Top 10 Convergence Facts. Need To Know Before Reading This Event

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Top 10 Convergence Facts On Youtube



  1. What Is Convergence?

Convergence is DC’s mega event for 2015 and will run for 2 months from the beginning of April till the end of may. All regular DC titles will go on a hiatus and will be replaced with a convergence title until we get the finale to this event. In a story point of view, convergence is the product of Brainiac collecting cities throughout DC’ history which includes pre flashpoint characters and even characters from elseworlds story such as kingdom come and captain carrot and the zoo crew. And in convergence, characters from different timelines will either fight each other or team up in various stories.

DC comics convergence reading order checklist

  1. What Caused The Convergence Event?

Convergence has been building up ever since futures end and earth 2 worlds end but during booster gold futures end, we discovered that young booster gold has given up the location to vanishing point to brainiacs robots. We are lead to believe that brainiac has achieved his goal in finding the location of vanishing poiny.  In the DCU, vanishing point is a dimension that lies outside the normal space/time continuum. From here, brainiac could access any timestream, timeline, universe, and so on.

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  1. What Comics To Read Before Convergence?

There are 3 comics that I recommend checking out before jumping into convergence. Superman Doomed, earth 2 world’s end and futures end. Since we don’t have time to recap the entire issue series, im gunna give you a run down on what happens at the end of each of these stories.

Superman doomed shows us what happens when we get an amalgamation between superman and doomsday dubbed superdoom. Along with his allies, super doom battles Brainiac who is trying to save the multiverse in his own twisted way. Superman comes out victorious like every other time but he gets himself blasted off to some unknown place. Brainiac is sucked into a black hole and is left wandering the multiverse and witnesses several past iterations of the DCU, including the pre flashpoint universe.

Futures end follows terry McGuiness, the batman from the future, traveling to the past to stop brother eye’s ascension. With the combined efforts of the earth’s heroes, brother eye still won at the end but not before we saw a glimpse of brainiac attempting to steal Manhattan to be added to his personal collection. Superman returns from a personal exile and saves the day leaving brainiac captured and imprisoned.

Meanwhile, in earth 2, darksied manages to conquer the planet and defeat the heroes of this earth. The world is not destroyed but conquered. Fortunately many heroes along with the refugees of earth manage to escape their dying world, but not all are so lucky. Batman, superman, flash, green lantern and, Grayson, along with a crashed ship full of refugees are now slave to their own world.

convergence #0 review/recap

  1. What Is Brainiac’s Role In Convergence?

Brainiac has been a busy bee. He has taken cities from across the DC time stream and imprisoned them under domes in a world outside of time and space. But he has gone missing presumably after his defeat in futures end,  so the world incarnate has stepped in to do his masters bidding. Because of this villain, we gotta assume that the new 52 superman will play a pivotal role in all of this. And from convergence issue 0 and 1, we now know that earth 2 heroes could be at the center of this event as well. But this is the first time DC has ever attempted to bring in 75 years of history into 1 mega event. We will be seeing faces that we have not seen since infinite crisis or year one and much much more. A statement from Dan Didio can sum everything up very nicely. Worlds live, worlds die, and nothing will ever be the same. Here in convergence, we will follow the worlds that die. They now have a chance of resurrection because Brainiac has stolen these cities before destruction and brought them to a place outside of time and space.

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  1. What’s The Deal With The Domes?

When it comes down to it, Brainiac is a collector of worlds. There have been many incarnations of this popular superman villain in DC history but ever since the beginning, he was known to be the guy that stole entire cities, shrinking them and putting them away so he could learn more about the universe. well this time, we are lead to believe that he found the location of vanishing point where he can travel and collect cities from anywhere or when in the DC timeline. And he has stashed the cities away under domes in a world outside of time and space. But the day will come when the domes will open up.

  1. Who Is Telos?

Brainiac has used a world out of time and space to store his bottled cities. In this story, he has placed them in domes. The heroes and villains living inside these domes do not have access to their powers and have been in these domes for about 1 year. But once the domes are lifted, powers will return to the heroes and villains who had lost them. With Brainiac’s disappearance, presumably from his defeat at the end of futures end, the planet incarnate has gained sentience and formed a body. We call this jailor, telos.

  1. What Is Telos’s Ultimate Goal?

The void that brainiac leaves behind is filled by the planet incarnate, telos.  He understands brainiacs needs, motivations, but he has different plan. Characters will fight for their very lives. Telos has made it his personal mission to weigh the heros fitness, determine their readiness to return to the DCU. They gotta earn their place back in the multiverse and only one will survive.

  1. How Long Will Convergence Last?

This event will last 2 months spanning across 9 main issues and 40 2 shot tie ins. If you are a veteran reader that never got an answer to Rene Montoya’s question, then this is the perfect time to jump back into comics. How about what happens if you pit the 1960s crime syndicate against the dc 1 million justice leagues. And if that isn’t exciting enough, how would you react when your dead father returns from the grave? Not literally. Thomas Wayne from earth 2 seeks the help from his son: the batman from pre flashpoint.

convergence #2 comic review/recap

  1. Who Are The Heroes That You Should Know?

We always have to keep an eye on Superman because he has defeated Brainiac more times than I can count. But convergence writer Jeff King has stated that the earth 2 heroes will get their time to shine in this event.

Val Zod – Clark Kent superman is gone believed to be dead and this krpyptonian pacifist has taken on the responsibilities of the man of steel. He swore to a life of non-violence but his oath is shattered as he witnesses his friends being brutally beaten by darksied.

Jay Garrik – a recent college graduate who gained his powers from the dying god mercury.

DickGrayson – this man never became Robin but is very adept at hand to hand combat from his training with ted grant. His wife died on earth 2 but his son survived in one of the escaped refugee ships.

Batman – Thomas Wayne survived the mugging those many years ago that left his wife dead. His son bruce grows up to take the mantle of batman and joins the heroes in defending earth against apocalypse. But things didn’t go well for batman. out of guilt of his son’s death, Thomas takes on the mantle of batman to defend Gotham and his world.

Alan Scott – a powerful businessman that harnesses the power of the green flame which connects all organic life on earth.

Yolanda Montez –Alan Scott harnesses the power of green which means Yolanda Montez can do the same for red which harnesses the power of animal life. She gave up her powers but from her actions in convergence issue 1, we are lead to believe that the power might still be with her.

  1. What Happens After Convergence?

Nothing is set in stone so we gotta look at the June solicitations for clues. Batman eternal will return for the second half of the year after a long hiatus, along with other popular series such as aqua man, wonder woman, justice league, the flash and many more titles. But we get new issue 1 series as well such as bat mite, bizzaro, batman beyond and many more. Interestingly enough, we will get earth 2 society issue 1. This is a potential spoiler for the heroes of earth 2 so be warned. The description reads: The survivors of earth 2s war with apocalypse finds themselves on a new world but can green lantern, a new batman, power girl and the other heroes create a new world? or will their interference doom this world, just like their old one? From the description, we gotta assume that at least some of the heroes survive convergence. But what do they mean by the word new batman? This doesn’t look good for Thomas Wayne. This is pure speculation but if we are assuming that Thomas will not leave convergence alive then dick Grayson from earth 2 looks to be the strongest candidate for this new batman.

Alrighty guys thanbk you so much for watching and I hope you learned something new in this video. So now you are ready to jump into convergence issue 0. thank you so much for watching.

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