How Jim Gordon Batman Failed Gotham. Mecha Bunny Ears Batman

Road To The Rise Of Jim Gordon Batman – Batman Endgame

At the end of Batman endgame The joker had taken over Gotham and Batman fought the clown prince to the bitter end under Gotham by a pit made up of Dioesium, a substance that joker claims to have kept him alive and well after he seemingly died falling off a cliff at the end of death of the family.


Joker and Batman fought till the bitter end where the two seemingly dies fighting each other and Gotham along with the Justice league are forced to face the fact that Batman is gone and James Gordon Batman will take his place.

But how and why didn’t one of the 4 Robins step up to the calling? At this time, Dick Grayson was busy with his mission as an undercover agent for Batman as…an agent for a clandestine company called spiral.

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Ya it’s a little confusing.

Damian Wayne left Gotham to carve his own path with his pet Goliath but he does return to check on his amnesiac father with a promise to protect gotham. Red Hood’s team went from 3 to deuce as team red arrives in gotham for a mission and bumps hard into Jim Gordon Batman who, after a brief fire fight, tells the boys to get out of his town.

Tim Drake Red Robin has his hands completely full with the never ending drama of his team the teen titans but he, along with the rest of the Robins eventually return to Gotham during the robin war event but more on that later.

OK back to Jim Gordon Batman, Gotham has been left unprotected and even the GCPD acknowledges the loss of their protector. So the Powers Company invites Jim Gordon to be the next Batman but with the full support of the GCPD and the funding of a company whose wealth might rival that of Wayne Enterprise. Jim begrudgingly accepts due to the fact that there is no one else on the police force that has the credentials as much as he does.

With Daryl as the tech man behind the Mech suit and Julia Perry, aka Julia pennyworth as his comms and eyes, Jim Gordon Batman is almost complete. Jim Gordon resigned as commissioner leaving the title to Maggie Sawyer, a recurring character bouncing between metropolis and Gotham.

Jim Gordon Batman’s Tech Inventory

Batman 41 mech batman batman armor

Besides the fact that Batman is highly trained at the peak of human performance, there are the toys. But Jim Gordon Batman doesn’t have access to Wayne Tech and all of the advanced machinery that the original Batman has. His benefactor, the Powers Company instead, equips the ex-commissioner with a baseline suit covered in black with a yellow bat outline on his chest. The suit has advanced coms to stay in touch and camouflage tech and high heat resistance just to name a few.  The main gear he uses is his bunny mech suit that is often carried on the bat blimp with Daryl and Julia always behind the wheels. Now the Mech suit is awesome where the auto pilot can kick in making Bat-Mech basically a second body and partner for Jim Gordon Batman. For travel, Jim Gordon Batman has a Bat Truck which acts as his mobile batcave.

jim gordon bat bus
jim gordon bat bus


Jim Gordon’s tenure as Batman was short and bitter or sweet depending on who you ask. He screwed up a lot such as falling for ambushes set by mercenaries hired by the Falcone family. He got tricked into leaving the mech suit resulting in the multimillion power core being stolen.  He fell for traps and needed the GCPD to rescue him a handful of times. Not to mention that he punched a depowered Superman when they first met and above all else, Jim Gordon found himself as a pawn in a political game where we see the return of Lincoln March aka Thomas Wayne Jr aka the brother of Batman.

Jim Gordon Batman VS Batman’s Protégé’s

 Lincoln March was behind the robin war act where Gotham declared martial law on any kid seen wearing the R or the colors of Robin. The original 4 Robins return to Gotham to help a group of kids wanting to make a change to their community. Led by New Bat family member, Duke Thomas, the Robins defended their community and felt the resistance from the GCPD and Jim Gordon Batman. Dick Grayson who went undercover as a spiral agent, had to return home to fix the robin problem and his legacy as the first Robin.

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Unbeknownst to him, the court or castrated the entire Robin Laws as a way to get Dick Grayson back to Gotham. But this isn’t a story about the Robin war. We actually covered this story a while back but moving on!


Besides the steep learning curve Jim Gordon had to endure, he had to face off against a brand new enemy whose identity is still a mystery. Mr. Bloom was active during zero year and went behind the scenes selling his seeds which grants random powers to anyone who ingests it or surgically places it under their skin.

After a stand-off with Jim Gordon Batman, Mr. Bloom was cuffed and on his way to Arkham for processing but again, James Gordon Batman fell into the villain’s plans. To prove that the people of Gotham are desperate, Mr. Bloom hid thousands of seeds everywhere in Gotham and people rallied. They took the seed and wore the bloom mask causing utter chaos in James Gordon’s Gotham.

Where Is The Original Batman?

We haven’t talked about what happened to Batman during all this time. Long story short, Bruce came back with Amnesia and is helping at a local youth community center aimed at helping the youth. One of the students he cared for took the seed wanting to become batman and save her friends. She did not make it.

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This was a huge trigger amongst a few other signs that Bruce Wayne needed to become Batman once again.

So he demands to be turned back into Batman and Alfred reluctantly obliges. The bat cave housed a machine created by Batman to ensure that there will always be a batman in every generation making him Eternal.

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Underneath batman’s psyche, Bruce Wayne died that night in crime alley with his parents. Batman was born from the screams of a young boy in crime alley, from his primal pain and anger. He made a promise to his parents that he will do everything in his power to prevent atrocities like this from ever happening again. He became the man of vengeance the dark knight protector of Gotham. He became Batman and there’s work to do.

The OG Batman suits up with HIS Mech Batman armor and takes on a 10 story tall Mr Bloom while Jim Gordon Batman. Once the people of Gotham saw that their Batman returned, Hope returned and the ones who are still capable, forcefully removes the bloom seed from their body.

While giant Size Mr. Bloom faces off with OG Batman, Jim Gordon Batman manages to find a super conductor, a new element called Batmantium. He uses this to essentially amplify Mr. Bloom’s powers to the point where the villain combusts and explodes. With all of his failings as Batman, James Gordon, at the end, proves his metal by conceiving this idea while OG batman operated as enforcer.

Why Jim Gordon Batman Failed

But here lies the problem that most people have with Jim Gordon Batman besides the look of his bunny Mech Suit. James Gordon as Batman basically became a new hero that feels very familiar. Sure we can have original villains fight him but what makes a great hero is his great villain. Batman has his Joker and superman has his lex luthor. Jim Gordon Batman, even though he failed against a few low level mercs, will go down in history as the guy that took down an amazing one time villain, Mr Bloom. But who is Mr Bloom?

Mr. Bloom’s Identity Revealed?

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The original Mr Bloom was actually Daryl, Duke Thomas’s cousin who works directly with Jim Gordon Batman as his tech expert. Daryl experimented on people who are already on their way to the morgue. His seed tech was unrefined. He started it during Zero year and began again during the last Joker attack in endgame but Daryl gave up. Since these powers that come from the seeds are random, one of his test subjects actually came back to life and stole his work and his mask. This is the Mr Bloom, a random test subject who was on his way to the grave.

Created by Snyder, Mr Bloom was meant to be an Anti Joker. The joker is someone whose story is so grand that he cannot be kept down to 1 identity. Mr Bloom is a creepy faceless flower that has an identity but since he seemingly exploded at the end of Jim Gordon’s Batman run, we will never know who he was. I honestly don’t think he died and hope to see him come back one day to face off again against the returned Batman and of course Commissioner Jim Gordon.

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