Top 10 Controversial Moments In Comic Books Pt 2


5. Captain America Hydra Agent

captain america steve rogers hail hydra

This is still very fresh in our minds because the internet exploded in outrage. Everything was about Marvel’s newest reveal for Steve Rogers Captain America. At the end of Captain America steve rogers issue 1, it’s revealed that Captain America has been a sleeper agent this whole time. Remember when he punched Hitler in the face? Remember when he led the Avengers? Remember every other time Steve Rogers made an impact in the marvel universe? HYDRA!

The internet went nuts and fans turn to twitter to express their displeasure of this new status quo. We even saw threats to Marvel for allowing this to happen. Writer Nick Spencer stated: this is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through steve. This really is steve rogers, captain America himself. Then the death threats started coming in. But was this entire buzz working financially for marvel? Well this same week, Superman issue 52 came out revealing – SPOILER WARNING- the death of the new 52 superman. Now if you are a casual reader then you might not even notice superman’s death but it seems like EVERYBODY and their pet goldfish knew about Captain America being a hydra agent.

Even actor Chris Evans took to twitter with the hash tag #sayitaintso.

Captain America Steve Rogers issue 2 does offer a lot of explanation so I’ll have a link in the description below for those who wanna check it out.

4. Speedy heroin addict

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Controversy is often used to raise awareness and sell a product. Movies are seen to always push the boundaries but what is it about comic books that hit us this close to home? In 1971, DC comics attempted to show us the ramifications of drugs and its effect on people around the addict. Roy Harper was chosen to be a martyr for this cause. Harper became an addict and fell into the life of petty crime. The so called sidekick hero became involved with street thugs where we see Roy mugging people for drug money. His mentor oliver shows us how a parent or guardian would feel and react to one of their own being an addict. Roy’s job of being a martyr was done and he quit cold turkey but for us fans, Roy is depicted as the poster boy for addicts and people suffering from substance abuse.

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The story ends where we see one of Roy’s friends dies from drug abuse. No matter if its 1971 or 2016, we, as a society, are still dealing with under age men and women suffering from substance abuse, so, DC is not done with Roy yet. We see Harper suffering from a similar issue in young justice and it’s continued in the Arrow tv show where we see this world’s speedy, Thea Queen, suffering from drug abuse and being in trouble with the law.

3. Jason Todd’s Death

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In mainstream media, everyone knows Dick Grayson as the one and only sidekick partner to the dark knight detective. well, us comic book fans know of a few more Robins. Jason Todd makes this list because of how he was created, lived as robin, and his death and resurrection. You see, at this time, Dick grayson was growing up too fast to continue his sidekick role with batman. He was off doing teen titans stuff and he grew up quite a bit so he can take on the nightwing name. Well Batman needed a Robin so we were presented with Jason todd.

But lets get into why Jason is on this list. He was brought in to fill a void. The saying goes; batman needs a Robin so here he is. But fans didn’t respond well to this new guy trying to fill the role of beloved character.

This lead to the joker kidnapping Jason and it was up to us, the fans, to determine if Jason would live or die by calling in and casting our votes. Votes? I know the comic industry wasn’t as popular as it is now due to all of the comic book movies but wow, can you imagine the outrage if DC held a poll to determine if a character would live or die now in 2016?

But lets discuss the method of his death. I know comics could be pretty darn dark but generally, characters die from explosions or from exhaustion after a big beat down. But this time, we can see the joker’s maniacal grin as he beats down Jason todd with the crow bar. This, compounded by Jason’s unprivileged upbringings makes it that much more real to us fans and this event will go down as one of the darkest moments in Batman’s superhero career.

2. The Killing Joke

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Spoiler warning! One of the killing jokes most gruesome scenes involves the joker shooting barbara through the spine in front of jim gordon. The joker then proceeds to undress her and photograph her nude. The pictures where then used to further torment jim gordon in an attempt to turn the commissioner crazy. And then we, the fans, are treated to a circus scene that, in many ways is a bit too twisted and felt uncomfortable. Deranged looking hobbits, or crazy children? A naked physically abused Commissioner gordan, and a small team of circus performers to view the commissioners whole ordeal. For any father with a daughter, could you imagine being put in Gordon’s shoes as he gets put through a rollercoaster ride from hell, while seeing pictures of….well I think you get the idea.

the killing joke left a darkness in dc comics in a way that is rarely seen before. Some will say that it is the best joker story ever told but many will argue that DC Comics abused and crippled a fan favorite Batgirl just to further the complexity of one of its most popular villains.


1. Rape In Comic Books

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This is a big subject to talk about and there are quite a few stories I will be bringing up.

Comic books again push the boundaries of real life issues and we, as fans will respond to it. Here is a small list of characters that have been victomized. Warning, this could get disturbing for some of our viewers.

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Hercules is widely viewed as a greek hero and has been portrayed on the big screen a few times by high profile actors. But in wonder woman v2 issue 1, Hipolita was drugged, chained and raped by Hercules after he simulated a truce to steal her girdle.

The first silk spectre was raped by one of her teammates, the comedian. This reveal again pushed the boundaries for comics and created a more intriguing backstories to one of the watchman characters but at what price?

In Blackest night tales of the corp issue 2, we meet an alien from the planet havania. The planet was invaded by the sinestro corp and this alien was repeatedly gang raped by its members until she was chosen. You guys know her as Bleez of the red lanterns.

And then we got Sue Dibney. Elongated man’s wife was raped and murdered by someone unknown. The story turns into a murder mystery which revealed that the rapist is Dr light and he once broke into the justice league watch tower to rape sue. The rape of Sue dibney was used as a plot device to create intrigue but for a lot of fans, it became uncomfortable turning the pages as the story unfolds.


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