Oliver Queen Failed Bruce Wayne – Green Arrow #32 Review DC Metal Tie In

So… let’s talk a bit about Metal.  Holy crap… Metal.   I had gone into this event pretty optimistic.  It’s been a lot of fun, I enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, but I did not expect this.  This event, so far, has been so, so good.  Everything about it is awesome.  The plot is crazy.  The art has been nothing but fun and epic.  Everyone is bringing their A-game with top quality comics week after week.

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The Dark Knights are memorable, sinister, and a valuable new addition to DC cannon.  Each of their stories are fun and appropriately creepy, and they have everyone talking about it.  This is an event people in my personal life are bringing up and talking about.  This is making serious waves, and I don’t doubt that the whole Dark Multiverse is going to be an addition to the world of DC with the staying power of the Court of the Owls.

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Even behind the scenes, I like how this comic is only doing limited tie-ins and only at a pace of two or three comics a week.  The tie-ins have been rock-solid awesome but also completely optional.  They are all worth reading, to be sure, but you could just as easily stick to the main series and enjoy yourself.  Here, in the case of Green Arrow #32, that trend happily continues.  This is a fun comic full of great moments, including stuff with Harley and the Batman who Laughs, as well as some great narration from the perspective of Oliver Quinn.

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It’s a simple premise for the tie-in, where our characters learn about a critical weakness the Dark characters have to the Nth metal, and will no doubt be relevant going forward.  Yet, even though it is very much a sort of side story, it fits so well with the flow of Metal that I actually had to double check Scott Snyder didn’t write this comic.  And he didn’t.  This is the regular Green Arrow team, perfectly adapting to Snyder’s style and making a comic that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the event.  Obviously the art style is different, but tonally, it is completely consistent with the fun of this event.

Green Arrow, by the way, has been great outside of Metal in the era of Rebirth, so it’s not much of a surprise, but still very impressive how much the creative team knocked things out of the park with this issue.  I loved Green Arrow and would definitely recommend it.

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