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The issue begins 24 hours after the Amazo virus had been exposed to the city. 3 sickly civilians wander in front of lexcorp towers, gathering left over money from the streets. Unbeknownst to them, batman and superman have spotted them. The two heroes arrive and announce their presence. Batman demands that the 3 civilians leave the money on the streets and give themselves up. But instead of surrendering themselves to the heroes, 1 civilian blasts the two heroes with his new found Meta powers of fire.

He gets subdued fast but his friend starts to show a different power. A black hole forms and begins to suck everything into it. But the man begins to suffer from a heart attack and the black hole dissipates. Batman heroically uses his electro gauntlets to super charge the man’s heart back to life. After the heroes got the situation under control, superman warns batman of his broken visor that keeps him safe from the virus. Superman isn’t human so the virus has not affected him yet, or maybe not ever. Batman states that the seal isn’t broken and they must get to Lexcorp towers to find patient zero or the rest of their friends in the justice league may die very soon.

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In an undisclosed facility, the justice league along with luthor’s assassin lays bedridden due to their exposure to the virus. Wonder woman stands healthy and is unaffected. She informs luthor that the government agent Steve Trevor will be arriving shortly for questioning. Luthor gets defensive but Diana reassures him that there will be no blame game. Their only objective right now is containment.

Shortly after, Steve Trevor arrives and Luthor has some explaining to do. We discover that over 520 people have been affected by the virus. The city has been evacuated thanks to the justice league. But during the evacuation, most of the league was exposed to the virus and fell ill. Batman and superman is safe and so is wonder woman. When asked why wonder women aren’t affected by the virus, Luther states, because she is a god.

justice league comics #36

batman and superman and the amazo virus

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We further discover that this virus originally came from dr Anthony Ivo’s Amazo android. Luthor salvaged the body and isolated an enzyme that he used to create a patch that would depower criminal Meta humans keeping them under control. But luthors new creation proved to be too controversial for the white house to approve. So the idea and the virus were shelved under lexcorps secure vault but the assassination attempt on luthors life breached the vault and accidentally released the gas. The virus would evidently evolve giving normal people random Meta powers but after 24 hours, their blood becomes black as ink and their heart will stop functioning. The virus is now airborne but luthor can fix this outbreak but they need to find patient zero whom is still presumably wandering around in metropolis.

The president has grounded all planes in America but that didn’t stop the airborne virus. It has reached New York, Boston and it has now reached central city. Against advisement from the white house, Steve trevor decides to offer luthor everything he needs to cure the infected.

In an unknown place, a shadowy figure named bullet is hired to kill luthor. But many more were hired as well. Payment is payable to whoever can kill the target.

Back on street level, batman and superman races towards lexcorp towers aiming to find patient zero. Not long after, batman states, I think we found patient zero. The patient states, no, I’ve found you.

Comic Book Online: Justice League Comics #36 Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 36. So this issue takes place 24 hours after last issue and now metropolis is a quarantined off city. This is probably my favourite part of this issue: the sense of panic and chaos. it feels like one of those zombie outbreak movies that happens in the first few days when the government doesn’t know what to do with it. But of course we are substituting zombies for humans who got random Meta powers and would die in roughly 24 hours unless luthor finds patient zero to fix this Amazo virus.

That being said, I didn’t know that the Amazo android was part of the new 52. I had originally thought that the Amazo virus was the new idea that Dr Ivo cooked up during the new 52, but this issue tells us that there, in fact, was an Amazo android. I really liked this android ever since seeing him in the justice league unlimited TV series so I’m glad he is part of the new 52. Unfortunately the android seems to be decommissioned but nothing stays permanently dead in the world of comics, so I hope the android comes back one of these days.

justice league comics #36

Btw guys, lets fast forward to luthor stating why wonder woman isn’t affected. For those who are a bit new to comics and the new 52, wonder woman is now the new god of war after the original war god dies. Wonder woman, long thought to be born out of clay, is actually the daughter of the lightning god Zeus, himself. So, ya, a man made virus can’t hold her down lol.

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Ok so another aspect of this issue that I really enjoyed is a simple one: batman being a badass. Even with an airborne virus threatening to kill him, and even with a damaged visor, he still pushes on to find patient zero. But then that makes superman kind of handicapped right? I mean why is supe’s hanging out with batman on ground level when he can fly super-fast around the lexcorp building and find patient zero by himself? Batman being batman is always awesome but when there are tasks like finding someone in an evacuated city, this is a 1 man job that superman can take on himself. I would imagine batman be more suitable as one of the guys finding a plan B to save the city if patient zero could not be found in time.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts to the video. So this is my question for you, do you want the Amazo android back in action? Or should he just stay dead and left somewhere that no one else can find? Please let me know in the comments below. So thank you so much for watching my review of the justice league issue 36 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in the justice league issue 37.


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