Thors #3 Comic Book Review/Recap

Thors #3 Review/Recap. Who Killed Beta Ray?


Thors #3 Comic Book Recap

Doomgard, a suspect sleeps in an interrogation room and with half a dozen Thors ready to rip his throat out on a drop of a dime. Doom’s personal army of cops finally made headway. They got a lead to beta ray Thor’s murder; they finally found their first suspect. After pulling up records, the Thors only found a few petty criminal charges. No domain of birth, no family or gang affiliations. Last known residence was the cardboard box in the alley where Ray was found dead.

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Rune Thor demands for a couple minutes alone with the suspect. But Thorlief denies him of his specialty in cruel interrogations. Runey marches out of the room angered by the rejection. Thorlief is positive that the suspect killed his partner. This man known only as loki has shown his expertise in with magic. But its interrogation time and Thorlief marches into the room.


The interrogation begins and Thorlief asks his list of questions. Who is Jane Foster? Why did she have to die? Loki responds with his condescending tone. He brings up that faithful night when Beta Ray Thor was murdered. You should’ve heard the way he screamed.

Angered at the remark, Thorlief grabs loki by the collar and slams him into the wall. How DID YOU KILL HIM, He shouts. But the mischievous prisoner states that ray was beaten to death. a strong Thor who wields a magical hammer was defeated and bludgeoned. Loki may be many things but he is clearly not strong enough to take down a Thor.

I’ve seen the bodies; I know exactly what you’re capable of. You, Thorlief stop his aggression and takes a seat. He apologises for losing control. That’s not like him. Instead, he empathises with the suspect. He says that he wants to learn from loki. That he’s in awe of the man. Thorlief wants to know everything.

Thors #3 Review/Recap. Who Killed Beta Ray?

Loki is shocked, then amused. Ha wow, does that sort of thing ever actually work?


Loki responds by telling the ultimate Thor that he had been helping him: Moving the bodies in strategic locations for the ultimate Thor to find. He even called in anonymous tips. Loki did this because he wanted to show the Thors the truth. Loki sleeps in a wooden box and lived his life in the shadows but he knows that he was meant for more. That greatness was taken from him. The Prince of lies does not like being lied to, he states. There are more bodies, more Donald Blake’s. Would you like to see them?

Thorlief heard enough and leaves the thunder room. He now has a mission. According to the prisoner, the bodies were moved to one place. So where else would they be if not the dead lands where zombified heroes and villains call their home? Arriving on location, Thorlief discovers a name badge belonging to their female victims. Looking forward, his stomach churned as he bears witness to an ocean of skeletons. It’s true what Loki said. The name of the two victims causes the thunderer to quiver. He has no idea why.

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Suddenly, a blow from behind nearly knocks Thorlief out cold. That was no zombie. It felt like being sucker punched by a dozen hulks all at once. He returns the attack by throwing his hammer right back at his foe. And then his heart sank. There’s no mistaking it, the sound of URU clanging on URU.

Thorlief takes on a blow to the face by a hammer and the attacker finally shows himself. Metal clash upon metal as the two Thors engage. Runey is shown to be the attacker and he admits that he killed Beta Ray Thor. Surprised at this revelation, Thorlief loses his footing and the Rune king Thor takes advantage. He takes down the ultimate Thor with a couple clean swings from his hammer and Thorlief is floored. Thorlief, barely conscious, looks upon his fellow Thorsmen and the last thing he sees before passing out is the swing of the weapon of the gods.

Time passes and the once empty field begins to fill itself with mindless zombies craving for fresh brains. An undead reaches over to have itself a meal. But a swing of a blade removes its head from its body. Thor the unworthy has arrived.

I thought I told you to drop this case. Looks like you didn’t listen. He states. Good, maybe now we can get some work done.

Thors #3 Comic Book Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping Thors issue 3. Man I have been waiting and anticipating this issue. so last time, we left off with the Thors capturing Loki. And what happens next in a buddy cop story? The interrogation! And this scene, by far, is my absolute favourite. Our review videos are generally 6-9 minutes long on average so we can’t go into all of the Nitti gritty details but this one page with tons of dialog was so good. This is how you can tell a story really captivates you.

Since our videos lightly grazes over the issue, I highly recommend that you pick this issue up since there’s just so much juicy dialog that we can’t go over.

So loki basically alludes to the pre secret wars world the entire time. This explains so much. From what I gathered, He is the 616 loki that lost his memories but small fragments of his old world still resonates within him. And it’s clear that Thorlief feels the same way every time he hears the name Jane Foster or Donald Blake. As you guys may know, I don’t follow the ultimate universe but I’m starting to really wanna know the back story of this ultimate Thor.

And we also got beta ray Thors killer revealed at last. Its runey, the old cynical one and his partner the Thorstroyer? Lol that’s probably not his name but that’s what I’m calling him. I loved this revelation but it opens up another question: what’s the motive? What does Runey have to gain from killing Beta Ray Thor? And also, Loki didn’t admit to killing any Jane Fosters. He only gathered their remains. So did Runey kill those 5 Jane Fosters from issue 1?

I was honestly hoping for Jane Foster from the 616 to make an appearance but she still haven’t arrived yet. Last we heard, the heroes and villains were blasted off to random domains in battle world. We know Peter Quill from the 616 is running around with a kitty pride from the Age of apocalypse. I haven’t been keeping up with the other tie in’s so I don’t know where the other heroes are but I would assume that 616 Jane foster would make her appearance in this tie in. If she doesn’t make an appearance, I would be pretty bummed out. But that’s just my opinion what do you think about this issue? Pleases let me know in the comments below.

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