Top 10 Super Hero Replacements


Whats going on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and this is another top 10 video. so today, I wanna do a top 10 replacement hero video. I don’t think I have seen this list on any other youtube channel so I thought I would do one myself. This is pretty much heavily inspired by what’s happening in the marvel universe right now. You got a new female Thor and a new captain America with wings. If you follow comics on a regular basis then you know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t follow comics but is interested in the subject then sit back, relax and I hope you are entertained. Now the only rules I have for this list is that the main hero is no longer going by his or her hero name and their replacement took up that mantle and are serving in their place. Ok enough talking, let’s get into this list.

  1. Terry mcguinness/Tim drake

Terry Mcguinness, the batman from the future is blasted to the past with a mission from his mentor: to stop the villainous artificial intelligence Brother Eye from its ascension into power, but Terry missed his mark and arrived 5 years too late and the AI is well rooted and on its way to taking over the world. Terry allies himself with the modern day heroes such as Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake the third Robin, and a woman named plastique that he falls in love with. But ultimately at the end, after a battle with the joker/batman borg, Terry falls to his injuries and dies in plastiques arm. Tim Drake, after the fall of his teen titans, hid from the world of heroes and villains but because of Terry’s heroic sacrifice, the ex- robin picks up where the Mcginness left off. Tim manages to travel back 5 years and convinced a juvenile brother eye to self-destruct. But then Tim gets launched back into the far future and finds that brother eye still took over the world. Yup, ladies and gentlemen, this is how futures end ended.

Anyway continuing on, After the convergence event, Tim Drake would find himself in Terry’s future timeline but with minor changes due to the ripple effect that terry caused by his time traveling.

Sigh….Goddamn time travel.

Tim would arrive in Neo Gotham, the only safe haven left on earth because, well brother eye is still around and he killed or converted everyone else. Tim’s equipment and AI would eventually betray him forcing the Ex- Red Robin to find the Batcave and select a new bat suit dubbed the, wait, the Jim Gordon bunny ear Mech Suit? Damn it, I give up. This is too painful. Let’s get into the next hero replacement.


death of wolverine complete reading order checklist

James Howlette aka logan aka weapon x aka the wolverine has been a marvel comics icon since the 1970’s but every hero must face death, at least once. He is a prominent member of the X-men and the avengers and lead his own black ops division of the x-men known as the uncanny x-force. Well Logan would meet his end when he faces off against individuals from is past during his time with the weapon X program. With the loss of his healing factor, Logan was subjected to being covered with extremely hot liquid adamantium. This would be the death of wolverine. His closest associates such as Daken, X-23, Sabretooth, lady deathstrike and Mystique would find themselves tangled in his legacy but the one person would rise up to the occasion to fill the empty void left by Logan. X-23, aka Laura Kinney had been an ally and student of Logan for years. Some had even said that Laura was kept in his shadows but after her mentor’s death, and with the x-men’s blessing, X-23 would be no more and the all new wolverine would rise. But taking on the wolverine mantle would mean that Laura will also be taking on his enemies, those who felt deprived of the pleasure to kill the wolverine for themselves. And man does logan have a long list of enemies.


  1. Hulk bruce banner amedaus cho.

thanos vs the hulk comic review

Thanos Vs Hulk

The epic story of a mild mannered scientist being transformed into a rampaging mindless monster has been told many times. Bruce Banner aka the Hulk had other supporting characters replace him in the past; among those are the red hulk, grey hulk and that time when we saw compound hulk. But when secret wars end, 8 months will past and Bruce Banner will fade into the background and a new Hulk will rise out of the ashes.

Following the footsteps of Sam Wilson and Jane Fos

ter, Amadeus cho, a 98 pound Korean American teenage kid genius has recently been revealed to be the all new, totally awesome hulk.

For banner, it was a mountain of burden, a curse that he had to live with. He harms those around him and brought fear to his loved ones. But for Cho, the burden will feel light as a feather. It is not clear as to how Amadeus cho got his hulk powers but all will be revealed in the pages of the totally awesome hulk. You will discover what happened to Bruce Banner in the 8 month time gap after secret wars and how the little sidekick genius got his totally awesome powers.

For those who aren’t familiar with Amadeus cho, he is a supporting character or sidekick to the hulk and Hercules. This little teenage kid possesses a super genius mind and is said to be one of the top 10 most intelligent individual in the world. He found himself a member of the iluminati before secret wars but 8 months later, he will not be burdened, but be gifted the powers of the green machine and headline his own comic series in the totally awesome hulk.

