidating voice states: you wanna know what he looks like, all you gotta do is turn around.  Thor the mighty, was what he was once known for. Now he is Thor the unworthy. He was stripped of his hammer and casted out of doomgard in shame. But he is here now with a warning. He tells the ultimate Thor that he will end up unworthy as well if he continues down this path. You need to forget you ever heard that name, unless you wanna end up like me. Or worse, like your partner.

The ultimate Thor challenges the mighty Thor in battle but this goes against their core rules. No Thor shall lay hands on another. But as you may know, the mighty Thor isn’t part of their core anymore.


He pre-emptively strikes his opponent.  Leif rises to his feet and the two Thors engage. Metal clashes metal, mjolnir strikes with the power of a thousand storms but the unworthy holds his own against the hammer of the gods. Lightning strikes from the heavens and thunder is heard. The two are evenly matched and the fight came to a standstill.

Thors #2 Review/Recap. First Suspect.

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It begins to rain and Thor the unworthy mockingly says that the Thor corps is calling for the ultimate Thor.

Lief says that this is not over and ends it on a question. Who is Jane Foster?

The unworthy replies: Why does it matter, they are all dead now anyway.

Hours later, leif arrives to meet throg and his partner thrr. The forensics Thor tells leif that a Jane Foster from Egyptia had died 3 years ago. But someone dug up her bones and paraded them in the streets. Could the killer be taunting them? But the bones are just the beginning of this mystery. A body has been found but it isn’t jane Foster. This body perished a couple months ago and is only discovered now. Meet the body of Donald blake, door to door hammer salesman, recently retired.

Suddenly, a noise alerts the Thors that they are not alone. Throg sends his partner thrr to challenge this mysterious figure. He gets knocked out and throg discovers magic residue. There is magic in play here.

They chase down this intruder and pins him to the ground.  They found their first suspect. He smirks and states, please, call me loki.

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Thors #2 Comic Review

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and damn what a good issue. Thors issue 2, let’s get into reviewing this bad boy. Get it, bad boy?

Anyways, so this murder mystery is getting really suspenseful. Right now, Thors is probably my favourite tie in so far for secret wars. This is probably very biased since I just read it. Coming in at second place right now is civil wars tie in. you guys are probably wondering why we aren’t reviewing it in comic island. Well its simple really. Its hard work making these review videos lol. And right now im allocating a ton of my time on getting injustice year 3 out as soon as possible because you guys kindly requested, asked for it and downright demanding it. I think someone threatened my personal safety if the video isn’t out by the end of the week lol I’m just kidding.

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Ok enough of that, let’s get into reviewing this issue. so the story continues as we get introduced to a new Thor, Thor the mighty or as he is known now, Thor the unworthy. I loved the fact that the writers are properly utilizing all of the different versions of Thors. For newer readers that don’t follow comics on a regular basis, please allow me to explain why Thor the unworthy looks the way he does. This is the most recent look for Thor the Odinson from the main marvel universe we call the 616. He lost his arm after a fight with Maliketh and he is unworthy because of what he heard from nick fury. This leads into the new Thor goddess of thunder story and of course you can get the complete story to that by clicking on the screen.

His arm is made out of Uru, the same material that makes up a mjolnir. So this Thor can definitely pack a bit of punch. I never addressed Thorlief in my previous video so let’s explain him now. It’s pretty simple, this is the look of Thor from the ultimate universe. I don’t read the ultimate universe so I don’t know much about this Thor but apparently his hammer can be lifted by more people than the hammer from the 616. And of Couse his hammer is designed with a curved side. It looks a lot better in my opinion than the hammer from the 616.

So this is a favourite scene for me. The Thors kicking ass when one of their own dies. Over at the squadron sinister tie in, the justice league rip offs found a dead Thor and they gotta find a way to solve the mystery or risk having the Thor core rain hell on their operation. So it’s nice to see what would happen even though the squadron sinister doesn’t directly tie in with the Thors tie in.

Ok so the cliff-hanger ending was my only complaint. It’s very cool that loki is now caught but couldn’t we get that in the beginning or the middle of the series? We met loki already so there isn’t much of a surprise anymore. What if we switch loki’s scene with meeting Thor the unworthy scene? I think that would be better in my opinion.

So we are left to assume that all jane Foster is dead and as you may know, Jane Foster the goddess of thunder from 616 is still alive. I can’t wait till she enters the world of the Thor core.

so I’ll cover a few more points before wrapping this video up. I love that they mentioned Donald Blake in this. very nice homage to the history of Thor odinson. I also like this polar bear Thor. I assume he wasn’t created for this series but I have no clue where he came from. If you remember, please let me know in the comments below. so how did you enjoyed this issue? Do you think it would be a better cliff hanger if the loki scene was switched with Thor the unworthy scene? Comments below let me know. Injustice year 3 is hot in the works so look out for that, and please don’t threaten my personal safety. I get enough of that from my girlfriend when I forget anniversaries lol.

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