Wolverine And The X-Men #3 Review/Recap (Xmen Comics Online)


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Wolverine And The X-Men #3 Recap (Xmen Comics Online)


The issue begins where the last issue left off. The unknown man approaches the subdued storm. She breaks free from his hold and blasts him with lightning. Wolverine gets up and is ready for round two but the man uses a Bamf and quickly retreats. The two x-men regroup and is now more than ever, determined to defend their students no matter how good or evil they might grow up to be.

The man arrives at the school but doop takes notice and attacks with Kracoa joining the fight. He subdues doop with the help of Bamfs and stabs Kracoa in the chest with his blade.

Idie and company arrives a bit late but is eager to continue the fight. He man introduces himself as Faitful John and tells the students that he was one of them long ago. He blasts the whole student body with images of a future where apocalypse holds dominion over all and says that he is here to make sure that future will never come to past.

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Within quintin quires mind, Younge invites him on a journey to convince him that wolverine’s school is suppressing quires full potential but quire is not amused. The doors brakes opened and the x-men demands that younge surrenders. Younge somehow convinces quire to use his telepathic powers to stun wolverine. A confused quire questions his actions but ultimately strikes at younge as he retreats with the help of a Bamf. A disfigured younge regroups and tells his cult followers to kill the x-men.

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In an unknown place, quintin quire tires and falls on a soft bed of snow as his sidekick Bamf watches on.

Wolverine And The X-Men #3 Recap (Xmen Comics Online)

Hows it goin guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping wolverine and the x-men issue 3.  So this was a very quick issue that manages to explain a bit more of this mysterious phoenix corporation.

We find out that younge’s true form isn’t a kid, and maybe the disfigured form is still not his true face. I see what the writers are doing adding more mystery to this phoenix corporation but the build up isn’t as good thus far so i don’t quite care.

We also learned that the mysterious man’s name is john. Now this guy is more interesting to me. He says he is one of the students of the jean grey school. It’s not quire, it’s not Evan. None of the other students have much face time so i honestly can’t figure out who he can be. Maybe he is rockslide from the future in his human form? That’s my best guest.

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This issue, like the last one is just mediocre at best. All I’m waiting for is the moment where Evan goes Darth Vader and starts beating on the good guys.

But my favorite panel in this issue is a close up shot of apocalypse from the future. What do those eyes tell you? This future apocalypse seems to have some form of emotion rather than his counter-part, the evil apocalypse out for world domination and. So I would love to get a new reborn apocalypse with more soul and compassion but still being a ruthless murdering genocidal dictator.

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