  1. Carol danvers / khamila khan

marvel's secret wars 2015 #3 review

After a fusion of alien Kree and human genes, Carol Danvers, the head of security for NASA began to display super human abilities such as flight, super strength, agility and reflexes, and would be known as the super hero Ms. Marvel. She would prove to be a valuable member of the avengers following the scarlet witch’s absence and would work closely with Charles Xavier’s team of mutants even though the X-men Rogue had stolen her powers and left her for dead. Through all this, Carol continues to fight for what she believed to be right and would side with Tony Stark and his support for the super hero registration act. But during a time when the unstable minded Scarlet witch warped reality and created the a time line where mutants held dominion over humans, Carol Danvers would get a taste of fame in the form of her title as Captain Marvel. But this was short lived when reality reset itself. In 2012, Danvers would leave her haircut and code name of Ms. Marvel behind and take on the name of Captain Marvel with a brand new haircut.

Kamala Khan was just a normal girl living in Jersey City but after leaving a party late at night, Khan walked home angered by her classmates at the party. Elsewhere, Black Bolt, the Inhuman King activated the terrigan bomb which engulfed the entire world. As her terrigenesis began due to her dormant inhuman genes, Kamala had visions of Carol Danvers, her hero, chastising her for disobeying her parents. When asked what she wanted in life, Kamala replies, I want to be you. Kamala would break out of her terrigen cocoon wearing Ms. Marvel’s costume and literally transformed into her idol as part of her subconscious desire.

Even though she doesn’t have her idol’s power set, Kamala follows Captain Marvel’s footsteps to making the world a better place with her own power-set which consists of stretching, deforming, expanding and compressing her body whenever the occasion calls for it. Her accelerated healing factor also comes in handy when fighting crime alongside heroes such as spider-man and wolverine.

  1. Steve Rogers/ Falcon

new comics captain america #25

Captain America aka Steve Rogers is armed with a super soldier serum enhanced physique, indestructible shield and a genius tactical mind. But at his core, Steve is still human. After being emotionally scarred by the loss of his foster son Ian and his girlfriend Sharon, Cap’s unstable mind was exploited by ex-shield agent Ran Shan aka the iron nail. He used Rogers disillusionment to fuel a scheme to crush his old employer, SHIELD. But this is the American icon that he is facing. Steve Rogers stood up and crushed the Iron Nail’s scheme, but not before the villain robbed him of the super soldier serum that kept him young and physically powerful after all these years. Now, steve rogers is a husk of his former self, a man who finally looks his age.

One of Rogers pal would take up the mantle and no, it’s not bucky, he had his turn. This time Sam Wilson, the falcon would rise up and take on the role. This modern day man didn’t grow up in the 1930’s but he still shares the same ideology as his predecessor. Steve Rogers, unable to wield the shield, continues to be part of the team. Once an avenger always an avenger. But now, with liberty and equality personified in a shield, Sam Wilson is chosen to be the all new captain America.


  1. Ultimate peter parker / miles morales

marvel super heroes ultimate spiderman

In an alternate universe, Peter Parker aka Spiderman continues his heroic battle against Norman Osborn and his sinister six. Unfortunately, he isn’t at full strength. With the help of the human torch and iceman, Peter Parker continues the good fight even with a bullet wound. But this time, the combined efforts of the sinister six pushed parker too far. Spiderman stands victorious as always but he dies to his wounds in the arms of his loved ones.

A new spider themed hero would pick up the mantle to honour his fallen friend. Miles Morales was also bitten by a radioactive arachnia and began fighting crime under the same costume as his predecessor but later, he would come into his own man and dons the black and red. As the new spiderman, Miles continues the good fight as he joins other heroes to continue peter parker’s legacy. He would even meet the main 616 parker again along with a lot of other spider heroes.

  1. Bruce wayne/ jim Gordon

Batman #47 Recap/Review – Memory

There have been many figures who took up the Bat Cowl during Bruce Wayne’s absence. Dick Grayson would take the list but let’s talk about something new and exciting. This is how Batman fell and an all new batman will rise.

After another gruelling and epic battle with one of his greatest foe the joker, Batman is presumed dead and Bruce Wayne emerged with only fragments of his memories. He can remember his past and who he was but Bruce has no recollection of his time as Batman. His training, gone. the sense of vengeance gone. Batman died and Bruce Wayne came back.

3 months later, the powers company begins to train gotham’s best officers to become the new batman. But these rookies cannot be the dark knight. Gordon knows the city better than anyone else and at the end of the day, Batman was just a man who loved this city. Gordon refuses the job but after a talk with Harvey Bullock, he agrees to take on this new role.

Gordon’s new uniform will be a mech suit with bunny ears which is made up of nano carbon. The armor towers over his predecessor’s height. But this armor will protect him and allow Gordon to stay in constant communication with his HQ.

This will be a very new and different batman. He will not be police but will work with them and the government. There are other perks as well such as being on payroll, working with cool tech, a support staff that came highly recommended by luscious fox and o ya, and the bat truck which serves as a mobile bat cave.

