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New Comics: Spider-Man 2099 #5 Recap

Earth 98120 – the issue begins with this universe Spider-Man seeking help from his fellow avenger members. Captain America and the rest of the team will stand by Miguel’s side if anyone would dare attack one of their own. Suddenly, Morlun appears right after a flash of light. The avengers’ attack but Morlun takes them down too easily. Morlun begins to eat at Spider-Man meanwhile, in earth 616, Spider-Man 2099 experiences an excruciating pain while on patrol. After taking down the criminal, Miguel ponders over why he felt like a part of him died.

new comics spiderman 2099 #5 edge of spiderverse tie in

Back in earth 98120, Morlun has finished his meal and Spider-Man 2099 has died. The avengers regroup and converge on the villain but he vanishes in a blink of an eye.

Earth 6375, this universe’s Spider-Man is well aware of the Morlun threat. He informs his worried girlfriend MJ that he is going to earth 616, a place where Morlun might not go. That is the place where he had died. Miguel activates the multiverse portal. MJ asks where they are going. Miguel states, if we are lucky, it will take us straight to the 616 Miguel O’Hara, wherever he is.

The scene jumps to earth 96099. Morlun has yet again killed another Spider-Man. But this time he kills the father as well.

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Earth 616, O’Hara meets with Tiberius stone and liz Allan to discuss their next project. O’Hara propose an idea to enter the super villain prison business, the same business that parker industries failed to achieve after the electro fiasco. Suddenly, another excruciating painful headache plagues O’Hara. He excuses himself from the meeting and activates his personal hologram lyla. She scans his body for irregularies but to no avail. O’Hara is perfectly fine. At the rooftop heli pad, Miguel witnesses a portal opening. Spider-Man from 6375 has made it and found the 616 version of him. Suddenly, Morlun appears out of nowhere and devours his victim.

Shocked and angered in what just happened, Miguel shouts ‘you want a fight? Come on, let’s go! But the villain does not move an inch. There is fear in his eyes. And just like that, Morlun vanishes again.

New Comics: Spider-Man 2099 #5 Review

What’s goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing Spider-Man 2099 issue 5. As you guys may know, I normally do not review spidy 2099 but this issue is a spider verse tie in so here we are. Alright let’s begin with the avenger’s scene. So in this universe, O’Hara is an avenger’s member. He obviously dies but that’s not the shocking moment. He comes to his teammates for help and captain America tells him not to worry. Obviously when cap says this, you know cap has your back. But then after Spider-Man dies, there was no angry scream or mourning. Instead, after Logan says he thinks that Morlun could be gone forever, cap stays I hate to admit it but I’m almost glad. Damn Steve Rogers, that is cold!

Marvel comic books Spiderman 2099 #5 Cont!

So we got introduced to another Miguel O’Hara. Oh ya its interesting how all of the spidermen in this issue are all Miguel O’Hara. No peter parker. I actually like this Spider-Man. I really enjoyed how his MJ keeps on asking questions nonstop. But then I made the mistake by growing attached. Rule number 1 if you are reading Spider verse: Never get attached to any of the spider heroes, unless it’s the 616 parker and O’Hara. Marvel will not kill them off. Well Peter just came back from the grave so he is safe. And O’Hara just started his issue series so I would say he is safe too. And its ok to get attached to Spider Gwen since we know she will get her own series after Spider-Verse concludes.

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new comics spiderman 2099 #5 edge of spiderverse tie in

So I got 2 questions after reading this issue. They made it pretty clear that Morlun did in fact die in the 616 after fighting peter parker. From what I understand, Morlun tried to kill Black Panther as well but that didn’t work out. So Marvel did hint at the fact that Morlun did, in fact, died. So that raises the question: How did Morlun survive his last encounter?

And then at the end, Morlun chased a Spider-Man to earth 616 but instead of killing spidy 2099, he shows his fear and leaves. Why is that? Maybe Morlun has the ability to survive a death once per each earth he visits. Maybe if he dies again in the same earth, he will be dead permanently? Im just throwing a random guess. So this is my question for you: Why does Morlun fear earth 616? Please let me know your guess in the comments below.

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