Unworthy Thor #2 Comic Book Review/Recap

Unworthy Thor #2. Villain Revealed.

Unworthy Thor #2 Comic Book Recap (Script)

Somewhere in outer space where once laid old asgard, Beta Ray Bill bends the knee. He offers a tribute, his weapon, Storm Breaker, to the man once known as Thor. The Odinson will not take it. If Mjolnir doesn’t want him, then he will not be worthy of Storm Breaker. Now, onto more important things!

The Odinson inquiries about his place of birth. Beta Ray Bill barely manages a few words before the sound of canon fire rips through the skies striking at the ground below.

The two warriors take evasive action. Ray gives the word that their attacker are the ones who took Asgard. With adrenaline rushing through his veins, the Odinson hurls his old friend Jarmjorn with all of his might.

FOR ASGARD,’ he yells as the son of Odin leaps toward an enemy vessel.

Beta Ray Bill may not be a native son of Asgard, but the All Father’s power runs through his Storm Breaker. For that, Ray will fight for his adoptive home, on this day and till he takes his last breathe of life.

Bill informs his brother that the ships are piloted by droids, so don’t hold back.

With his mount Tooth Gnasher, the son of Asgard rips through the vessels with unreserved force.

With the enemy armada destroyed, the Asgardian brothers turn to the mother ship, a transport ship big enough to hold a small solar system.  The Odinson wastes no time and commands his mount to charge directly at his new target.

Unworthy Thor #2 beta ray bill

Meanwhile, within the transport ship, servants inform their master that the attacker is making his way here. The master takes a moment to himself. Releasing a bomb of this magnitude is not a task for the foolish. But this is it, the moment is here. The master releases the bomb.

The son of Odin wakes up sweating from head to toe. He can barely breathe. Fear and anguish are like long lost friends reunited. He looks down and realizes why he cannot move. Mjolnir weighs down the son of Odin with the power of a raging storm, then, from the heavens comes an endless supply of hammers hurling directly at the Asgardian. The hoard of hammers crashes down all around him. The ones that make contact with his body carry untold agony.

When the dust settles, the once proud son of Asgard lays broken, in spirit, mind and body. Then, the god butcher arrives to mock the fallen god.

Then, just like that, Odinson wakes up again, but this time; this will not be a dream. Chained and subdued, the son of Asgard knows exactly where he is. His jailor arrives to greet the new collection. Tanaleer Tivan, the collector, an elder of the universe, has acquired old Asgard. For 3 billion years, he has added to his collection. This will be the first time he adds a Norse Realm to his menagerie and with that, he returns a child to his birth home. When asked why steal old Asgard, the collector replies: It’s not Asgard I’m interested in, you silly little god, It’s what landed on it.

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The Collector always wanted a hammer to call his own. This one came from another universe, from another Thor. But the damn thing wouldn’t move, so Tanaleer took the ground it sat on. He tried magic older than Odin himself; he tried technology from a million civilizations, hell he even tried to pick it up himself. But the pain! If the collector was a lesser being, then he would end up dead like his many servants who were commanded to pick up the hammer.

The Collector demands to know how he can pick up the hammer so he brought a Thor before him to find out. But Tanaleer isn’t a fool. He knows how these heroes think. A Dauterius boy is brought forth from his cage. He is the last of his planet. Odinson is ordered to tell the Collector everything, before his servant blasts the alien boy in the head.

Five – No, let the boy go, you bastard.

Four – I’ve never seen that hammer before. How am I…

Three – I cant even lift my own Hammer. I cant make myself worthy, let alone you!

Two – I will kill you for this collector, I will tear you into a thousand pieces and fee you to my goat you!

One ………

suddenly, a burst of Lightning from the hammer sends the servant flying in the air. The sound of thunder is all so welcoming. The maelstrom rages around the son of Odin. The energy coursing through his vein feels familiar. Images of his life lived in another world. This truly was the hammer of another thor. It is the hammer of Thor, and he is……

The maniacal Elder saw enough. With the Odinson unconscious, Tanaleer orders his servants to add more chains onto the fallen god, oh, and make sure that body is there when the god wakes up. What body, his servant asks.

With a swift shot to the head, Tanaleer ended the Dauterius race.

Earth, the Triskelion, HQ of the Ultimates, the Unseen makes his way to visit a prisoner. He comes seeking an alliance, he needs the prisoners help. Unfortunately for the prisoner, the unseen is weakened – releasing the jailed man is not an option.

Well, if the Unseen cannot release the prisoner, than there is only one thing the mad titan wants – A Tribute, and Thanos knows just the thing.

Unworthy Thor #2 Comic Book Review

DC Rebirth was awesome but with Inhumans Vs X-Men and now, the unworthy Thor, Marvel has again captured my attention. So let’s go over what stood out about this issue to me.

First off, Marvel, please never let Jason Aaron go. He is by far the best Thor writer. Even the art is beautiful. I’ve read a bunch of Thor comics since the God Butcher saga and I notice that this same art style is used quite often when Jason Aaron is the writer. This helps with bringing us back to the Thor world built by Aaron. I know, it is a strange thing to say because everything Aaron did for Thor is placed in continuity but the great thing is that sense of nostalgia, a sense of knowing that we are on for a great ride.

Speaking about the God Butcher story, the dream scene brought back Gorr the got butcher. He is probably one of the best unknown villains in my books. Gorr isn’t as mainstream and popular like a Dr Doom or an Ultron type villain. From what I understand, he is only present during Jason Aaron’s run with Thor god of thunder. I hope to see Gorr revived one day but for now, let’s talk about the villain plaguing the Odinson right now – The Collector.

Tanaleer Tivan got his 15 minutes of fame in Guardians of the Galaxy and now he is making his big entrance in a Thor story arc. I haven’t been much of a fan of the Collector in the past. Maybe it’s because I don’t read a lot of story arcs which involve the collector. But for him to come in and steal old Asgard and then killing the Alien boy at the end, just to emotionally torture the Odinson makes me that much more invested in this series. BTW Marvel, I know these are all fictional characters but DAYME, killing an alien boy, the last of his race, is just cold!

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Ok, the next thing that stood out about this story is the flashbacks to Battleworld. The Thors Corps was an awesome tie in series to Secret Wars 2015 and I always love it when issues like this acknowledges past events.

It is unfortunate that Beta Ray Bill didn’t make a huge splash in this issue but he isn’t removed from the game yet. After a big bomb went off, he went missing so I hope he comes back to help the Odinson kick some Collector ass.

My favorite scene in this issue by far is when the Ultimate Hammer started to react to the Odinson’s rage. This tells me that the unworthy Thor is starting to reclaim his worthiness but then again, this Hammer is a bit different. It is not Mjolnir for sure. It resembles the hammer from the ultimate universe but in reality, it was created for Doom’s private police force and given to Thorlief. We can safely assume that it exhibits the same power set as the hammer from the ultimate Thor. That being said, I didn’t know the ultimate hammer can do that. Keep in mind, I didn’t read much Ultimate marvel comics so my only knowledge on the ultimate hammer comes from the internet, and we all know how reliable that is.

Ok, the final scene shows Nick Fury the unseen visiting Thanos telling him that he needs an ally. Thanos issue 1 is already out and I had a chance to read it. In that issue, Thanos is no longer held prisoner so we can safely assume that the events of the unworthy Thor happened in the past. I would like to think that Nick Fury Unseen will get what he wants from Thanos and the mad titan will get his tribute. But what Tribute does he want? My guess is that he also wants the Ultimate hammer. What do you think? Please let me know.

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