Understanding Titans/Teen Titans In DC Rebirth

We are going to start before the Flashpoint event. Before the new 52 universe, the final Teen Titans roster consists of beast boy, cyborg, impulse, robin tim drake, starfire, superboy and wonder girl.

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We also have the original teen titans line up now calling themselves just titans. This team consists of beast boy, Donna Troy, Cyborg, Wally West Flash, Dick Grayson, Raven and Starfire. These members jumped back and forth but, this is the final team members before the end of their universe. I apologize if I didn’t mention one of your favorite titans because, well, there were A LOT of members: Like, A LOT. One thing is for sure, the founding members of the Teen Titans are Dick Grayson, Wally West Flash, Aqualad and Wonder Girl. Speedy would eventually join so there you have it, 5 founding members. Keep this in mind because I’m going to throw a lot of super hero names at you later on in this article.

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Ok continuing on, the world ended because of the flashpoint event and the new 52 started. The new Teen Titans roster changed dramatically. Tim Drake started the team and he recruited Kon El superboy, solstice, wonder girl, skitter, bunker and kid flash. You guys lost yet? I told ya I will be throwing a lot of names at you.

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Superboy dies saving Krypton, kid flash Bar Tarr and solstice are imprisoned for life in the far future and new comer Raven, with the help of the teen titans, celebrates the defeat of her father  trigon. One thing I want to mention before moving on is that this version of kid flash is a rebel fighter from the future whose name is bar tar. He isn’t Bart Allen, the kid flash who went on to becoming impulse from the teen titans before the new 52. At the end of the teen titans run Tim disbands the titans and returns to batman’s side buuuuut!

Soon after, Tim brought back his team of teen titans now consisting of Beast boy, bunker, wonder girl, and Raven. They added a new power girl to their roster and even Superboy gets brought back from death. Kid Flash found a way back from the future but solstice is still stuck in a prison life sentence.

The second version of the teen titans, still founded and lead by Tim Drake, went up against foes such as Manchester Black and his team of Elites, Despero, Alpha Centurion, the Durlan alien race, and of course, the return of Harvest. By this time, Superboy finally leaves the team to accept his fate with his creator, Harvest. This marks the last time we see Superboy Kon El and I believe we won’t be seeing him for a very long time because there will be a new superboy in the form of Superman’s son Jon Kent, Or Jon White?  Kid Flash also leaves the team to go back to the future to find a way to rescue Solstice. And wonder girl Cassy Sandsmark finds out that she is half Greek god and wonder woman is her Aunt.

The team eventually gets disbanded again with Tim Drake returning to Gotham in detective comics, Bunker and Wonder girl is currently not part of the teen titans rebirth so they are unaccounted for but the new team will be led by Damian Wayne, the current Robin. It’s important to point out that the New 52 Damian Wayne has never been in Tim Drake’s Teen titans before so this marks his first time joining, or in this case, leading the team. This Teen Titans in the Dc rebirth will have Damian Wayne, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and the new 52 Wally west. This is where it gets a bit confusing for some. This Wally West was introduced to us in the Flash annual issue 3 and then of course he gets the flash’s powers making him an up and coming super hero for central city. This dark skinned Wally west will be the guy we follow in Damian’s teen titans’ team.

Before we jump in the Titans line up, I gotta mention that there will be a sixth member to the teen titans which hasn’t been revealed yet. We can only guess at this moment but my assumption is the sixth member will be Jon, Superboy. The titans always seem to have a bruiser or an enforcer to their team and superman’s son can fill this role nicely.

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Ok lets move onto the titans. A few issues are already out but basically we have a few of the original teen titans in this line up, such as Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, Donna Troy, Lilith, and Garth the Atlantian. Its important to mention that these guys remember their lives before the new 52 reality with the help of a returning member: Wally West. Yup there are 2 Wally west’s: One from the new 52 reality and the original one from before the new 52. They are distant cousins whom are able to tap into the speed force like their mentor Barry Allen the Flash. If you are confused as heck right now, I recommend checking out our rebirth complete story and our understanding superman video. They both offer a lot of answers to this hot mess we call the comic book universe.

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I believe this titans line up is extremely important to the overall master endgame to DC’s rebirth campaign, if there is an endgame. What I mean is this: Wally West is the only one that is aware of a greater danger in the form of Dr. Manhattan, or at least that is who the internet believes. The return of fan favorite Wally West comes with the amalgamation of the Watchman universe and the DC universe. So no matter what kind of stories we get from the titans series, Wally West will still be at the forfront of this big conspiracy theory. The theory is that someone powerful bent reality and took away 10 years from everybody. Everyone is de-aged by 10 years. Wally believes that this great evil took away 10 years from everybody making them rookie super heroes again. The purpose for this is so that they can be easily defeated. The goal of this villain is still left shrouded in mystery but It’s only Wally West from the Titans lineup who sees this threat.

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There are some inconsistencies with Wally’s theory such as post crisis superman and new 52 Superman being able to live in the same earth, and that there are two Lois Lanes. But DC rebirth is just killing it right now so I have all the faith in the world with their new President Geoff Johns.

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