Wolverine: Old Man Logan – The Complete Story

Wolverine: Old Man Logan – The Complete Story


Old Man Logan Plot

Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell.  All we know is that they disappeared and evil triumphed and the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since.  What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all.  Some say they hurt him like no one ever hurt before.  Others say he just grew tired of all the fighting and retired to a simpler life.  Either way, he hasn’t raised his voice or popped his claws in close to fifty years.  His old friends would barely recognize him now.

Sacramento, California: A now aged Logan is having trouble on his farm.  His son says that the tractor is broken down.  But money is tight, so there’s no way of fixing it.  His pigs are suspected of contamination, so they can’t be sold, and Logan refuses to sell his children’s toys.  But rent is due in two days and they have little else to pay the land lords.  When Logan’s daughter asks if her father used to be a super hero, he glumly states that there are no such thing as super heroes.

Logan is frustrated.  How could he let things get this bad?  The landlords can’t look weak in front of the other rulers of America.  His wife, Maureen, says that maybe the land owners will be reasonable, but these are Bruce Banner’s grandchildren.  They don’t do reasonable.

Two days later, the landlords arrive.  The Hulk’s gang is here.  Without being able to pay the family, they ask if he’s ready to receive his beating.  As Logan ponders using his claws to gut these attackers, he thinks better of it, and accepts their abuse.  They beat him down, and say he must pay double next month, or everybody dies.

Later, an old friend pays a visit.  Hawkeye says that his wounds don’t look so bad, but Logan says that doesn’t mean much coming from a blind man.  Clint points out that his old friend’s healing factor is not working like it used to.  He goes on to say that he thinks Logan is in trouble, and offers him a job.  Though the former Wolverine is suspicious, Hawkeye says it is just a delivery, and deflects questions as to whether or not it is illegal.

old man logan complete story

With no other choice, Logan sets out the next morning with Clint.  After lovingly saying goodbye to his children, he sets out with Hawkeye in the Spider-Mobile.  The car is fast enough to make the journey they have ahead of them.  The two have to cross the four kingdoms of America, travelling from Sacramento all the way to New Babylon within the President’s Quarter.  With three thousand miles to go, the long voyage begins.

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They first arrive in San Francisco.  Hawkeye still refuses to tell Logan about their cargo.  But this isn’t their most immediate concern.  According to the map, they should be in the city, but there’s nothing around for miles.  Hawkeye realizes that the Moloids are here.  They sunk the entire city underground.  Everyone who ever lived here is now dead.  Hawkeye is relieved that he has Wolverine around, but Logan insists that man is dead.  But Clint doesn’t buy this.  He can smell the animal is still within Logan.  Their conversation is interrupted with the arrival of a gang of Ghost Riders.  They viciously attack the two old men, but Logan refuses to fight back.  Luckily, Hawkeye is able to hear the gang members, and slaughters them all with his trusty bow.  Logan is upset at his old friend murdering people, but Clint is even angrier at his companion for refusing to fight at all.  Hawkeye didn’t think Logan was being serious about Wolverine being dead, and nervously asks just what the villains did to this man.  Logan only says that they broke him, and it’s the sole reason he is still alive.

Their next destination is Hammer Falls in Nevada.  This is the place where the Absorbing Man and Magneto finally took down Thor.  This city has become the greatest tourist attraction in the country as many people come here to pray for the return of the super heroes, which both men know will never happen.  Kingpin rules this area of America, and the President looks the other way here so long as there is money to be made.  They go to a garage, where they are greeted by a friendly Ultron Eight.  The mechanic shop is owned by a woman named Tonya, Hawkeye’s third ex-wife and Peter Parker’s youngest daughter.

Tonya is mad at her ex-husband.  Her daughter Ashley, inspired by Clint’s stories, formed a Super-Team.  They didn’t like the way Kingpin ran this place, and tried to take the big man down.  All three were captured, so Clint offers to pay Logan double to rescue her.  The old man agrees, but makes it clear that under no circumstances will he ever use his claws again.  As they set out, Ultron gives Logan a X-Men key chain.  This causes Logan to remember a train from long ago, before Clint says it is time to go.

On the way, they encounter another city taken by the Moloids, but there is nothing that can be done for them.  They arrive at a stadium in Salt Lake City, where the Kingpin rules.  This man killed Magneto when he got too old to hold on to this territory, and is now in charge.  The Kingpin sets dinosaurs from the Savage Land loose on Ashley’s men, and they are brutally devoured by the beasts.

