How Antman And The Wasp WIll Tie Into Avengers Infinity War

Infinity war has come and gone so we got Antman and the wasp to look forward to. The problem is, Infinity war was such a huge event that will most likely shadow every MCEU movie coming out and unfortunately for Antman and the Wasp, they got rolled the dice and is the next marvel movie to be released after the epic Avengers infinity war. Everyone is feeling the pain the end of infinity war especially for actor Chris Pratt who portrays star lord. The character became the most annoying heroes following the massive movie. Meme after meme we saw the internet take their jabs at Chris Pratt’s Starlord but god bless the man. even he took to social media and took a jab at himself and we love him more for it.

Where Was Antman During The Events Of Avengers Infinity War?

But lets get back to the main subject at hand. Goddamn I ramble a lot. Anyways – after finishing the movie, we fans are left with even more questions than answers such as what happens now when Thanos snapped his fingers and left the world in shambles. Is Gamora dead or stuck in the soul world? What ever happened to Hawkeye? Where is captain marvel in all of this? What am I going to have for dinner tonight? And most important of all where was antman and why was he missing from avengers infinity war ?

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If you have not seen the Antman trailer than I gotta assume you were like me hugging my teddy bear in a fetal position following the viewing of infinity war. But it’s a new day so put that teddy away and check out the trailer. If you have seen the trailer then lets continue. Speaking to, director Payton Reed, who also directed Antman 1, had this to say about the upcoming film

Reed reveals that Ant-Man and the Wasp is a “free-standing story” on the face of things, but does tie into a particular MCU mashup – just not the one you’re expecting.

“We definitely had to deal with the ramifications post-Civil War,” Reed says. “That was crucial to Scott. And crucial to Hope. I mean it really is like fundamental in the jumping off point about what’s going on between the two of them at the start of this movie.”

Even though Payton Reed didn’t reveal much, he revealed enough for us to get an educated guess as to what to expect in antman and the wasp and how it connects to the bigger picture.

Based on that statement, it feels like Ant-Man and the Wasp is tied closer to the events of Civil War, to the point where it more than likely takes place prior to the events of Infinity War, which was also the case with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

If the world is dying left and right, I don’t think a heist/ action movie like antman and the wasp can even take place. Half of the world is gone so if the events in Antman and the wasp took place, it had to have taken place before infinity war as per what we have seen in the trailer for the upcoming movie.

Antman Feeling The Pain Post Avengers Civil War

But as for antman and the wasp, they will feel the impact of Scott Lang’s actions during civil war on his choice to side with Steve Rogers. The ending to civil war shows Steve Rogers returning to the raft and saving the comrades which does include Scott Lang. He tells Hawkeye to leave the super hero gig and return to his wife and children then he turns to Scott Lang and says the same thing for Scott to go to his little girl. As you may know, the motivating factor for Scott Lang’s Antman is his little girl. As we saw in secret empire, Scott Lang betrays the heroes just because hydra supreme had his little girl and forced him to feed hydra intel. So we know how far Scott will go for his little girl.

But ok now let’s get into some educated guesses as to how Antman and the wasp will tie into infinity war.

Firstly, to answer the obvious question – Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily wasn’t in infinity war because they were filming Antman and the wasp. Scheduling problems prevented them to do so.

Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner Also Missing From Avengers Infinity War

Secondly, its been heavily rumored that Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner wants to hang up his bow and arrow to pursue other passions.

But what about the characters themselves?

In the film, the most we get of Hawkeye and Ant-Man is a comment from Black Widow that the two of them opted to return to their families following the events of Civil War.

Did hawkeye, antman and the wasp disintegrate into the abyss of nothingness?

Well when you are watching antman and the wasp, remember to stick around for 2 end credit scenes. Screening has already come out and the reception has been good. Tweets have come out and one person said that fans cannot afford to miss the end credit scene. If this statement has anything to do with infinity war, which I think it will, my guess is that the events of Antman and the wasp will take place and time will go by then we will get the end credit scene showing our heroes in a world post infinity war. Maybe Antman disintegrates, maybe it will be the wasp or maybe they both survive? Who knows?

Exploration Of The Quantum Realm and Hunt For Janet Van Dyne

We know that in antman and the wasp, we will explore the quantum realm as our heroes goes super small to rescue hope’s mother Janet Van Dyne the original wasp who was stuck there prior to the events of Antman 1. So maybe the events of infinity war took place while our heroes were in the quantum realm and when they emerge, they come back to a world post infinity war.

There is also a far-fetched theory stating that the people disintegrating from Thanos’s finger snap were transported into the quantum realm. We saw something similar to this when Onslaught wreaked havoc in the MCU and Franklin Richards created a pocket realm to safely store the heroes until they returned but this idea might be too much for the MCEU so I highly doubt that half the population in the universe is in the quantum realm.

But anyways, these are just my guesses as to how things will play out. There’s a lot of pressure for the first MCEU movie following infinity war. I would love for them to have Captain Marvel as the next MCEU Movie due to their awesome segue at the end credit of infinity war but is that asking for too much?

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