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Deadpool #38 Review/Recap: The Uncanny Deadpool!

Marvel Comic Books Deadpool #38 Recap

The issue begins where we last left Deadpool.  Within the Danger Room at the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters, Deadpool and his friends have been trapped by corrupted versions of the X-Men.  Deadpool’s friends were originally given refuge at the school after escaping an experimental program in North Korea.  They require regular organ donations from Deadpool to survive, but have gained appearances and powers similar to the X-Men themselves.

Deadpool, his friends, and the evil X-Men all get into a massive brawl on top of a train. Beast tells Deadpool that he’s a monster, but Wade says that’s no way to talk to an Avenger.  Beast says if Deadpool is an Avenger, Tony must be drinking again.  Meanwhile, the train careens off a cliff, and Deadpool tells everyone to prepare for a new simulation when they land.

New Comics Deadpool #38 Cont!

Everyone suddenly finds themselves in the ruins of a city as the Danger Room simulation has changed.  The X-Men begin to focus on beating up Deadpool.  But one of the refugees demands they leave him alone, which Beast thinks is a good idea.  With the safety protocols off, the Danger Room will easily take care of them.  The X-Men leave, and the Danger Room begins to spawn an attack.  While one of the refugees ponders just what kind of crazy things the X-Men seem to train for, Deadpool declares he can get them out.  He states none of this is real, and proceeds to blindfold himself.  Pulling out his sword, he stabs a hole into a nearby wall.  The illusions in the Danger Room mass for a giant attack, but Deadpool claims his sword can cut through the illusions, and soon, Deadpool and his friends are able to cut through to another holographic area.

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Noticing one painting, Deadpool claims it is a hidden memory, but not his own.  In spite of this mystery, he is able to find an exit to the Danger Room.  Deadpool’s friends are amazed at his actions, and as they all escape, Deadpool remarks that he will have to look into this missing memory later.

The group manages to escape the mansion, and go to visit the kingdom that Deadpool’s wife rules over.  Deadpool has recently married the monarch Shiklah, who rules over an underground city of monsters.  Deadpool’s friends are warmly welcomed and granted hospitality.  But Shiklah has seen the changes in Deadpool and is eager to get her husband back to his old, violent self.

Shiklah has thus tasked her mages with one goal – to make her “

new comics deadpool #38 Axis tie in

Deadpool in white costume after the Inversion Spelll

red murderer fun again.”   Though they are unable to do that, they are certain they will be able to help Deadpool’s refugee friends continue treatment of their condition.

Later, Deadpool and Shiklah prepare for bed, but as Deadpool is about to join her, he gets a message.  Seeing Apocalypse has taken over New York, Deadpool gets ready to leave, explaining that he owes Evan and wants to help his friend.  As he leaves, Shiklah angrily reminds him that by law, she can take multiple husbands.

In the war torn streets of New York, Apocalypse stands strong.  Deadpool arrives and tries to help Evan, but Apocalypse is not interested in redemption…

Marvel Comic Books Deadpool #38 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Deadpool, issue number 38.

Now this was a funny comic with a lot of great humour in it.  I on the whole greatly enjoyed this issue, and there are a lot of little moments and jokes that make this comic a worthy read.  I really like how Deadpool’s wife acts in this comic.  You can tell she really cares about Deadpool, but only the violent Deadpool we know and love, and this new version of him really bothers her.

Now there are some problems with this comic.  I find the pacing to be really unbalanced, particularly with this story’s ending.  This comic feels like it rather suddenly ends with Deadpool getting stabbed and in terms of pacing with the rest of the story, it is a bit grating and kind of comes out of nowhere.

new comics deadpool #38 Axis tie in

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I also wasn’t that big a fan of this comic’s art.  Some of the panels are great, like this awesome splash page of everyone fighting in the Danger Room or this gorgeous outline of various Danger Room holograms swarming Deadpool and his friends.  But most of it really wasn’t all that great, and I’m just not a fan of some of the facial expressions and body language we see here.

These are small problems in an otherwise good comic.  It’s just that out of the AXIS core series, and all the other tie-ins I’ve read so far, this might be the weakest tie-in out of all of AXIS so far.  Now for one thing that’s a huge compliment to how great AXIS has been at this point, because at the end of the day, I enjoyed Deadpool quite a bit.  I just find the AXIS core series and some of the other tie-ins much more fun and memorable and still probably worth reading over this comic.

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