Venomverse Issue 1 Comic Book Review. Eddie Brock’s New Role

Right off the heels of a favorite story of mine spider-verse, lets take a look at issue 1 of Venomverse and see how it stacks up. The story so far leaves a lot to the imagination because we don’t know much. Heck even the venom heroes don’t know anything. As of right now, these rag tag group of Venomized heroes know that they are against a foe they call the poisons. Why that name? well black panther says its because their touch is poison to Venoms. Their origin is still unknown but once they touch a venom/human host, the human either dies or goes into a coma while the poison and venom combo takes over and does horrible things.

comic island venomverse issue 1 review

So as of right now, we don’t know why they are attacking venoms. All will be revealed soon but the story needs to keep us intrigued until the reveal.

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Next lets take a look at the lead role. Spider-verse has Peter Parker Spider-man, a very popular and beloved character. You get the witty banter and the Parker charm but with Eddie Brock Venom, you get something totally different. Brock has gone through a lot ever since first bonding with the venom Symbiote. Some stories he is portrayed as a straight up cold blooded killer, other stories he is a reluctant hero. This could be explained by the venom Symbiote corrupting him making Eddie irrational. But remember guys, at the end of Lee Price’s run as Venom, Eddie Brock, in his own sane mind, decides to kill a guard patrolling an imprisoned venom Symbiote.

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Now we have an anti hero that we are gunna have to root for but the question now becomes: is Eddie compelling enough as a marvel hero to keep us intrigued? Parker is easy to figure out but Eddie walks a very thin line between reluctant hero and villain, and this is the main reason why I find Eddie hard to follow. This is also why I now think that Venomverse will not captivate me as much as Spider-verse did.

Another problem Venomverse faces is creating a fresh new villain. Spider-verse had a lot of history bringing Morlun back to the fold. Then we got a rich history lesson of his Inheritor family. I was captivated. But the design and name of these poisons seem very lazy. They look like rolled up tissue paper with a flower for a face. They ooze green blood much like a plant would. As of right now, there is not much I like about these new villains and this is a convern.

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But there are some hidden gems to this story such as the creative venom characters that have risen. X-23 is already a bad ass. Give her a venom symbiote and wholy cow this takes it up to another level. the spirit of vengeance is already a powerful entity – with the venom symbiote, let’s see him wreck shit up. Since they already used the hulk being corrupted by these poisons, I doubt they will use him again as a venom host – that might be too over powered. So it is exciting to see Marvel’s creativity shine if they can match what they did with Spider-verse but I am not holding my breath on this one. I also wanna see Flash Thompson agent venom returned. As of right now, he is back on the 616 without a venom symbiote but he has Andra Benton aka Mania’s support.

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