Thors #4 Comic Book Review/Recap

Thors #4 Review/Recap. Civil War.


Thors #4 Comic Book Recap

In the skies above battle world, Thorlief and his new partner Thor the unworthy races toward doomgard, the HQ of the Thor corps. The unworthy knew that it had to be a Thor who killed Jane foster and Donald Blake, but he didn’t know which one. Thorlief was instrumental in drawing the betrayer out. It is now revealed that Rune Thor and his partner Thorstroyer are the culprits. Runey betrayed the code of the hammer, and he must be brought in to face his crimes.

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Doomgard, the thunder room, Runey got loki by the throat and is prepared to execute the homeless man making it look like a suicide. Thorstroyer guards the thunder room just in case their brothers and sisters come peeking around.


The sound of thunder is all too familiar to runey’s ears. It can’t be him. Thorlief is dead.


The second strike removes Thorstroyer from doomgard and the attacker presents themselves. Thorlief informs his fellow corps member that he is under arrest for the murder of Jane Foster, Donald Blake, and his partner beta ray Thor. But Runey will not go down so easily, He pre-emptively strikes our heroes but the lightning is returned.

Thorstroyer returns and he takes on the mighty Thor. Runey charges at Thorlief and manages to take the upper hand. They engage with all of their might. Their bones rattle and blood is spilled. They charge through a brick wall ending up on the other side where our hero Jane Thor the goddess of thunder from earth 616 is in the middle of rallying the Thor corp.

Thors #4 Review/Recap. Civil War.

Doom is not the all-father, she states. You are the sons and daughters of Asgard, and you have been made to fight a lie. Words of blasphemy echoes the hall of doom but The thunder goddess isn’t finished yet. Are these the children of doom I see before me? Or are you truly worthy to carry those hammers?


With his hammer in hand, the ultimate Thor shatters the silence, My name is Thor, and I am worthy.

His courageous lead inspires those around him.

My name is Thor and I am worthy x 3.

I am Thor.

Rune Thor shows his displeasure and slams the ground with his hammer. But it is over, Thorstroyer is nowhere to be seen and the Thor corps will follow the ultimate Thor. Runey is backed up against a wall and his worthiness fades. His hammer gains in weight and is now too heavy to be lifted. It falls to the ground signalling that Runey is now unworthy. Without his weapon, the rune Thor gets taken out by 1 clean swing to the face.

Civil war breaks out as members of the corps are split. Many chose god doom as their all father, but the law speaker can finally see that Thorlief speaks the truth. He sides with Thorlief shifting the battle against Doom’s Thor corps. The battle is won but the war is still raging on. The goddess of thunder leads the charge towards the world tree, so that they might smite a god.

While en route, Thorlief catches up to the thunder goddess. He had never seen her before but he recognises those eyes. Jane Foster. She tells him that she is new at this but Thorlief isn’t. He took part in many apocalyptic battles and this may be their ultimate fight. They have arrived in the epicenter of destruction. They prove their worthiness and they attack the biggest and baddest monster that they can find.

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Thorlief goes toe to toe with Holocaust, son of the baron apocalypse. He takes out the monster but many more takes his place. For the first time in his life, he feels truly worthy though nothing matters now but the thunder ringing in his ears, the feel of mjolnir in his hand, the taste of battle on his lips. The monsters wash over him like a rushing tsunami. But he will not stop, he won’t stop. Even if his life is taken, he will hurl his hammer as hard as possible. So hard that it will be still flying long after he’s…..


His hammer found a new home, in, Asgard.

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Thors #4 Comic Book Review

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is Joey and today we are reviewing and recapping Thors issue 4. So we are finally here at the end of this awesome ride. Yup, that’s right guys, I really enjoyed this tie in. even though there are a few things that made me go, wtf, I think im just gunna focus on the great things about this issue. So let’s go over them. I loved how this went from a murder mystery to a tale of revenge. I’m new to this Thorlief character from the ultimate universe and writer Jason Aaron did a great job making me care and bond with him. So its awesome watching Thorlief kick ass and it was especially cool seeing the mighty Thor teaming up with Thorlief.

There’s also a sense of heightened testosterone in these 4 issues. There are barely any female leads except for jane foster of course. She shows up at the end. I was hoping that she would show up earlier. The story is moving so fast that I feel like they skipped her story. For instance, what happened to her after dr strange blasted the heroes and villains to random parts of battle world? As far as I know, she disappears at the end of issue 4 and reappears in this issue. But that’s just something small that I had to point out.

I also gotta give a lot of love to writer Jason Aaron for leading this tie in. I first read his work in Thor god of thunder and now he brings us this awesome tie in. He is now hands down my favourite Thor writer. Thank you Jason for bringing us this much awesomeness.

Ok so now lets get into a few things that are left unanswered by this issue. We are lead to assume that Thorlief dies. Damn I hope he lives. But obviously battle world is over and a new world is formed where almost every hero and villain goes back to their status quo. But here’s the interesting thing, we got miles morales in the main world which currently has no name. That means we got two spider men. We also got reed Richards from the ultimate universe coming over as well. So I hope that Thorlief isn’t dead and that he jumps over to jane fosters mighty Thor series as a side character.

So near the end, the mighty Thor or as you may know him, the odinson from 616 walks by Runey’s unconscious body and his mjolnir. He looks at the hammer and decides not to pick it up. I was geeking over this part. This isn’t the Thor from the 616 because he died at the end of time runs out, but it’s such a nice nod to the 616 Thor and how he lost his worthiness. Oh btw marvel. What the hell man, we still need to know, how did Thor lose his worthiness? What did fury say?

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Ok guys the last thing I wanna talk about was the final few pages. It took me a few seconds to figure out what happened here. Take a look at this image. This is battle world. No stars are around because, as the promo states, there is only battle world. But then an explosion happens and the world looks like regular planet earth. The hammer goes hurling towards an abandoned Asgard which I’m assuming is from the 616. So his hammer blasted a hole and crossed into another dimension? Is this dimension basically the 616? If so, does this mean that the ultimate universe is gone and only the 616 remains?

So ya, just to wrap this up, I Thoroughly enjoyed this tie in. it does continue in Arden’s secret wars issue 7 coverage so I recommend checking that out. But now I wanna hear from you. How did you enjoyed this issue, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching my review of Thors issue 4 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.
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