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Marvel Comic Books AXIS Carnage #3 Recap

The issue explosively picks up where we last left Carnage.  Knocked out by the blast, Carnage has a vision of himself in heaven.  He says it would be so easy to just kill everyone, but an angel tells him not to be a jerk, and to go save Alice.  The angel is suddenly taken by a demonic version of the Sin-Eater, and Carnage wakes up, swearing to find Alice and this Green Ski Mask Guy.

Elsewhere, Green Ski Mask Guy drags Alice into the sewers.  Inside, the Sin-Eater claims he is the real Emil Gregg and that the man caught as the Sin-Eater long ago during the origins of Venom was an imposter.  The Sin-Eater reveals that he is the result of a spell cast to make him a holy ghost of Emil Gregg, explaining his unusual appearance and abilities.  He then prepares to kill Alice, and feed on her sins.

new comics AXIS comic book Carnage #3

carnage gets his head blown off

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Meanwhile Carnage climbs the Empire State Building.  Alice could be anywhere, and Carnage just hopes he can stretch enough.  He somehow is able to find Alice, and pulls her to safety.  But the Sin-Eater pursues Carnage and the battle between the two begins.  Green Ski Mask Guy can smell the sin on Carnage, and Carnage says that if the Sin-Eater wants his sins, he can have them all.

New Comics: AXIS Carnage #3 Cont!

The Sin-Eater cries out in pain due to the enormous amount of guilt on Carnage’s soul, and the spirit soon swells to a colossal size.  The Sin-Eater claims he feels like a god, but Carnage says he feels great too, but has just one more sin left.  The worst of them all.  As Carnage confesses to his last sin, the final piece of energy is too much for the Sin-Eater, and the killer explodes.

Cletus finds the corpse of the Sin-Eater, and thanks him for absolving the former villain of his sins.  Carnage finally has a chance to start over.

Suddenly, Carnage’s head is blown off by Alice.  He quickly recovers, and is confused as she runs off towards the police.  Alice explains her final lesson to Carnage.  Nobody is all good, and most people are hardly good at all.  Carnage is hurt and betrayed, but Alice yells at the police to fire on her captor.  Carnage realizes her true final lesson – that to be a real hero, he must be alone.

Marvel Comic Books AXIS Carnage #3 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of AXIS: Carnage #3.

So on the whole I enjoyed the Carnage mini-series.  It was a lot of fun, and though I didn’t expect much of it, I was actually blown away by how much I enjoyed these three comics.  They were really funny, enjoyable reads with a surprising level of emotional depth to them.

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new comics AXIS comic book Carnage #3

Carnage in AXIS

That being said, taken on its own there really isn’t much to issue three.  I liked the first two issues quite a bit, but this one felt mostly like just a wrap-up of the story, and there are even fewer moments of fun in issue three than in issue two, which I had already found a little lacking.

In particular, I found the whole idea of Carnage just stretching himself all over New York City to find Alice pretty ridiculous.  It’s hard to ignore something that dumb.  I also can’t say I really care too much about the Sin-Eater stuff we learned about this issue, as it feels pretty inconsequential.

To be fair the art is once again pretty well done, though it might be least impressive here compared to issues one and two, and this comic did end the story rather nicely, even if it was pretty much a totally predictable ending.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend you buy Carnage #3, but if you were to get the Carnage AXIS tie-in as a whole in a collected series or bundle, it would be worth your time as this miniseries collectively was pretty good.


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