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Atlanta Georgia, Ice boy is still being pursued by an oversized underground monster.  His powers of ice do not seem to work properly and he notices that the temperature is extremely hot. Iceboy manages to muster up his remaining strength and blasts the beast with all of his might. Luckily for him, the tactic works and the beast fall to the pavement. Unfortunately, the young iceman isn’t out of the forest yet. The local police arrive on scene and, with their fire arm in hand, they scream FREEZE. Iceboy states: Believe me, if I could, I would. Moments later, iceboy is now arrested by two very condescending cops who don’t share a love for mutants. Iceboy plays along for now while the air-conditioning rejuvenates his powers. Suddenly, the young iceman activates his powers and blasts his way free, leaving a trail of wrecked police vehicles in his escape.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in Canada, in the old weapon x facility, angel, x 23 and wolverines son all discovers new information about their current situation. The son is shocked to hear that x23 is the clone of his father. But Warren also discovers that they might not be in their earth anymore. X 23 concludes that they might be on a different earth OR their world has been transformed to this one and this is now the new norm.

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Latveria, Hank Mccoy, under the influence of a truth serum, divulges every detail of his origins and how he got to this world. After his story, he begins to pour his heart out to a madman. We discover that McCoy is deeply in love with jean grey. The kicker is, she can read his mind so she knows how he feels. And yet, she doesn’t even look his way. At the end, McCoy refuses to help Doom in any way. But Doom will not take no for an answer. He states this is not your choice to make anymore. We found your true purpose. You are a gift to me and my work.

x men comics online all new x men 34

Iceman Fighting Mole Creature

New Comics: All New X-Men #34 Cont!

Westchester, the xavior school for higher learning, jean grey and miles Morales is greeted by the ultimate X-Men. Being the heroes that they are, they chose to diplomatically solve an issue by talking it out. But most of the X-Men wonder if young jean is actually a shape shifter. The two telepaths begins to scan each other but what they witness is too much for each one of them to bear. Ultimate jean discovers everything she needs to know about young jean and vice versa. The sudden overload of information causes both of the girls to collapse. Hours later, standing in front of cerebro, young jean hopes that this machine can help her locate her friends. Ultimate jean arrives and because of their new understanding of each other, they share a hug. Ultimate jean insists for young jean to try the machine. The machine activates and jean discovers something that shakes her to her bones. She states do you see that, is that real?

X-Men Comics Online All New X-Men #34 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the all new X-Men issue 34. I’m not feeling this issue as much as the last one. There are good things about it but I felt like there were more bad things. So let’s go over what I liked about this issue. I love the consistency in the art; it really plays a huge role. The colors are kept very bright, this might be because the issue deals with teenage mutants going through some tough times. The facial expressions could use some work though.

Another thing I really enjoyed is the comedy. So after McCoy pours his heart out to a madman, doom goes, this is getting embarrassing, or how about when the two jeans started to wonder where Spiderman is. Then the scene jumps to miles sitting in the dining table with the whole X-Men team giving him the dirty look. Imagine if Morales accidentally fart. I can just picture iceman blasting Morales with all of his powers lol.

The other great thing about this issue is ice boy. Like I said on the last review, I really like young bobby drake. I remember how comedic it was when iceman met ice boy after the young icemen arrives at the jean grey school. Im looking forward to the moment when ultimate iceman and ice boy would meet for the first time.

x men comics online all new x men 34

young Jean Grey in Cerebro Room

Ok so now let’s go over what I disliked about this issue. We got a crazy cliff hanger ending in the last issue. And then we got this kind of cliff-hanger? Obviously we are wondering what jean grey saw that spooked her out so bad. But if you are like me and is thinking that the story is moving this slow, then do you even care what jean grey saw? That’s how I’m feeling right now. I don’t really care much for jean grey’s story arc.

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And then there’s hank Mccoy’s story arc where he is pretty much kidnapped by Dr Doom. We have another question now. What does Dr Doom want with Hank McCoy. But my question is, do you even care? This is my biggest concern with this new story arc. The whole team is blasted off to the ultimate universe and they get separated, 1 issue telling 4 different stories. There are not enough pages in the issue to tell a proper story with 4 members of the team in different locations. So because of this, the story feels like it is moving SOO slow. I’ve lost interest in this story arc but I always try my best to be consistent with what I review. And I also remember when the all new X-Men were really exciting during the first dozen issues. Let’s forget about the battle of the atom story arc that never happened.

Ok so I also wanted to use this video to address some concerns about another title that I have been consistently reviewing. I have stopped reviewing wolverine and the X-Men. I was quite disappointed on the path that this issue series was going and then we got last issue that was basically a tie in to AXIS. There isn’t a clear story, just a bunch of random mini story that kind of conclude at the end of the issue. Im passionate about great story telling and unfortunately, this issue series doesn’t seem to know what story it wants to tell.

So if I drop an issue, I would normally pick up a new issue to review. But right now, since you guys have been really enjoying out top 10s and origins and bios, I’m gunna start to allocate more of my focus on that side of things.

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