Wolverine #11. Review/Recap. Road To The Death Of Wolverine.


Wolverine #11. Review/Recap. Road To The Death Of Wolverine On Youtube

Wolverine #11. Recap. Road To The Death Of Wolverine.



Miles away from their target, wolverine and nick fury along with thor and a small army of shield agents prepares to attack Sabretooth and recover this mysterious world altering artifact currently possessed by the hand.

Bush wick Brooklyn, Sabretooth’s underground base, the issue begins with pinch being forced to make a decision on who she rather allow die by sabertooths hand. Lost boy insinuates that Sabretooth has an unhealthy obsession with Logan.

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He does not take well to this insult and prepares to kill the captive. Suddenly, wolverine bursts onto the scene and frees lost boy while taking down the hand ninja. Instead of sticking around, Sabretooth flees the scene and signals his new assistant to prepare pinch and her girl to be killed.  Wolverine takes out a hand ninja begging for his life. Logan informs lost boy that the cavalry is coming but they need to rescue the innocents first.

The scene jumps to Sabretooth preparing to kill pinch and her child. Offer steps in and advises that Logan would have brought an army to raid this underground bunker. He states that the prisoners should not yet be executed until the time is right. Unfortunately for offer, Sabretooth translate that as stalling time and violently terminates his newest ally.  Sabretooth grabs the child and releases pinch to send a message to wolverine. he arrives and informs mystique to make final preparations and to create a distraction. Mystique quickly morphs and waits for the heroes to arrive.

Meanwhile, Deathstrike and silver samurai are alerted to take position and cause chaos on street level with the help of the hand.

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Moments later, lost boy and Logan arrive on location. Pinch passes on the message and states that Sabretooth has the world altering artifact and her daughter, Annie. The two proceed and breaks down the doors to find Sabretooth holding the sphere. Lost boy impales Sabretooth but Logan catches a familiar scent.

She morphs back to her true form and tries to delay but pinch arrives and sonically attack mystiques mind and forcefully retrieve info on the whereabouts of her daughter. Meanwhile above street level, deathstrike and silver samurai and the hand engage in battle with nick fury and the agents of shield. They retreat and hold their last stand at a shopping center.

Fury attempts to contact wolverine but unfortunately Coms are down and they are running out of time. Sabretooth has activated the sphere.

Underground, wolverine manages to narrowly pass through a barrier but his teammates are left behind. He continues upwards and finds himself in a shopping mall with many panicking innocent civilians.

Wolverine #11. Review. Road To The Death Of Wolverine.

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping wolverine issue 11. Alright so I finally jumped on board with this issue series after i got quite alot of requests to cover Logan’s death. So for those who are joining us for the first time and are new to this issue series, let’s rewind back to issue 1.

Wolverine leaves the jean grey school to work for shield as a spy to uncover the dealings between crime boss offer and Sabretooth. He quits his role as headmaster of the jean grey school and takes another step to alienate himself from the whole x-men team. He waits patiently to be picked up by the crime boss simply named the offer.

Ya i don’t know if his name could be anymore lamer than that. So anyways, to continue the story, Logan begins a romantic relationship with one of his new teammate named pinch. He even bonds with his new renegade teammate as well. While this was all happening, Sabretooth plots in the back ground and Logan is tasked by his new group to take down his old nemesis.

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So eventually we discover that Sabretooth was after a sphere with the powers to alter reality. He plans on creating a new world where only the fittest will survive.

The offer betrays Logan and joins up with Sabretooth. Logan’s cover is blown and his whole team gets captured by Sabretooth. He then finally calls for help and a small army of shield agents along with fury and thor answers his call.

Ok so now that you are all caught up, let’s discuss why I am not a huge fan of this issue series. I picked up the first 3 issues and wanted to drop it down so fast. In the first few issues, wolverine shoots a reporter in the face essentially killing him. I know Logan is an antihero but still, the reporter was innocent.

We find out in the next few issues that Logan in fact killed a life model decoy and the real guy is a shield agent sent to put this act in play so that the crime boss would trust wolverine.  but the problem is, they didn’t explain it clearly enough. Wolverine kills the LMD in issue 1 and it took them till issue 4 to explain the event clearly. Of course by issue 3, i already lost interest.

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Ok the second issue I had with this is the fact that they are using people i don’t even know or care for. Pinch, lost boy, offer, fuel: i seriously could care less about these guys. I do have high expectations for the build up to the death of an A list hero. But I gotta say that I am quite disappointed with the supporting cast. I would love for marvel to use more iconic characters for this issue series. We do get Sabretooth as the main bad guy

but then I can go on a slur of how Sabretooth is always an inconsistent villain. Sometimes he is only the muscle for his group, a lackey following the main bad guy around like a lap dog. And in this issue, he is the main big crime boss that has full control over the hand ninjas.

And with regards to inconsistencies, why isn’t wolverine wearing his armor in the issue series wolverine and the x-men? I know that in the world of comic books, the time line could get extremely convoluted. That being said, I try to blank out any other issue series with the same name. And since I was already reviewing wolverine and the x-men, I didn’t want to jump on to this one.

But After 11 issues and 1 month left, I think right now is the perfect time to jump on and get to the good stuff. So I am super excited to see what happens next and how this will all play out for our favorite 3 clawed x-men.

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