Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine’s Awesome First Issue!

Wolverine Ruins Earth

In space, a man looks out into the stars. They look different here. The constellations haven’t quite filled in yet. There are stars where there shouldn’t be. He didn’t notice at first, as he was busy trying to figure out how he got here, and how to get home. He doesn’t bother with that much, anymore. Instead, he looks out to the stars. Though he won’t admit it, he does so because he knows he is coming. As a scientist, this is all fascinating. A paleontologist would kill to see the things he’s seen over the last few months. But it doesn’t matter. He won’t live to tell anyone about any of this. His name is Peter Parker. He’s the smartest man on the face of the Earth. Tomorrow, he’ll be dead.

Peter begrudges his fate, and is disturbed by a face he sees every night, when he dreams. He wonders who she is, and is sad that he is going to die. But he won’t be alone. Peter travels to a place to talk to a man. Parker doesn’t want to go, fearing this other man will kill him, but knows he must. He enters a place the other man calls the Valley of Fire, and Peter feels comfort in hearing a battle in the distance, as they are the first voices he has heard in weeks.

Peter approaches Logan, who is defending a tribe from a group of intelligent apes. Spider-Man warns Wolverine that interacting with these creatures could affect the timeline, and change their future. Logan ignores this, instead demanding to know why Spider-Man is here, having warned Peter to stay out of the Valley of Fire, or he would kill the young man. Peter says they are all about to die – that they have been flung back to the time of the dinosaurs and that time is about to come to an end. The asteroid that wiped them out is about to land, within a day, and will hit right around where they are standing.

Spider-Man leaves, satisfied he at least warned his old colleague, while both men lament being stuck in the past with each other. Each would have preferred pretty much any other hero. Spider-Man feels he and Tony would have figured this out already, while Logan openly muses that even the Hulk at his worst would have been better than Peter Parker. Worst of all, neither of them know how it happened.

Approximately 66 million years in the future, Spider-Man swings through the city, enjoying a new morning in New York City, while nearby, in a dark ally, Logan corners a mass murderer. The killer says he was paid to do all of it, just to lure Logan here, and puts a gun to his own head. Next door, a villain called the Orb robs a bank. Spider-Man and Logan both intervene, right as the robbers uncover some glowing diamonds from a safety deposit box. When the heroes attack, the diamonds fall to the floor, and explode in a burst of energy.

And that’s all the two know about what happened to them. Logan knows the Savage Land well enough to have instantly known they were not in the Savage Land, and from there, the two went their separate ways, unable to find a way home or even an explanation as to what happened. Peter lived on his own, doing research, building a home, obsessing over the mysterious visions of the woman, and raising spiders as pets. Logan ignored Peter’s concerns about affecting early human history and joined a local tribe, defending them, learning their language, and attempting to teach them how to brew beer.

In their present, Peter decides to release his spiders and burn his home down, again not wanting to affect the course of history. Though he gives up at first, he eventually decides to start trying to solve his dilemma, even as the asteroid begins it’s final descent towards Earth. Meanwhile, Logan frees the ape creatures that attacked his tribe, knowing they don’t have much time left and telling them to go be with their family. Privately, he regrets how he treated Parker all these months here. Suddenly, Logan spots a figure spying on him, who he is able to pin to the ground. The strange figure begs for mercy, but just as he is about to say who he works for, the asteroid crashes down to Earth.

Unbeknownst to them, it is coated in the diamonds the two heroes encountered at the bank. Peter wakes up, with Logan standing over him. They are both surprised at being still alive, but Logan confesses that Peter may have been right about it not being a good idea to mess with the timeline.

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