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Comic Islands Top 10 marvel super hero Spider-Man suits

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, I want to share with you my top 10 list for the many different suits that Spider-Man has worn in the last decade. So the only rules I have for this video is anyone calling themself Spider-Man or any spider inspired costumes that peter parker has worn or inspired in others to wear is fair game. So that means the 4 costumes that parker wore during identity crisis is out: Too bad because I really like his dusk costume. And his classic red and blue outfit is out too since that would be too easy and definitely would take number 1 on my list. Alright lets begin.

10. Cosmic Spider-Man

marvel super heroes cosmic spiderman

Much like his green ally the Hulk, Peter once had a lab accident himself. When (once again) something went horribly wrong, Spider-Man was given even more enhanced powers along with the ability to shoot off energy blasts and to morph his webs into any shape he pleased.

Spider-Man’s strength was amplified to the point of being able to punch the Hulk into orbit. Unfortunately these abilities didn’t last too long. It would be revealed that the source of Spider-Man’s new found powers, a power he originally thought was a further mutation from the radioactive spider bite, is actually an extra dimensional source called the uni power. This source of power would possess individuals and give them the powers of captain universe. As Captain Universe, the transformed person typically retains his or her original personality and appearance. This source of power has possessed many other such as x-23, hulk, and doctor strange, just to name a few.


9. Armored Spider-Man

marvel super hero armored spiderman

This incarnation of Spider-Man dubbed the armoured spider, is what peter parker would be if he had stopped the burglar thus saving his uncles life. He is a playboy multi billionaire and is engaged to gwen stacy. Egotistical and hot headed, he doesn’t even consider failure and claims that he never loses. Kind of reminds me of someone else I know. He has a laser built right into his armour and has a giant spider robot that would obey his every command. His armour is similar to tony stark’s first iron man armour but with a different color scheme. Unfortunately, a multiverse traveler named karn has claimed this Spider-Man’s life. Or so it seems.

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8. Future foundation 

marvel super hero future foundation spiderman

Upon joining the FF as part of Johnny Storms last request in his will, Spider-Man is given a new white costume made from third-generation Unstable Molecules which has several default color schemes and can be changed by mental control. This suit never gets dirty and allows him to change to his classic red and blue suit or into civilian clothing. This new suit can also change into black stealth mode changeable by thought. Spider-Man retains all of his original super human abilities, unfortunately, not much else got enhanced and he still cannot organically create his own web fluid.

7. Spider-Man 2099

marvel super hero spiderman 2099

Coming from the year 2099, Miguel O’Hara receive his powers from a procedure that might cure him from a hallucinate drug called rapture.  Miguel survived the procedure which spliced his DNA with the genes of a spider and thus he gained several powers. Similar to the mainstream Spider-Man, O’Hara has the standard super human strength, speed, durability and reflexes. He does not have the famous spidersense but he has what peter parker lacks: spinnerets mounted to his forearms that releases a very strong and sticky web like substance to perform web slinging and other abilities that Spider-Man can only perform with his web shooters. Unlike the original Spider-Man, O’hara’s webs are organic and are chemically identical to real spider silk.

Miguel also has fangs and talons. The elongated canine fangs secrete a paralyzing, though non-toxic, venom and the talons enable him to crawl along surfaces much as a spider. The talons are also razor sharp and, along with his strength, are able to rend materials as durable as cinder blocks.

 6. Miles Morales 

marvel super heroes ultimate spiderman

With great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately miles Morales learned this a bit too late. in this alternate earth, it took the death of Spider-Man for Morales to finally accept his destiny. Morales has the standard enhanced strength, speed, and durability. He also can wall crawl and his spider sense seems to be greatly enhanced compared to peter parkers.

The webshooters are the exact same as to the pair used by this universe peter parker given to miles as a gift from aunt may. Morales have a venom blast that can temporarily paralyze his enemies simply by touching them with his hands. This power provides a great advantage as miles can end a confrontation quickly with little collateral damage. Miles can camouflage himself blending into his surroundings allowing him to sneak up on his enemies or in some cases, flee from them. The resulting effect closely resembles that of invisibility. Miles Morales actually don the classic blue and red Spider-Man suit but later changed it to differentiate himself from peter parker but keeping a similar themed costume to honour the person he draws inspiration from.

