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The Moon, the issue begins with the new transformed Thor, shocked that she is now wielding Mjolnir. The earth is in peril and through pure instinct; she flings the hammer into the sky. The mysterious new wielder now flies to the Pacific Ocean. Landing on location, she discovers a frost tower believed to hold the frost giants of Jotenhiem.

While venturing through the frozen catacombs, she discovers the Asgardians and the avengers frozen in blocks of ice, hanging to life by a string.  Without notice, a frost giant strikes. She barely dodges the attack. two giants and their hound prepares to strike again but now she is aware. With Mjolnir in hand, she takes flight and shatters their frozen bodies one by one.

The battle is not over yet as a hoard of frost giants converge on her location. While swinging the hammer, she states, I am the goddess of thunder, and the next giant who hungers for flesh, will taste cold uru. With those words, she takes out the floor and the giant’s falls to their deaths.

At the top of the frost tower lays the Roxxon island corporation under siege by the frost giants. Dario Aggar, CEO of the Roxxon Corporation and a monstrous Minotaur under disguise, is on route to evacuating but suddenly, the giants break through along with Malekith king of the dark elves. The dark elf king demands for the surrender of the Roxxon Island giving Aggar merely 2 seconds to surrender. Time runs out for the employees of Roxxon but Aggar, being the villain that he is, takes the exit elevators leaving his employees to be slaughtered by frost giants.

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marvel comic books thor #2

Dario Aggar arrives at his location only to be met with more Frost giants. With no other solution, he begins to transform into his Minotaur state but suddenly, the ground opens up to the New Goddess of thunder. She pre-emptively strikes with mjolir, followed up with a flurry of punches to the face of the giants. Dario Aggar takes this opportunity to open a vault, made out of vibranium reinforced with adamantium, for a quick escape. But while the vault doors close, the hammer accidentally flies inside. The vault doors are now closed with Mjolir on one side and the goddess of thunder on the other side.

She turns around and is shocked to witness Malekith and his army of frost giants waiting for round 2.

Marvel Comic Books: Thor #2 Review

Whats going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the brand new Thor issue 2.

Alright guys I want to start off by saying that this issue is definitely worth the price it commands. I love this issue. It starts off right where last issue ended. We still do not know who this new Thor is but I have an educated guess as to her identity, but I’ll get into that a bit later.

But let’s discuss how clever the dialog is. From her speech pattern when she thinks to herself tells me that she is definitely from earth. So let’s assume that she is for the sake of my argument. I love that now, when she speaks, her word comes out exactly like how the Asgardians would talk. And she seems to gain quite a lot of knowledge from the hammer: Information that she never knew before; Such as knowledge of the frost giants and the Asgardians frozen in ice.  I started reading Thor god of thunder issue 1 quite a while ago and I never had this much fun reading about Mjolir. It’s just really enjoyable having a stranger wields the hammer, and as fans, we get to witness what the hammer can do to an average person.

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Ok let’s discuss my next favourite part of this issue: the action. I don’t think the original Thor ever used Mjolir as creatively as this new Thor. Take a look at this. she takes flight to puncture these frost hounds. And then later she sends her hammer to do the puncturing. When I read Thor, he mainly uses his hammer to wack the bad guys. Maybe I’m just biased right now since I really like this new goddess of thunder.

Ok so I mentioned that I love the clever dialog and the action. The next part I love is the rich history. Every character has been shown in Thor: god of thunder so if you are reading this issue series for the very first time then there are quite a lot of events to catch up on in order to understand the full scope of this issue. The CEO of Roxxon is an evil business man named Dario Aggar who is secretly a Minotaur. They haven’t explained his origins in Thor god of thunder so I have no clue how he is a Minotaur. I don’t think he is an alien so if I had to guess, I would speculate that he is from earth. I would further guess that he is the Minotaur from Greek lore about the labyrinth created for king Minos of Crete. ……this guy is the reason why Asgardia left earth and is now hovering on the dark side of the moon. I love the fact that he is so mysterious and yet he picks a fight with Thor using only his brains even though he has an incredible amount of strength. I dare say that he outwitted and beat Thor with just his brains.

marvel comic books thor #2

dario agger ceo of Roxxon

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Ok so next up is Malekith the accursed and new king of the dark elves. So in Thor god of thunder, we discover that Malekith’s followers broke him out of jail. This would evidently create civil war in their home world. So even though Thor did all he can to capture Malekith, eventually the dark elves would do the unthinkable to stop the civil war and appoint Malekith as their new king. So now he has his whole home world and an army of Frost giants to wage war on Asgardia and Midgard. Wholly crap this just got more interesting.

Ok so now I want to discuss who I think the new Thor is. I believe she is Jane Foster. Yup that’s right; Natalie Portman is the new Thor lol. All jokes aside, let’s discuss why I think the new Thor is Jane. 1, from her speech pattern, I believe her to be from earth. This would rule out the all mother Freyja. 2, this person would know the all mother since from issue 1, we see that Freyja is plotting to have someone wield the hammer. Well Jane Foster has joined Freyja to represent earth. So as far as I know, the only human in Asgardia is Jane. 3, whoever be worthy shall Wield the hammer. Well this is a stretch for marvel but I believe that they are saying that Jane is worthy.  It would be nice for her since last we heard, she is dying from cancer. So I personally hope she cures her cancer by being the new goddess of thunder.

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