  1. Hank pym/ Scott Lang

Dr Henry Hank Pym is the first among many to dawn the moniker antman. During his early years, Hank Pym’s scientific curiosity leads him to the discovery a subatomic particle that would allow him to shrink in size. Dubbing it the Pym particle, hank would test it on himself which allows him to shrink in size. During an early stage of experimentation, Pym was shrunken and trapped in an anthill which he eventually escapes from. His fascinations with these small bugs would lead him to developing a helmet which allows him to control ants. Taking on the name Antman, Pym, along with his love the wasp, iron man and Thor would be the founding members of the avengers. Soon after, Pym would abandon the name antman and use his particles grow instead of shrink. He would be known as Giant man, Yellow Jacket and Goliath and even the wasp after the skrull invasion which resulted in the death of his wife Janet the original wasp. Pym would occasionally use his old alias when the occasion calls for it but his replacement Scott Lang would proudly carry on the Antman name.

A desperate man who stole the suit to help his dieing daughter, Scott was prepared to return the suit and turn himself in. But Hank observed the entire thing. Deeming Scott to be not a criminal, Hank, now going by the alias yellow jacket, passes on the torch of the antman moniker to Scott Lang as long as Lang uses it for lawful purposes. And so he did, Lang turned his life around and became a respectable hero figure. He was even offered a coveted membership within the avengers and was handpicked by Nick Fury to be his replacement as the man on the wall, the protector of earth. But at the end of the day, all Scott ever wanted was to be a good father. There have been a few more individuals who took on the Antman name such as Eric O’grady and Chris Mcarthy. But that’s a story for another day.

  1. Barry Allen/Wally West

The Flash #43 Recap/Review – Getting the Drop

A founding member of the Justice League, Barry Allen gains his power by a lightning accident. Empowered by the speed force, Barry takes on the name the Flash after his favourite comic book super hero Jay Garrick. Barry would face many ups and downs during his time as a hero. One such sadness would be the death of his wife iris. But after discovering that his wife is alive and well in the future, Allen retires in the 31st century. But his story does not end here. The anti-monitor would kidnap the scarlet speedster and brings him back to present day. This would be the anti-gods downfall as Barry eventually escapes and sacrifice his life to take down the villain. Barry dies and his soul now rests in the speed force, an extra dimensional energy source where most speedsters gains their powers from.

Wally West, the kid Flash would be devastated after the loss of his hero and mentor. But there must always be a flash. Wally step up and filled Barry’s shoes and graduates from the teen titans to joining Barry’s team the justice league. Taking on the mantle of the flash, Wally would face off against many of Barry’s old foes such as the black flash, professor zoom, and even the rogues.

During the events of final crisis, 23 years after his mentor’s death, a rip in time and space opens up and Barry Allen would re-join the land of the living. Together, they would take on Darkseid himself as the two flashes lure the black racer straight through the dark god’s body. Other such heroes have taken on the Flash name such as Bart Allen and Jay Garrick but that’s a story for another day.

  1. Thor Odinson/Jane Foster

MArvel Comic Books thor #4 review

new thor and old thor kissing

During the Original Sin story arc, the avengers face off against Nick Fury sr and his multiple LFD’s. Fury knew what buttons to press and the right things to do to immobilize his former friends. He takes out Iron man and captain America with ease but when the son of Odin arrives, Fury had to employ a new tactic. By whispering something into Thor’s ear, Fury causes the thunder god to lose his sense of virtue and merit. Mjolnir falls to the moon and the Odinson has lost his worthiness.

Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and the thunder god would only leave his hammer’s side for avenger’s missions. But he would always return to his friend, the weapon of the gods. But one day, a mysterious woman picks up Mjolnir and a new Thor is born. She battled frost giants, a dark elf king, trolls, the destroyer, and even the Odinson himself. Through her endeavors and her hero’s heart, this new goddess of thunder proves her merit and the Odinson passes on the torch and gave his name to her. Wait. He gave his first name to her? So….what do we call him now? Odinson? The son of Odin? Well that’s just weird. Anyway moving on:

It is revealed that one of the Odinson’s previous loves, Jane foster had taken on the mantle, not for any selfish reason but because this world needs a Thor, even if this new role is killing her.

Now don’t feel too bad for the unworthy Thor. He got his arm chopped off by the dark elf and replaced by an arm made out of pure URU, the same substance that makes up Mjolnir. Ya that’s just too op.

Alrighty guys so I hope you enjoyed my top 10 list for replacement super heroes. This seems to be a trend when marvel replaced Thor and cap with Jane foster and the falcon. So I am quite excited to see a new wolverine and a new hulk. I know what you are thinking, what about all of the other guys that had hero replacements such as iron man tony stark being replaced by James Rhodes, or what about nick fury senior being replaced by nick fury Jr?

How about that time when Magneto was thought dead and replaced by Joseph who joined the x-men? Hal Jordan had quite a few earth green lanterns replacing him when he was unable to perform his duties. And then there’s also the many sidekicks taking on the Bat cowl when Bruce was thought dead.

Well here on comic island, we want to keep you updated on the world of comics and I hope you learnt a few things and was entertained along the way. Alrighty guys thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.

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