The Road to Arkham #1 – Batman Arkham Asylum Prequel Comic


There isn’t much traffic tonight, which is good. Batman has been hunting the Joker for almost two months, after the clown-themed villain had all but vanished. The Joker has been planning something, but right now he only has one question for Batman, which he asks again and again and again. “ARE WE THERE YET?”

As Batman races off towards Arkham, Oracle contacts the Dark Knight and he has her warn the officials that he’s about to drop off the Joker. Barbara notes that this is the third major villain Batman has brought in this month, and Batman’s starting to get worried. The Asylum is filling up, and all the villains were caught as the result of an anonymous tip. Everything has been too easy for them, and clearly somebody is pulling he strings. Neither can think of a good suspect who would benefit from all of this.

Batman notes that he took down Victor Zsasz without incident, but the Scarecrow developed a stronger fear toxin without odour or colour, and nearly overwhelmed Batman bringing the fear-obsessed villain in. He was also suspicious when the Scarecrow didn’t seem to mind being taken to Arkham at all. In fact, Crane merely mocked Batman with a warning that much more chaos was on the way. Batman and Oracle try to find a pattern in all of this, but while Zsasz and Scarecrow went after their therapists, the Joker tried t kill the mayor.

But, like the others, Batman was able to easily take down the Joker. As Batman pulls up to the Asylum, he can there is something wrong, and, based on everything he and Oracle have discussed, something is about to happen. This night is just beginning. Meanwhile, the Arkham staff prepare for the Joker’s arrival. Little do any of them know, elsewhere in the Asylum, Harley Quinn has already infiltrated the building, and preparations are well underway…

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