Top 10 Comic Book Super Heroes

Number 10


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So this is a cool hero to take number ten.  I was quite surprised that the Hulk did so well, but there you have it.  It actually makes a lot of sense though.  This is a character that has been around for ages, and represents a lot more about being a super hero than one might think.

First, heroes often serve as a subconscious representation of our own desires and aspirations.  The Hulk often is a symbol for our own repressed rage and frustration, and especially early on in this character’s life, this rage was directed against the monotonous, aggressive, and inflexible military that endlessly pursued the green giant.  That’s really cool, and probably speaks more to our own innate frustration with the government than one might think.

Secondly, the Hulk represents a true triumph over adversity.  In this case, Banner’s greatest enemy is himself.  Bruce has to overcome his own fears and self-consciousness, while big green himself is the epitome of barely controlled rage.  In spite of his own flaws, the Hulk consistently overcomes his own obstacles and is a true hero, serving as a honourable member of the Avengers.

So the Hulk works as a superhero and he works well.  He’s easy to overlook and dismiss, so I’m glad this guy made it into the Top 10.  As one of the most iconic and biggest figures in Marvel, this was well earned, and a great choice by many of our fans.


Number 9

Captain America

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Another hero that while I was surprised made it into the Top 10, made a lot of sense when I thought about it.  Steve Rogers represents all that is good an admirable about a super hero.  And I say that as a Canadian.  This isn’t a function of patriotism, as I don’t feel that Cap represents America as a country, but rather the ideals it was founded on.  Liberty, freedom, and the rights of all are the great things that Steve strives for, and anyone from any nation can appreciate these values.

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Captain America is no dog of the government, and has on multiple occasions turned on those who would abuse their power.  He stands up for the righteous cause time and time again.  He brings out the best of everybody around him.  Rogers is a great character, and one that truly deserves a spot on this list.



Number 8


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Now this one was surprising.  I never would have thought Deadpool would do so well on this list to make it on the Top 10, and this was really impressive.  It shows how popular this character has become.  A person who was once an obscure mercenary has become a well known and beloved character.  It is really cool to see just how far the Merc with a Mouth has come along, and a testament to the character’s popularity.

Yes, Deadpool isn’t a traditional super hero, but nobody ever said that a hero has to be always heroic or restrain himself from killing others.  In the present day, Wade very much wants to be a hero, but his own harrowing past and broken mental health means that Deadpool will always come short of being a straightforward champion of justice, and more of a dangerous but usually helpful mercenary.

But his heart is in the right place, and I think that’s what is appealing about this guy.  He does want to do good, mostly, and certainly wants to earn the respect of the Avengers and X-Men.  His struggles make him compelling, and I think this is what endears people to this character.  Wade is more than just a guy who says a lot of funny lines.  That’s a fun side to him, but I think it’s Deadpool’s ongoing torment that keeps fans coming back for more, and why he got enough votes for a position on this list.

A cool and unexpected choice, it’s quite interesting that Deadpool did so well with voting.  He’s a popular hero, and a true favourite among fans.


Number 7

Iron Man

Invincible Iron Man #2 Recap/Review – Tony goes to the zoo!

Well, after Cap and the Hulk earned a spot on this list, it shouldn’t be all that surprising to see Iron Man show up too.  A lot of this certainly has to be chalked up to the film franchise that launched the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Iron Man in the comics are also a great source of well written and compelling stories, so you can’t put this all on the movies.

Demon in the Bottle, Matt Fraction’s run with Iron Man, and even controversial stories like Civil War or AXIS all showcase a character I really like.  Just as Deadpool and the Hulk, this is a character whose greatest enemy is quite possibly himself.  Alcoholism hangs over Tony like a perpetual shadow, while a dynamic and care-free personality seals the deal to create an unforgettable and well-liked hero.

This character deserves the fame and admiration he gets.  I was happy that enough people voted for this guy to get him on the Top 10, because I really like this hero.  Most people do, and so it’s no surprise that our viewers felt he was one of the best superheroes of all time.

Number 6


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You know I never would have thought that Nightwing would have made it to the Top 10.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a guy is awesome, but I felt like his association with Batman would mean that too many people would discount Dick Grayson as a sidekick.  Clearly, and happily, I was wrong.  It shows how much Nightwing stands out as his own hero that he earned the number six spot on this list.

As a character, Dick Grayson is 75 years old.  In comics, film, and television, this guy has been everywhere, and whether you enjoyed his time as Robin, when he set out on his own as Nightwing, when he took on the mantle of Batman after his mentor’s death, or even in his acclaimed current series as a secret agent of sorts, this guy has earned fans of all ages.  All four Robins actually earned a fair amount of votes for this list, but it was the original Grayson that took an actual spot here.

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People love this guy, and with good reason.  He has a tragic back story that while broadly similar to Batman’s, uses an acrobatic flair to instantly set him apart from most other super heroes.  He’s a lot like Batman, too, though slightly more agreeable than his former guardian.  This makes for a compelling and relatable figure that also has the skills and abilities to go toe to toe with the best the DC universe has to offer.  What a great character.  What a wonderful thing that our viewers think of him as one of the best.  You guys are awesome.

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