Unworthy Thor #1 Comic Book Review/Recap

Unworthy Thor #1. The Other Hammer

Unworthy Thor #1 Comic Book Recap (Script)

In an unknown world, within an unknown galaxy, the unworthy one fights for his life. He once commanded the lightning; his only competitor is the thunder in his ears and the cold hard Uru in his hands. He now spends his days not flying, but fighting, brawling with whoever wants a taste of a once great god of the realm eternal. He once carried his name with pride but now, he is unworthy of it. He was once known as Thor, but these days, he spends his days fighting and loosing as the unworthy Odinson.

The odinson relentlessly carve his way through a hoard of beast-men. Today will not be the same as the other days. Today, he will not stop until he at lease laid his hands on his prize.

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3 months ago, The Odinson caught wind of strange phenomenon’s on earth’s orbit. Satellites appear to have been eaten; some are covered with strange fecal matter. There is only one culprit that comes to mind and the Odinson has tracked them down to the moon.


The trolls were busy carving out their den but the presence of the Asgardian god drew out their bloodlust. They engage the son of Odin with everything they got but to no avail. Until ULIK, the king of the trolls arrives. Once, the Odinson would have easily beaten these trolls with but a few swings of his hammer. But now, he can’t fly; he can’t even travel through realms without the help of his Goat. But The unworthy Thor gets back on his feet because all he now knows is to drink and fight. The only things he can see are trolls and more trolls so the Odinson swings his mighty axe with blind rage but the trolls have other plans. The trolls got the upper hand but why waste their efforts on a fallen hero. They will send the Odinson to Valhalla on another day.

Unworthy Thor #1. The Other Hammer

The trolls escape leaving the Odinson to wallow in his self-loathing.  Alone, he thinks to himself: The moon, this is where it happened. This is where I fell, Felled by a whisper, by words I still cannot un-hear.

There is another, a man cloaked in darkness approaches. The man informs the Odinson that he is the unseen. He sees all. He saw a new Thor rise as one Thor fell. He saw the universe end. From its ashes rose a single world.

The Unseen: Like I said son of Odin, There is another.

Odinson: Another What?

The Unseen: Another Hammer. The Hammer of a dead world, a dead thor. So strong was its power that it flew through the darkness, all the way to the light, all the way to us.

Odinson: Asgard!!!

Hope returns and the Odinson calls on Toothnasher, his mount. He rips through the heavens to return to old Asgard for a chance to once again wield the power of Uru. Arriving on location, the Odinson is shocked to see his childhood birthplace gone, vanished without a trace.

Suddenly the skies open up and thunder is heard. Once the tremendous shock of lighting diminishes, Beta Ray Bill presents himself. He informs his friend that old Asgard has been taken and they need an army to get it back. Bill also notices the absence of Mjolnir. The rumors are true, the son of Odin has lost his hammer.

Bill bends the knee: ‘Here, my brother, I beg of you, take mine’.

Unworthy Thor #1 Comic Book Review

Marvel relaunched their campaign. We are officially over the all new all different marvel and I think I’m being pulled back. Don’t get me wrong, DC Rebirth has been really interesting but out of the entire marvel titles released this week I saw the unworthy Thor and I felt gravitated to it and man was I happy I chose to cover it.

I had no idea what this story was about except for the simple fact that it revolves around the original Thor, now calling himself the Odinson. Then I realized that the writer is Jason Aaron and I knew that this is going to be worth my time. Jason Aaron is by far my favorite Thor writer. He came up with stories such as the god butcher and his run with Thor the god of thunder is still by far, my favorite comic book series starring an Avengers character.

I also loved how Marvel is continuing with Thor’s lost arm. For those who don’t know, Thor Odinson got his arm completely chopped off by Malekith. He got a replacement arm made completely out of Uru and he also has to rely on his flying goal Toothnasher to get around realms. Little attention to detail like these are what makes a comic issue great for me but that can be easily expected by a writer that knows Thor such as Jason Aaron.

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The mysterious figure cloaked in black with chains is actually Nick Fury senior. 2014’s Original Sin is the first story arc that we covered here on Comic Island so revisiting an aspect of it brings back a nice sense of nostalgia. The watcher is dead and in his place is Nick Fury the unseen. I believe Marvel did this to senior to stop the confusion between Nick Fury Jr. Either way, I think this was a good move on Marvel’s part but Senior never got much page time until now. So I hope we see more of the unseen as this story progresses.

And then the cherry on top is when they brought back 2015’s secret wars, in particular the Thor’s tie in series that we covered here on Comic Island. For those who don’t know, at the end of the Thor’s story arc, the hammer resembling the one from the ultimate universe got thrown into space and landed on old Asgard in the current world. We now know that old Asgard is lost and the Odinson will find it AND the other hammer.

The tone of the story so far is basically a continuation from Jason Aaron’s thor god of thunder run mixed in with the other great aspects from Thor’s continuity such as his lost arm, loss of Mjolnir and all of the other pain and suffering he went through since Original Sin.

That being said, I’m super glad I picked this up and you can expect that we will be covering the unworthy Thor.

If you are interested, I recommend that you check out the Thor’s secret wars tie in to understand how the Hammer got to old Asgard and of course I recommend Jason Aaron’s god butcher story arc.

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