Top 10 SDCC 2017 Television Shows That Matters!

10. Inhumans

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Alrighty so lets talk about the first trailer that really pulled my attention – The inhuman’s trailer. First time seeing this trailer, I watched it in my peripheral vision because, seriously, the inhumans don’t seem to interest me all too much. But then Ramsey Friggin Bolton came on screen. Iwan Rheon played one of the most brilliant tv show villain that I’ve seen in a long while, second only to king Joffrey. So then the comic con trailer came out and it was so good. One of the best things about being a comic book fan is that we get to see our beloved comic book characters turned from ink and color to being portrayed by talented actors on the big and small screen. We got Triton, Karnak, Medusa, Black Bolt and Crystal but the issue is that I cant imagine them carrying the show. The main character will have to be the king, black bolt but if you are like me then the main character that you will be rooting for will be Ramsey Friggin Bolton!

9. Krypton

Comic Island
Premiering on Syfy sometime in 2018, Krypton promises to bring an origin story that I never knew I needed. The story is set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s home planet of Krpyton. From memory it was Kal El’s father who was ostracized from the scientific community by bringing forth the end of Krpyton but in this show, we will be following Kal El’s grandfather going through the motions of fighting to redeem his family’s honor and saving his world. From the trailer alone, this show appears very high budgeted, polished and it stars another Game of Thrones character Sir Barriston Semly – mean Ian Mcelhinney.

8. The walking dead

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Ok I got a confession to make – I have stopped watching the walking dead ever since they killed Hershall. The feels gotz to me. But then other things got in the way so less time was allocated to the walking dead but damn I still wanna know whats going on. Enter the walking dead season 8 comic con trailer. Love Carol, she has always been my favorite. Little Rick Grimes seems to have grown up and Negan – I love me some Thomas Wayne as a bad guy. Or is he the father of the Winchester brothers? I never got to see the evolution of Negan but the spoilers make him appear to be a villain worth watching. And then the end scene  shows an aged Rick Grimes. In the comics, following the war between Negan and Rick’s group, the story jumps 2 years. Best guess is that is what we are seeing with Rick looking like he hasn’t shaved in months.

7. Game of thrones

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Game of Thrones is by far the most anticipated trailer that I waited all year for and man did it deliver. You know why, because winter is already here. Every episode will be that much more expensive, more action packed, more jaw dropping events and if we have learnt anything from previous seasons, more deaths of our favorite characters. Instead of having its usual amount of episodes per season, the current season will have only 7 episodes and the 8th and final season having only 6 episodes. The end is near my friends. I wont know what to do after game of thrones concludes. Oh wait, there’s more shows premiering!!!

6. Defenders

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Marvel’s Netflix has been preparing us for the defenders introducing the members one at a time starting with Daredevil then Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Now, all 4 of them will have to share the spotlight and learn how to work together to fight a new foe starring beloved Hollywood actress Sigourney Weaver. Love me some Daredevil, jones and Cage but man I need to see more from Iron fist. He is by far the weakest link.

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