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Marvel Comic Books Carnage #2 Recap

Every hero has an origin.  But nobody’s origin is as muddled as Carnage’s.  The symbiote has confused Cletus’ memory with those of the alien’s.  Did he watch his father hill his mother?  Or was it his step-father who killed his foster mother?

Carnage remembers things wrong, but it all worked when it felt right.  Now Carnage is more confused than ever.  He looks back on his memories for the first time with guilt, and it’s almost more than he can bear.  Carnage is desperate for redemption and love, but needs help.

On the side of a bridge, Carnage’s captive audience screams for help.  The woman is a newscaster named Alice Gleason.  Carnage explains that he is a hero now, and he will not harm Alice.  He says to her that he needs help being a hero, as he doesn’t know anything about being a good person.  Alice says she will help him if he promises not to harm her, as good people don’t break promises.  Carnage accepts, and promises not to harm her.

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Meanwhile, two parole officers are looking for Emil Gregg, also known as the Sin-Eater.  They go to his last known whereabouts in Bum Town.  When they find Emil, they discover he is dead, and has been for some time.


Alice has Carnage take them to a graveyard, where Carnage can begin to make amends for the mistakes in his past.  However they are not alone, and Carnage attacks a man, assuming he is a grave robber.  But the man actually works for the cemetery to dig graves, so Alice makes Carnage apologize.

Wanting to get footage of Carnage, Alice tells the symbiote that he needs to make a confession for priests on the internet.  Carnage begins his confession, saying that he wants to kill people all the time, but is trying hard not to.

marvel comic books axis carnage #2

Alice sends the footage to her boss, who contacts the police.  They rush to the cemetery, but Carange and Alice have left and the grave digger tells them to follow the webs.

Carnage and Alice come across a bank robbery, and Carnage quickly attacks the bank robbers, showing them the dangers of firearms.  He then throws a car into the bank, lighting it on fire, reasoning that the bank can’t be robbed if it is burned down first.  But Alice says that is no good and he needs to put out the fire.

At the news room, the Sin-Eater arrives, and demands to know where he can find Alice Gleason.  Her boss says that the entire world is watching her right now on TV.

Marvel Comic Books Carnage #2 Cont!

As Carnage puts out the fire, the police arrive in force.  Not wanting to sign any autographs, Carnage leaves.  The police pursue but don’t fire as they don’t want to hurt Alice.   However one of the helicopters gets too close and Carnage’s web gets caught in the copter’s blades.  As the helicopter crashes into a building above, Carnage drops Alice, but manages to catch her before she hits the ground.  But the Sin-Eater finds her and captures her.

She calls to Carnage for help, but the Sin-Eater manages to get away.  Carnage says that he will save her, and that nothing will stop him.

Marvel Comic Books AXIS Carnage #2 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of AXIS: Carnage #2.

So this was a fun issue.  I once again just love the art in this comic, and there are a lot of great little funny and awesome moments in this story.  That being said, I don’t feel like issue two has the same intense degree of fun that we got in issue one of Carnage’s story.  This feels like a distinct middle issue in a three part story.  The plot is moving along nicely, but nothing that big or memorable really happens here.

marvel comic books axis carnage #2

That being said, my instinct with regards to Alice proved to be correct.  She’s an interesting source of morality for Carnage, as while she is a decent person at the core, she is also quite willing to manipulate Carnage for her own benefit.  I like this side of her character and I find her in particular quite interesting.

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Overall, I like this comic, and the ending really sells me on it.  This last page alone, with the missiles, fighter jets, and NYPD all gathering behind an oblivious Carnage, is a good reason for reading this comic all on it’s own.  This was great, and while I might prefer the Hobgoblin’s AXIS tie in, which is nothing but pure fun and cheesiness, I do really like Carnage’s tie-in as well.  And Carnage #2 is a fun comic you should definitely check out.

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