Scaling the side of a building using the Spider-Mobile, the two men attack the Kingpin’s home, rescuing Ashley from her cell.  Clint makes quick work of the guards, and frees his daughter just as the Kingpin arrives.  Ashley says the landlord just made his first big mistake… he got old, too.  With the Kingpin decapitated, the Spider-Woman turns on her father.  She is in charge of this quarter now, and decides to show her men what her new boss is made of as she prepares to murder her father.

Watching this, Logan is frustrated he will have to get involved, and is forced to use the car in order to save Hawkeye.  As they flee the city, Ashley orders her people to get the two old men.  A chase ensues, until the they feel the ground shaking below them.  The earth opens up and everyone falls into a giant hole deep underground.  Two hours pass before Logan wakes up to find all the men that were chasing him are dead and being devoured by the Moloids.  The former Wolverine manages to scare them off with his road flare, and rescues Hawkeye.

Luckily for the two men, they have Peter Parker’s old car, and it can do anything a spider can.  The next leg of the journey is largely uneventful.  They encounter more dinosaurs from the Savage Land in Wyoming, and Hawkeye says they were all the rage as exotic pets a few years ago until they grew to expensive to keep.  Now hundreds of these beasts roam America.

They then arrive at a place called Electroville, northeast of Denver.  Somehow, the Baxter Building ended up all the way out here and is lying on top of Loki’s corpse.  Hawkeye does not comment much on this scene, other than saying it was one hell of a fight and nobody quite knows what happened to Reed and Sue Richards.

In South Dakota, they pass by an altered Mount Rushmore, featuring an ominous new addition, while a distinct figure in black watches over them.  They then go to a bar in Des Moines, Iowa.  Logan is acting more like is old self, but this worries the former Wolverine.  Clint comforts his old friend, until a bar patron makes fun of them and Logan nearly kills the onlooker.  Outside, Hawkeye once again asks what happened to his old friend.  This time, Logan says he will explain everything.

old man logan complete story

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It all goes back to the night the villains got their act together and made a deal with each other.  Wolverine and Jubilee received distress calls from all around the world, but nobody was responding when she tried to communicate with them.  Recognizing the danger, Logan said they need to leave right now, when an explosion occured.  The blast kills Jubilee, and Stryfe arrives, saying that they are too late.  It’s time for the big one.  A massive fight ensues, and Logan faced off against a legion of super villains.  One after another, Wolverine brutally killed his foes, while desperately seeking out his missing friends.  The X-Man kills everyone attacking, until only Bullseye remains.  The villain begs Logan to stop, asking why he is doing this.  He’s supposed to be their friend.  Too late, Wolverine realizes that he has been had.  He wasn’t fighting all the super villains.  Logan only had one opponent: Mysterio.

Gloating over his masterful illusion, he thanks Logan on behalf of the villains, as Wolverine just killed down every single member of the X-Men.  Mysterio made them look, feel, and even smell completely different.  Logan has no idea what happened next.  For an unknown period of time, he wept and wandered through the woods as the rest of the super hero community fell.  All that Wolverine wanted was to pay for what he had done.  So he found a set of train tracks, laid down in front of it, and killed Wolverine dead.  Logan may have survived this thanks to his healing factor, but Wolverine has been dead for fifty years.  He will never use his claws again.

Hawkeye accepts Logan’s decision and understands his grief, and the two men resume their journey.  They arrive at a bridge, where they encounter a young boy with Ant-Man’s old helmet.  The boy, named Dwight, says they have to pay a toll of eighty cents, or else they will face a million of his little friends.  Clint pays him and wishes Dwight well.  As they cross, Logan asks if the boy was serious.  As they drive over a pile of human remains, Clint says that Dwight is always serious, and this was eighty cents well spent.

They next drive through Doom’s Head in Illinois, when a familiar figure with a brand new host begins to chase the two men.  Venom closes in on the two men, while they are being observed by some unknown figures who decide to help the two out.  The Spider-Mobile is nearly overwhelmed by the dinosaur, until Black Bolt appears in front of them.  With a small whisper, the dinosaur and symbiote are knocked down, and the two men are greeted by Emma Frost.  She bids them welcome to the Forbidden Quarter.

