Inhumans Vs X-Men Complete Story Recap

There were a lot of ups and downs in this epic hero on hero action story. Some of the best moments in this entire story arc are: Dazzler taking out Black Bolt, Emma’s vendetta for Cyclops’s death, Mosaic (a new inhuman), and a major change to the marvel universe. What I mean by that is the Terrigen mist finally being destroyed.

What I didn’t like about this story arc was the hype building up to a big climactic battle that I didn’t feel like I got. The skirmishes between the inhumans and the X-men are very forgettable and like most hero vs hero story lines, the ending never gave us a clear winner. Emma frost turns out to be the antagonist, the reason for both species to rally behind and end their warring. So that being said, I think we all saw that coming from a mile away.

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So does this event hold any weight? Will it be mentioned again in the future? Does the war change how the Inhumans and X-Men treat eachother? I don’t think so. It was, like I said, a roller coaster ride which had its ups and downs but I don’t think this event will leave a big enough impression on the Marvel Universe.

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