Thor’s unworthiness revealed. What Did Nick Fury Say?



At the time of this article we have not yet uploaded the Unworthy Thor issue 5 yet, but this reveal is just too juicy for me to wait till I finish the scripting, and editing. So, like a kid on Christmas day, I wanna unwrap my present now.

Let’s rewind back to 2014. Nick Fury killed the watcher and can now tap into Uatu’s memory banks. Fury went into battle with a lot of Avengers and he manages to take down each avenger with grace and precision. Thor engages Fury and this is when Nick whispers a few words into Thor’s ear. Mjolnir became heavy and it fell to the moon taking Thor with it. Thor stayed with the hammer for weeks following this event. He only left the hammer on avenger’s missions and probably to get some food. Then the hammer chose another wielder: We know this person to be Jane Foster, the new Thor. The original Thor, now going by the name, Odinson, reclaims his original weapon Jarnbjorn. Since he can’t fly without his hammer, Odinson took back his mount, a goat called Toothgnasher, in order to fly and traverse between worlds.

Unworthy Thor #1. The Other Hammer

Since the Original Sin event, Thor has been on a path of self-loathing. He was half the god he used to be, even though his hammer is just that, a weapon. The charm and flare of the Thor we once loved is gone all due to a whisper. A mighty Norse god was taken down by just a few words. So, if you have not yet read the Unworthy Thor issue 5 then get ready for some spoilers, or close this video now and wait for our Unworhty Thor issue 5 video which should be ready in a few days. But If you don’t care for spoilers and you have read the comic already then here is the reveal: Nick Fury Senor grabs Thor in close and says: GORR WAS RIGHT!!!

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For those who are familiar with Jason Aaron’s work with Thor, you probably know what this means. But for those who are just getting into comics now are haven’t been following comics for a while and missed out on the god butcher story arc then get ready for some more spoilers.

With the watchers knowledge, Fury knows who Gorr was. To keep his story short and sweet, he was an unknown alien from an unknown world. His civilization loved their absent gods. Gorr preyed to his gods but still he lost his mother to predators. He lost his pregnant wife to starvation and he lost his only child to thirst. Gorr hated the gods for this and with stupid luck, he obtained a weapon, the necro sword, to kill every god he can find.

Gorr soon came across the lightning god Thor. They battled in the past, present and the future. Through all of this, Thor truly knows what drives the god Butcher. Gorr sees the gods as vain and vengeful creatures not deserving of mortal worship.

Thor had to become a worthy god to be able to lift Mjolnir in the first place. If Thor now truly believes that no god is worthy of being worshipped by mortals then that would mean that he is not worthy. That being said, if Thor believes that he is unworthy then the hammer must break the bond between it and the thunder god.

We know that Mjolnir contains a cosmic thunder storm the size of a galaxy, a sentient storm that defied the command of the All Father. Even Odin could not wield Mjolnir so he casted an enchantment on it: whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Thor #7 Comic Review

It is now evident that the hammer is sentient so it heard Fury’s whisper and it now believes that no god is worthy to control its power. Following Fury’s whisper, Odin himself attempted to lift the hammer but couldn’t do so. We thought lady Freyja would be the new Thor but she is a god so she is veto’ed out. But Jane Foster, a terminally Ill human on her deathbed lifted the hammer and became worthy. Love it or hate it, the new Thor is Jane Foster, not a god, but a normal human being.

So now that it is established that no god could ever lift Mjolnir, what will this mean for the Odinson and the Marvel U moving forward. Well secret wars 2015 really did a number on the Marvel Universe. It was a great event but it reset the entire multiverse. Ultimate Marvel and the main marvel universe are now one. We got Miles Morales and Peter Parker on the same earth and we got a few other amalgamated factors. But the one thing that Secret wars did was it washed over the fact that Thor Odinson died fighting beside Hyperion in new Avenger’s issue 32. In new Avenger’s issue 32, Odinson has in his possession a Mjolnir from an alternate dimension. It reads ‘whoever holds this hammer, if he be unworthy shall possess the power of Thorr’. Odinson is unworthy so he fits the criteria and he wields the hammer like he did his original one. But near the end, when an army of Beyonders start their way towards Odinson and Hyperion, the Odinson goes to grab the Hammer and he fails to do so hinting that he is again worthy. This is such an awesome way to end the life of Thor if he continues to follow this unworthy trend.

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After secret wars, Thor is reborn and no one mentions the whole fiasco with Rabum Alal anymore. He is once again unworthy without any reason as to how except for the fact that secret wars did a soft reboot on the Marvel U.

So moving forward, who knows if the Odinson will ever reclaim Mjolnir? Jane Foster Thor seems to be here to stay and like it or not, she is the new goddess of thunder. We all want the original Thor to one day reclaim his magical hammer but until then, Odinson will serve as a fallen hero that is doing all he can to reclaim his worthiness. He knows that holding a hammer made out of Uru will not give him back his worthiness. In fact, he truly believes that no god will ever be worthy enough. So the road to reclaiming Mjolnir will be grueling and painful but I gotta believe that one day, Our Thor Odinson will reclaim his hammer and all will be well again. But until then, I hope that Jason Aaron will remain our Thor writer and I wanna see Gorr revived.

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