Though the greeting with one another is cold, she agrees to help repair their car after it’s encounter with Venom.  This is the last place on Earth that mutants can live without persecution, though Emma states the mutant race is all but doomed.  There are only twenty of them left in the world and not a single mutant has been born in nearly forty years.  Clint accuses Emma of selling herself out by marrying Dr. Doom, but Frost is unapologetic about doing what she had to in order for her and her people to survive.

After the car is fixed, the two men are escorted to the exit.  As they leave, they are quietly watched over by this area’s Lord.  In Osborn County, Ohio, Logan asks about the package they are delivering, but Clint says his old friend should mind his own business.  Their next destination is Pym Falls, an entrance to their long awaited goal of New Babylon.  When Logan asks why this place is named after Hank Pym, Hawkeye feels it is pretty self-explanatory.

Finally, the men arrive in New Babylon, the largest city in the President’s Quarter.  They deliver the package to a seedy gang, where it is finally revealed just what the two have been delivering this whole time.  The package contains ninety-nine vials of the super-soldier serum, to empower a rebel alliance against the President.  The men are putting together a new Avengers team to take back the country from the villains.  But Logan notices the men are readying their arms.  To late, both men are shot by what turns out to be undercover SHIELD agents.  This whole deal was a sting.  Hawkeye is furious, and refuses to beg for his life, so he is promptly shot in the head.


50 years ago, the Red Skull stood over a dying and defeated Captain America.  The Red Skull gloated, soaking in his overwhelming victory.  The villains should have gotten organized like this years ago.  Look at all the wonderful things they did!  America will be carved out among his chief lieutenants.  The Abomination will have California, Doom gets the Bible Belt, and for some reason Magneto wants Las Vegas.  Guess who gets the White House?  And as for the rest of the world, well, who would want it now, anyway?

Don’t get upset, Cap.  It will all be over soon.

Now, in New Babylon, the Skull stands in his trophy room, filled with many relics from the fallen heroes of Earth.  His men arrive with Logan, Hawkeye’s corpse, and the serum.  As they talk over the situation, one of the men notices the bullet wounds are healing in Logan, who promptly kicks the man in his balls.  The former hero makes short work of the Skull’s goons, while the Skull remarks on his surprise at Logan wanting to fight.  The Skull notices how out of shape his opponent is, and mocks him for not using his claws.  Wanting a fair fight, the President locks his security out of the trophy room, while he prepares to butcher Logan with the Ebony Blade.  But with quick thinking the hero grabs Captain America’s shield, blocking the attack and thrashing the Red Skull around.  He pins the President to the ground, but the Skull mocks him and says he doesn’t have the guts to kill him.  But he is wrong.

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As security swarms the facility, Logan notices that most of Iron Man’s suit is also in this room.  He manages to blast his way out of the building, taking with him a briefcase full of cash.  The former X-Man uses Tony’s old suit to rapidly fly home., though the suit runs out of power before he completes the journey.  A day and a half later, Logan arrives home, to find a neighbour waiting for him.  Logan is relieved to see his friend, but it suddenly becomes clear something is wrong.  The Hulk Gang got bored, so they came two weeks early.

Logan looks on at what’s left of his family in silence.  His neighbour says they will help him, but that he can’t seek vengeance.  But Logan is gone.

His name is Wolverine.

At their watering hole, two members of the Hulk gang are having trouble washing off the blood of Logan’s family.  One of them is pulled underwater, and re-emerges in pieces.  The other man is attacked by Wolverine and dies in a fountain of  blood.

In Sonny Stark’s Bar, two more of Hulk’s gang are playing with the toys they have taken from Logan’s children, while another casually feasts on a human arm.  The lights go out, and the fate of these monsters is sealed.

More of Hulk’s gang finish enjoying the pleasures of a local whorehouse, when they see a fiery wreck outside.  The three are speechless when they see Wolverine standing in front of them.  Finally, only Banner’s Lair remains.  The Fantasticar the gang uses crashes into the trailer park, where one of the Hulks is tied up with a bomb attached to his face.  The park explodes, and Logan begins an assault on the Hulk clan.  They don’t last long, and pretty soon only Banner is left to oppose him.  Banner, retaining his human form, is now an elderly man, but he has changed over the many years.

Banner is thrilled at the opportunity to smash something fun.  A lot of people said that the Hulk went mad after radiation sickness did something to his brain.  But who else was he supposed to breed with other than his cousin?  She-Hulk was the only one who could keep up with him.  Now possessing the Hulk’s strength, he savagely beats on Wolverine, taunting him with the fact that he deliberately antagonized Logan to bring Wolverine back just because he got bored.  This infuriates the former X-Man, who stabs Banner through the chest.

