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Amazing Spider-Man Comics #9 Recap

Earth 449, Peter Parker gets an early wakeup call from Jameson to take pictures of a new villain causing a ruckus at the park. Arriving on location, Parker gets subdued quickly by Morlun. He Snaps spidy’s neck and begins to feed.

Loom world, earth 001. Morlun returns home welcomed by his sibling’s Daemos and Verna. The sister hungers for a meal and calls her servants to prepare the hounds for a hunt. Daemos pokes fun at Morlun stating that he is avoiding earth 616 but Morlun lashes back stating that he is saving this world for last. The older brother has now set his eyes for earth 616 and demands the spider weaver to open the doors for his hunt.

Earth 616, peter parker is awakened by Cindy moon in her new costume. She casually tells him that she should stay in the city and he should leave for somewhere far. Before they start mating like spider bunnies, Spider-Man and silk goes out for some webslinging. It does not take long before the two discovers a group of bank robbers dressed up like spider soldiers from back when dock ock had his own spider island. The robbers are caught easily enough except for 1 strangler that ran from the scene. Jessica drew and her protégé spider girl stands idly by to watch the two heroes go about their heroing. Suddenly, Spidy 2099 appears on scene to catch the 1 robber. He demands to speak to parker regarding his encounter with Morlun.

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Not long after, Spider UK and mayday parker arrives on scene. While attempting an escape, the robber gets sucker punched my Spider ham. The gathering of spider heroes discusses their current threat, a family of inheritors are hunting them down and they seek the one man that has defeated Morlun, the 616 Spider-Man. Spider UK opens a portal to enter a safe zone for them to discuss their current threat, uninterrupted.

Mount wudagore, home base of the new warriors. Daemon has laid waste to this facility and has the scarlet spider beaten to a pulp. Kaine attempts to retaliate but Daemon still maintain the upper hand. Suddenly, a portal opens and a small gang of spider heroes arrive to assist the scarlet spider. Bruce Banner Spider-Man attacks Daemos head on giving spider Gwen and ben riley much needed time to rescue kaine. The mysterious Spider-Man whose identity is unrevealed informs the group that Bruce Banner has fallen and they must retreat, now. They manage to escape but lost a Spider-Man for the scarlet spider.

Earth 13, The gathering of 20 or so spider heroes discus the threat of Morlun and his family. 616 peter discovers that this earth is safe due to its Spider-Man never giving up the powers of captain universe thus he keeps the powers of a god. But cosmic Spider-Man cannot leave this earth for if he departs, the god powers will remain and he will return to his normal state. But if 1 man is needed to win the war, cosmic Spider-Man will give up his powers to be the hero that he is.

Earth 610, Miles morales and Jessica drew pays their respect to Miles’ mother. They reflect on their journey to this point but suddenly, the Inheritor Verna arrives to devour them both.

new comics, amazing spiderman comics #9

the spider army in spiderverse

Loomworld, earth 001. The inheritors gather for their meal. Upon their dinner table are the deceased Spider-Man served on golden platters. Daemon is hungry and attempts to eat but the father demands that the family wait for Morlun, his prised child. Not long after, Morlun returns home with his meal thrown over his shoulder. Morlun discovers that Daemon has ventured to earth 616. Upset, he lashes out at his older brother. The Father stops the fight and monologues on why they are here and why they play an important role in the multiverse. Suddenly, a dying Spider-Man on the dinner table speaks up and says that they will be stopped. Morlun grabs him by the hair and tells him that all he is, is food.

With those words, the father declares dinner time has begun.

 Amazing Spiderman Comics #9 review

Spiderman Comic books #9 cont!

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the amazing Spider-Man issue 9. Wholly cow guys, I had high expectations going into this issue and all my expectations have been met and THEN some. My eyes nearly popped out of my head a few times during this issue.  There’s just so many good things to say and I don’t know if I can get through them all but let’s start at the beginning.

I almost fell off my chair when all the spidermen were getting introduced. I expected to meet maybe 5 or 6 but we almost got the whole spider army minus dock ock spidy of course.  We got spider ham, 2099, UK, mayday, Kaine, gwen, bruce banner? Ben friggin Riley, and omg we got cosmic Spider-Man. So issue 9 dealt with a problem I was concerned about. Cosmic Spider-Man would have so much power that he could take out these inheritors probably by himself. But he is stuck in his earth which makes his home the official safe zone for the spider army. I love that they explained this small detail and I love this cosmic Spider-Man. I would love to see him go toe to toe with Daemos in a few issues.

So this issue also gave Morlun and his family a title. They are called inheritors? This word is new to me so I can’t comment on it but I love that they are getting into details on Morlun and his family.

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Bu the one thing I don’t understand is this weaver spider creature. So it is implied that they enslaved the weaver and use his abilities to travel to different universes to hunt down spider totems. I assume this weaver is the creature that killed Morlun’s mom causing Karn to go into exile. I love this panel where the weaver shows us the many different universes that Spider-Man dwells. I can’t recognise them all but this is one of my favourite pages in this issue. I think I stared at it for 10 minutes or so lol.

Ok so the next shocking moment was when we see their dinner table. Wholy cow this is border line rated R. Spider hulk and the man spider lying dead on the table. That’s just disturbing and very intriguing at the same time. The issue slowed down a bit when the inheritors began talking amongst themselves but I still ate up every bit of it.

So there are tons of more things I wanna say about this issue but I wanna keep it short and sweet and under 30 minutes lol. Ill finish up by saying that Aaron aikman is not on the dinner table so he might still be alive. But I wonder why he hasn’t joined the spider army at the safe zone yet. Maybe he is with dock ock.

new comics, amazing spiderman comics #9

And also, this one Spider-Man’s identity is unrevealed. I gotta assume that it will be an o snap moment when his identity will be revealed.


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