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On board Apocalypse’s Ship, Havok looks on at an imprisoned Wasp.  He and Wasp have been through a lot together as husband and wife in an alternate future.  He asks Cyclops if there is no way they can spare just one human, but Cyclops says that is not how the gene bomb will work.

Nightcrawler appears in front of the two brothers, and says the X-Men are under attack.  The team of villains, who have been made heroes thanks to the spell on Genosha have formed into a squad of Avengers, and are here to save the day.  While the former villains provide a distraction for the X-Men, Deadpool and Spider-Man are able to infiltrate Apocalypse’s ship.  But Apocalypse himself has not left, and Spider-Man says there is no way the two of them can take down the villain.

Deadpool is much more confident though and begins to distract Apocalypse.  While he does this, Spider-Man tries to disarm the bomb, but cannot recognize the programming code’s language.  Apocalypse sees this, and knocks himself and the two Avengers out of the ship into the city streets, where the battle between villains and X-men still rages.

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New Comics AXIS #7

nightcrawler vs spiderman

Nightcrawler grabs Spider-Man with his tail, teleports to a nearby ally way, and slams him into a wall.  As he threatens Spider-Man with a sword, Carnage lunges in and saves Spider-Man.  Though Peter can’t quite manage to say thank you, Carnage happily says that no thanks are necessary, which just confuse Spider-Man even more.

Meanwhile Sabretooth confronts the Summers brothers, but they remind Creed that up until now, the X-Men have always shown mercy to him.  Now, there’s no holding back, and Victor is nearly fried by Storm’s lightning.

As the battle rages on, Deadpool tries to broker peace.  However Apocalypse says that love is a lie, and strikes his old friend down.


Elsewhere, Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Quicksilver try to hold the Scarlet Witch back.  In a rage, Scarlet Witch casts a spell to strike her family down, which leaves Quicksilver incapacitated.  But Magneto still stands.  Shocked, Scarlet Witch realizes that Magneto is not her real father.  She begins to mock Magneto for having no family, and for having been lied to for so long.  But Magneto only cares about what she has done to Quicksilver.  Outraged, the Witch blasts Magneto with magic.  Dr. Doom flees, but not before Scarlet Witch says she will burn Latveria to the ground.

Marvel Comic Books Avengers & The X-Men #7 Cont!

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Captain America arrives and demands to know what was so important that Tony made him come all the way here.  Tony says that the X-Men and Steve Rogers must be stopped, and he has gathered the corrupted Avengers together to do exactly that.  The Avengers unanimously agree that they will be better off if the villains and X-Men are all dead.


Back in New York, the battle rages on, but Deadpool has been beaten.  He begs Evan to stop this madness, and to let nurture beat nature, but Apocalypse says that Deadpool is deluded.  He and the X-Force slaughtered the former host of the Apocalypse.  Deadpool says he always believed that Evan could be a better person, but Apocalypse says that Wade is a brain dead fool and savagely beats the mercenary.  As Deadpool cries out in pain, Apocalypse rips his head off, and declares the end of humanity is nigh.  3, 2, 1…

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #7 Review

Hello, and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #7.

Well now, AXIS just does not seem to let up.  This was another excellent issue.  This time start to finish I really liked the artwork, writing, and fight scenes in this comic.  I just love how Nightcrawler attacks Spider-Man in this comic.  It’s an excellent use of his powers and a pretty awesome little moment in this comic.

New Comics AXIS #7

apocalypse ripping deadpool’s head off

I also really like that this comic has a pretty substantial revelation in it.  Apparently Magneto isn’t really the father of Scarlet Witch.  That opens up a lot of interesting questions, and though I might normally look on something like this as rather cliche, this actually does fit with Magneto and Wanda’s histories nicely and I’m pretty interested in where this particular story goes from here.  Wanda and Doctor Doom are likely to play an important role in the ending of AXIS, so I expect these characters have a few more interesting moments in the near future as well.

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A boy, does this issue have one solid ending.  I am awfully excited to see just what happens in the next issue, because it seems like we can expect some big things in issues 8 and 9 before this story is all over.

I’ve said this in the last review, but at this point, it’s safe to say AXIS has been a stellar story.  Even if the last two issues wind up being disappointing, I certainly have been impressed by just how good this series has been overall.

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