Justice League Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League Rebirth #1 New Beginnings.

Justice League Rebirth #1 Comic Book Recap

Deep from outer space lays a creature never before seen by human eyes. That is all about to change. The gigantic alien enters earth’s atmosphere and releases small minions to attack the people of the city. But this world is protected by the justice league.

The heroes leap into action. The flash is working at max speed but there are too many of them. Cyborg’s sonic weapons aren’t having much of an effect either. Aquaman notices that the infected are marching back to the hive queen so, Wonder Woman unleashes her Zeus Bolt but even that powerful attack will not breach the skin of the mother. It’s time for plan B so; cyborg boom tubes the marching mob towards safety.

Somewhere out of town, Clark and Lois discuss their new role in this alien world. Lois sees this place as their new home, but Clark shows his reluctance. A father must protect his child and how can he do that if he exposes his family to this new world. But Lois sees the hero within her husband. He belongs to an alliance of heroes and that means that he must answer the call. A team of heroes are present on this earth fighting an alien that could consume this world. Their man of steel is gone, and the justice league needs a superman.

justice league rebirth green lantern simon baz jessica cruz

Back at the city, the League found a way into the body of the hive mother. They couldn’t damage her skin, but they can do some real damage now. Flash scouts ahead to find a way to the brain but Aquaman falls to his knees. Arthur somehow managed to get a glimpse of this alien’s purpose, and can hear it thinking. It is called a reaper and it is here to harvest humanity. This hive mother is only one; there are lots more on their way to earth.

The mother now knows that they are here and sends her minions to swarm the league but, the cavalry has arrived. Rookie Green Lantern Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz got the league distress call and they answered. But the combined efforts of the league and the lanterns will not be enough to overcome the reaper.

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Superman arrives on scene. He strategically hits the vital organs and delegates the league to target those areas and give it everything they got. The reaper is hurt and loses its grip on the civilians. It will leave earth but, there are more reapers and earth will fall. The heroes are not intimidated. They are the finest champions earth has to offer. This world is defended. Wonder woman sends the final message: We are the justice league…..run!

Justice League Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and thank you for watching my review of the justice league rebirth issue 1.

So this is the new beginning for the justice league and it’s in the hands of Bryan Hitch, the writer for the justice league of America series that ran in tandem with Geoff John’s Justice League. There are quite a lot of things I gotta say about this issue and the future of the justice league on comic island. So let’s go over a few things that stood out to me in this issue. Every issue requires some form of conflict. Well for the justice league, it seems to always be a world ending conflict. So we got a Starro wannabe who calls itself reaper, and there are plenty more where it comes from. It feels like Bryan Hitch pulled Independence Day 2 and crushed it with Starro giving us this new villain. The plot feels dry, I mean we have seen this before. Alien colony coming to earth to harvest or enslave its people: this plot is probably used in comics more than any other form of media. So what is the hook? Why should we be interested in a plot that has been used? For those who can’t decide which issue to pick up at the comic book store and by chance, you pick up this one, I would think that you will be disappointed. I sure am. Iono, I’m probably just biased because Independence Day 2 just came out with a very similar premise.

The other thing that I had to pick on is the art. I mean it’s the exact same art style from the same writer that wrote the justice league of America. OMG Jason Fabok I want you back. I mean let’s compare this drawing of wonder woman from justice league rebirth issue 1 vs Jason Fabok’s drawing of wonder woman from the Darkseid war story arc. Its black and white, night and day. Geoff Johns had a great story arc handled by a master artist. But now Bryan Hitch is helming the continuation of the justice league I follow. I wasn’t enticed by his art when he was writing justice league of America and the story didn’t captivate me after reading issue 1. I never read issue 2 but I hear that the justice league of America is on hiatus because he is now working on the justice league that I follow.

Hitch tweeted that he will continue on the justice league of America and work on justice league. From what I understand, these two are completely different justice league teams. The JL of America isn’t burdened with continuity and focuses on the main 7 whereas the justice league focuses on the story so far in the new 52. And of course in the new 52, there already is a justice league of America sanctioned by Amanda Waller and the government. So ya, I don’t know if it’s the best decision to have the same writer for both stories. But the art is something I can’t get behind. The only time I could pay no mind to the art is when the story is just so damn captivating that the art takes backseat. Unfortunately the story in justice league rebirth issue 1 didn’t do it for me, instead, it felt rushed.

Now Bryan Hitch has told us that his justice league will face all new villains with the more popular villains, we know and love to hate, appearing as cameos. So this could be a good thing but it’s a bold move because if these new villains aren’t as captivating as a Mr Bloom from Scott Snyder’s Batman series, then Bryan Hitch might end up in the sandbox and the coverage of the justice league might stop here on comic island.

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OK, so I got all the negative talk out of the way. Lets focus on the good of this issue. As you guys may know, I am very captivated by the death of new 52 Superman and the resurgence of pre new 52 superman. So I love these small talk scenes where Clark is still trying to find his way in this new world. This is the superman I grew up reading so there is a sense of bond and nostalgia every time I get to read up on what he has been up to. I also love Lois’s role as the good angel on his shoulders convincing him to help out a team that he doesn’t know. Sure they are heroes and they are doppelgangers of his former teammates but, this isn’t his batman, this isn’t his Barry Allen the flash. This isn’t his Aquaman. Cyborg was a teen titan so I doubt he even knows victor all that well. And we got two totally new lanterns that are now part of the core team. Every decision from Clark needs to be meticulously calculated because I feel he has a lot to lose. This superman did his time as a hero and he finally found peace with Lois and his child Johnathan. So we know he will answer the call like a true champ but at what cost?

Let’s take a look at the league and how they view this new superman. Wonder Woman had a thing with her superman so it went from complicated to just damn weird.

But Batman is the one we gotta pay attention to. This is the guy that has a failsafe plan to take down every member of his team. His power comes from being prepared and he knew HIS superman. He doesn’t know this superman. So it just adds fuel to the flame when he found out that this superman has been here all along without Batman’s knowledge. I love me some good old first meets with superman and batman so this new rocky relationship will add a lot of fun to the ride.

Now, I know I am quite hard on Hitch but he has big shoes to fill when he takes over for Geoff Johns and his run with the justice league and Darkseid war. I hope the art changes and I really hope that these new villains Hitch is bringing to the table will rock us, in a good way. But that’s just my opinion on the issue. What do you think?

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