5. Scarlet spider 

marvel super hero Scarlet Spider

There has been 2 heroes calling themselves the scarlet spider: Ben Reiley and Kaine.  Both are clones from the original Spider-Man peter parker. The one that made my list is the second scarlet spider simply named Kaine. This scarlet spider wanted all the power but without the responsibility. He shares many similarities to the superior Spider-Man such as their anger and superiority complex. The Scarlet spider, much like the superior spider, does not have a problem with killing and will dish out the necessary punishment to whomever he feels to be a threat to him and his loved ones. Because of his further mutations, he is now stronger than Spider-Man being able to lift 20 tons. His downfall is that he fights like a brute having very few martial arts training. Kaine has the ability to organically produce his own silk webbing from the glands within his forearms which is limited by his body’s health and nutrition. After the events of Spider Island, kaine no longer has any form of spider-sense and must rely solely on his superhuman reflexes to avoid attacks. The scarlet spider costume is a modified version of the Spider-Man stealth suit which allows him to turn invisible and become invulnerable to sonic attacks.

4. Superior spider

Marvel Comic Books superior spiderman

taking over Spider-Man’s body and life, doctor octopus also inherited peter parker’s heroic sense of responsibility. Calling himself the superior Spider-Man, doc ock unleashes severe punishment to all villains that would endanger his city and loved ones.  This superior suit comes equipped with enhanced lenses that feed him information and data such as the info that his spiderbots gain from patrolling the city of crime. The suit also contains 4 mechanical arms used for combat and is inspired from doctor octopus’s former 4 mechanical arms. This suit also has talons at the tip of each finger, used in battle to cause great pain to his opponent.  When Spider-Man regained his body, he gave up this suit for his original red and blue. Too bad, this suit was just awesome.

3. Spider-Man noir

marvel super hero spiderman noir

Hailing from an alternate earth, this 1950’s inspired look has practicality and stealth. This incarnation of Spider-Man receives his powers from a spider bite who was released after a spider statue was broken.  After waking up from a dream from the spider god, peter parker now possesses super powered spider-like abilities similar to his mainstream 616 counterpart.  This spider suit comes equipped with a fedora and trench coat. This incarnation does not have to create his own web fluid but has the luxury of creating organic webbing out of his wrist. He also carries a pistol revolver even though he swore off killing after the heavy criticism from his aunt may for killing the vulture. This black and dark grey noir themed outfit is great for hiding in the shadows undetected.

2. Iron spider 

marvel super hero Iron spider

Given to Peter parker as a gift from tony stark in the civil war cross over event, this suit has a few unique gadgets such as 3 mechanical arms that will move when parker thinks it to. Much like how anyone would move any bodily appendage. The 3 arms are also equipped with cameras at the tip feeding a live image directly into the iron spider’s helmet. Other features include short-distance gliding capability, built-in fire, police radio, emergency scanner, and carbon filters to keep out airborne toxins just to name a few. The armour is red and gold to resemble tony stark’s modern iron man color scheme. Stark’s design, stark’s colors. Peter had no say in it. Sorry peter lol.

1. Venom Suit

marvel super hero venom suit spiderman

During the secret wars saga where Spider-Man is transported to a planet called battle world, his costume is torn during battle and was sent to a machine that would repair it. Spider-Man discovers and wears a black suit as a replacement, unaware that it is an alien symbiote that would feed on his aggression and emotions. To Spider-Man’s surprise, the costume can mimic street clothes and provides a seemingly inexhaustible and stronger supply of webbing.

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It is revealed that the costume would envelop Peter Parker while he slept, and go out at night to fight crime, leaving Parker inexplicably exhausted in the morning. Parker had the costume examined by Mr Fantastic of the fantastic four, who discovered that it was alive, and when Parker realized it was trying to permanently bond to his body, he rejects it only to have it fall into the possession of Eddie Brock, a fellow news reporter that despises peter parker. The ripple effect of this symbiote suit he discovered on battleworld has now given life to a plethora of new Spider-Man villains but also gave flash Thompson an opportunity to serve his country and become the new host to the symbiote now calling himself Agent Venom.

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