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Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and today, in celebration of the launch of that awesome Netflix show, we’re going to have some fun with the Top 10 Daredevil Suits.

So the rules on this one are pretty straightforward.  Any costume used by Matt Mudock or somebody taking on the mantle of Daredevil is eligible for this list.  The only suit I’m going to disqualify is the classic red one we all know and love, because it is too obvious.  We all know and love this distinctive red suit.  It’s really cool and really stands out as one of my favourite super hero costumes out there, so it would just be too easy of a choice.

So let’s get started.  Sit back and get ready for the best of Daredevil’s many outfits.

top 10 daredevil costumes

Number 10

Daredevil Plaid (PL-ADD)

From the pages of “What If?” volume 2, issue 17, comes an alternative costume based on what would happen if Daredevil had a dishonest tailor.  And when you think about this, it’s one of the meanest, and funniest, jokes at the expense of Matt’s own blindness.  So I admit this costume is pretty tacky, but that’s kind of the point.

My own dark sense of humour finds this costume endlessly amusing.  It’s so mean, but such a good little joke and one that really works.  Daredevil has no ability to discern colour, nor can he determine shading even with his sonar-like vision, so realistically, his costume could be in any colour and he wouldn’t be any the wiser.  It’s important to make plot points like this.  Something that horrible movie did really badly was that it didn’t showcase the fact that Daredevil does have a legitimate disability.  Yes, Matt has some pretty cool powers, he is a superhero after all, but he also is blind.  There are a lot of things the guy can’t do, and seeing colour is one of them.  Obviously this doesn’t make him any less of a hero, but it does make him somebody that a blind person can actually relate to, which, considering this is one of only a handful of blind characters within comics, I think is great.

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I like moments in the comics that showcase this, and it’s something the Netflix series as well as this goofy costume do really well.  So Daredevil Plaid is my tenth favourite costume, because it’s hilarious but also speaks a lot about what’s compelling about Daredevil.

Number 9

Agent of SHIELD

Another costume from the first volume of the “What If?” publication, this suit features a Matt Murdock who joined SHIELD.  Wearing a black costume closer to the idea of a SHIELD uniform over a Daredevil suit, I really like this particular outfit.  It stands out, but is still instantly recognisable thanks to the blindfold and characteristic red hair.  And yeah, I just really like this one.  It is low on the list because I admit it barely looks like a Daredevil outfit, but something about it really works for me.

The costume instantly tells you everything about this character.  He’s blind, he’s still Matt Murdock, but he’s also an agent for the iconic Marvel spy agency.  It works well for me, and fits in with something you’ll find throughout this list – that a simple costume like this works better than one with too much design and flair to it.  This one says a lot about the character without being overly stylized or using too much detail.  So for these reasons, this suit is my ninth favourite Daredevil costume.

Number 8


Another “What If?” costume (don’t worry they aren’t all like this), the Disciple suit features a Matt Murdock who was trained by none other than Dr. Strange.  And I adore this costume.  One again, less is more, as this simple costume goes a long way to convey everything you need to know about this particular character.  It’s still instantly recognisable as Daredevil, but also has a clear mystical style to it while also reminding me of the Hand a bit.  The mask really sells me on this outfit, as it looks really cool and almost demonic in nature.  This outfit really puts the Devil in Daredevil, though it won’t be the only costume on this Top 10 that I feel does this.

Number 7

Marvel 1602

Now this one is cool.  In this story, appropriately named for taking place in the year 1602, we see a Matt Murdock with similar powers and abilities to his mainstream counterpart, but given the time period, serves as a minstrel of sorts for his civilian life.

This outfit isn’t much of a superhero costume and rather a collection of era appropriate clothing, but the red vest, blindfold, and frizzy red hair still make it instantly clear that this is Daredevil, so it really looks good and works in my eyes.  I love the 1602 comics, so to a degree I am biased here, but I still think this is one of the most distinct and coolest Daredevil costumes out there, easily giving it the number seven spot on my list.

Number 6

Earth X Daredevil

Now this one looks awesome.  Personally I’m not a huge fan of Earth X, because I’ve always looked at it like a rip-off of Kingdom Come, but I have gotten requests to talk more about this comic, so I likely will be covering Earth X in more detail one day.  Regardless, this outfit looks amazing.  I love the almost Jack-O-Lantern look of his mask, as well as the Mephisto-like cowl this version of Daredevil wears.

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This suit wasn’t worn by Matt Murdock, who in this story had died by the time of this comic’s events.  His identity is unknown, and is considered by fans to possibly be worn by Foggy Nelson, Curt Conners or, the idea I find most interesting, Wade Wilson.  He worked alongside Captain America against the Skrulls as well as multiple duplicates of himself.  In spite of my aforementioned misgivings about Earth X, this version of Daredevil has an interesting story with a mysterious background I find quite compelling, and overall, this is one of my very favourite outfits for our hero.

Number 5

Daredevil 2099

Now this suit is one I just adore.  Hailing from the 2099 run of comic books, this suit was worn by a man named Eric Nelson.  This person gained his powers after being exposed to a device that enhanced his sensory abilities, and set out to fight the megacorporations of 2099 like the other superheroes of this time period.  And just look at this one.  I admit it’s pretty straightforward, but I just love it for some reason.