Banner calls him an idiot, and says that he shouldn’t have made him angry.  People piss themselves when he gets angry.  In his monstrous new form, Banner devours Wolverine, and the battle is suddenly is over.

Twelve hours later, Billy-Bob, the only other surviving member of the Hulk gang other than the baby Bruce Jr. arrives, and asks what the hell just happened.  Banner explains what happened to Logan, until he begins to keel over.  The Hulk explains that he’s had a terrible stomach cramp for the last couple of hours.  Billy-Bob realizes the obvious problem with eating Wolverine, who, restored by his healing factor, bursts through a now dead Hulk.  Logan spares Billy-Bob, but refuses to leave without the baby.

One month later, Logan stands over the graves of his family.  His neighbours console the man who has lost everything, but they can’t believe what he’s planning to do.  Logan says he’s got nothing better planned, and a friend taught him that nothing is impossible, not even restoring law to this god forsaken land.  Setting out with Bruce Jr., Wolverine vows to make this world a better place.  He died fifty years ago.  But it’s time that he get better.

Old Man Logan Comic Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is the complete story of Old Man Logan.

So, this is something we haven’t really done before.  Sure, we’ve made complete stories before, but usually that’s just us collecting existing videos together into big and epic videos.  This is completely original content on stuff that came out some time ago.  I chose to start things off with Old Man Logan because Marvel has begun selling single issues of this and other popular stories from their archives for only one dollar under something they are calling “True Believers” publications.  I think this is a great idea to get new readers involved and to sell comics at a super reasonable price, so you should all look for these in your local comic book store for these True Believers titles.  At only one dollar, you have very little to lose, and might discover a cool story or two.

So now let’s talk about how I feel concerning the Old Man Logan story itself.  And that’s… complicated.  This story is intimately tied to how a feel about Mark Millar, a polarizing writer if there ever was one.  On the one hand, Millar has done some really cool stuff.  But on the other hand, he’s also kind of completely insane.  You can see it in Old Man Logan itself.  This is a really cool comic, with all kinds of amazing moments, panels, and ideas.  I love how little we’re told about what exactly happened to this world, and instead we’re allowed to imagine what exactly happened to Spider-Man, how the Baxter Building wound up halfway across the country and on top of Loki, and even the final fate of the rest of the world.  And we see so many cool things.  Like this comic is worth reading almost entirely for this reason.  Venom controlling a T-Rex is still one of the greatest things ever.  It’s so fucking awesome.

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But, then there’s the Hulk.  And that’s… just uncomfortable, violent, and a little gross.  This is not a good comic for fans of the Hulk, because Bruce Banner’s character… is not treated well here.  As well, a lot of things happen that seem unlikely, like Magneto teaming up with the Red Skull.  I think this reflects the dynamics of Mark Millar perfectly.  For every awesome moment like in this or in something like Kickass, there are also these really uncomfortable little details and elements he adds to his story.  It seems he relies very heavily on shock value, which is how he winds up writing about stuff like a man forcibly inseminating a girl with her brother’s semen and rigging her womb to explode if she gets an abortion, which is exactly what he did in Nemesis.  So… yeah, like I said, he’s a little crazy.  I still don’t quite know what to make of the guy.

But on the whole, Old Man Logan’s weird flaws don’t outweigh how fun I find this comic.  There’s no profound message here, it’s just a wild ride.  It helps that the artist Steve McNiven does some epic work with this content, beautifully rendering each panel and leaving a very distinctive, gritty, and humanistic quality throughout the entire run of comics.  Kudos to him on a job really well done.  I also love all the details and Easter eggs they put in this comic, like all the various superhero trophies in the Red Skull’s collection.

So I do recommend Old Man Logan.  It’s a bit of a crazy story but one that I on the whole really like, and you should check it out along with any other True Believers comics you can get a hold of.  Plus, it has been announced that Old Man Logan will debut in a new volume as part of the upcoming Secret Wars storyline, so maybe this will all work out as if I carefully planned this ahead of time, seeding this story for future coverage.  Ahahahaha, yeah right.  Like I plan things.

Anyway, you should check out Old Man Logan, along with all our other Complete Story videos.  They are all handily listed together on our website, and we’ll keep posting new stuff on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  And finally, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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