The all black version of Daredevil’s outfit looks great, and I feel it really works well with the whole idea of striking fear into his enemies.  It looks practically demonic, and I think that works well with this superhero.  Few other comic book characters, especially in Marvel and DC, are quite as associated not just with demons, but the Devil himself.  This makes him a unique and fun superhero, so I appreciate costumes that highlight this association.  I also really like the glowing stick things he uses as a weapon.  I don’t know what those are, but they look so cool and go with the outfit perfectly.  This really is one of my very favourite among Daredevil’s outfit.

Number 4

Marvel Knights 2099

So some of you might be surprised to learn there are actually two versions of Marvel 2099.  There’s the main one, which most of you probably know about from Miguel O’Hara, and then there’s Marvel Knights 2099, an off-shoot, short running mini-series featuring designs and alternate takes on the original Marvel 2099.  And my absolute favourite from the Marvel Knights series has to be Daredevil 2099.  And who created this awesome character alongside some really talented artists?  Oh, well, nobody in particular.  Just ROBERT KIRKMAN.  Yeah, that Robert Kirkman.

So appropriately, this is pretty awesome story.  This version of Daredevil’s suit was worn by Samuel Fisk, a descendent of Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin.  Disgusted at his ancestor’s actions, and inspired by the Kingpin’s greatest enemy, Samuel took on the mantle of Daredevil, using his vast fortune to design a costume and equipment to tackle the future’s criminals and redeem his family’s violent history.  Considering how this guy has only appeared in two comics, only one of which I read a long time ago, it’s amazing that this suit left such an impression on me, but it’s always stuck in my memory.  It’s so cool I knew this one was always going to be on this Top 10, long before I had to do any research on Daredevil’s many outfits.

Two versions of this outfit appeared in the comic, both of which I really like.  This one featured on the cover looks really cool and is such a great depiction of the character, while this one, featured within the comic’s story, also looks amazing.  It’s the best version of an armoured Daredevil I’ve ever seen, and I love how much the horns stick out on this costume.  It is a great outfit and one of my very favourite of all time.  Kudos to Robert Kirkman and the artists on this suit, because in spite of it barely being used by Marvel whatsoever, I think it’s one of the more phenomenal Daredevil characters and costumes that has ever been published.

Number 3


Alright, alright, you guys can get all mad for me giving this outfit the number three spot, but I really like the Shadowland outfit.  Now let’s be clear, I’m giving this to the Shadowland suit, not the story itself.  While the story was cool, it was, in a lot of ways, disappointing, especially in the latter half of the story.  But I think this is one of the very best costumes Daredevil has ever worn.  It just looks so great.  The black works well against his logo and the horns stick out nicely in a way that perfectly conveys the fact that Matt had been corrupted by the Hand.  This outfit instantly stands out in my eyes as one of the coolest suits I’ve seen Matt wear.  I don’t have much else to add to this one.  It just looks great, even when he fell under the influence of the Beast.  Ugh…. the whole idea of Matt being possessed was silly, but hey, at least he looked good doing it.

Number 2

Pre-Daredevil costume

First appearing in the Man Without Fear limited series, and featured heavily in the first season of the Netflix Daredevil series, this outfit worn by Matt Murdock before he really became Daredevil has to be one of my favourite outfits.  There isn’t a lot too this costume.  It’s just a guy in a mask and some dark clothing, but man, does this work well in my eyes.  The mask makes him somehow instantly recognizable as Daredevil without the horns, a hint of red, or anything else in common with the classic red suit, which is kind of amazing.  I don’t know how the artists and producers managed this.

I think it’s because of the mask.  It looks great as a sort of pre-superhero, vigilante-style outfit, while also clearly showcasing the fact that Matt has absolutely no need to see through his mask.  It feels cobbled together, and reminds me of what Spider-Man wore during his brief tenure as a wrestler, but on a much, much cooler level.  And boy did they recreate it nicely for the Netflix series.  It’s actually astonishing how well they did at accurately using this outfit.  In both the TV show and the comic series, this suit works well, and serves as one of my all time favourites.  But somebody is going to have to explain to me how Charlie Cox fought people wearing this thing in the Netflix series, and somehow made it look like he knew what he was doing.  I doubt he could see that well in this thing if at all, and it looks like it would be really hard to pull off, even with the usually tricks with filming.  Like could you imagine filming fight scenes blindfolded?  That sounds incredibly tricky.

Number 1

Daredevil Yellow

top 10 daredevil costumeWell, this one probably isn’t much of a surprise for fans of this character.  For the first six issues of Daredevils initial run, as well as on a few occasions since then, Matt wore this costume instead of the classic red one we all know and love.  It was also featured in Daredevil Yellow, a great comic and worthy read.  But I actually have a lot of love for this outfit.  I think this suit just straight up looks great.  Aside from the, um, obvious example, few costumes heavily feature yellow, and kind of for good reason, but in my eyes, Matt totally pulls this one off.  By all merits, it’s still a Daredevil outfit, easily recognizable while also serving as a totally unique costume and colour scheme.

Maybe I’m the only one who likes this costume, but to me, it’s almost as important to Daredevil’s identity as the red suit.  Originally made out of the Jack Murdock’s boxing outfit, this costume ties nicely into Matt’s origins and history, and to me, outside of the classic red suit, this is my favourite Daredevil costume.

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And that’s it.  I hope you guys like this list!  Let me know what your favourite Daredevil costume is, and if you have any suggestions for future Top 10 videos, be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

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